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May 2014
The bell tolls their stomachs full yet with room for their blasphemy.
escorted to the jungle preparing themselves for the adventure ahead.
this land was governed by no man or woman no king or queen could house this hell.
only  the chime of the bell could chill this hell. they march past the pit with bodies buried
limbs covered, caked with earth from a pasts day.
Out of the corner of their eyes small hands and fingers slide through the cage bars
pleading for someone's attention. Challenged to cross a path with no floor torso
strength is only matched by the hunger to explore. legs kicked forward head leaned
back the chain leather clash propels you into the sky to give the user a taste of eagle
eyes. in the calamity of it all the chime of the bell renews the law. the kings, queens, cowboys,
astronauts rise from the dead brush off their shoulders brush off their head.
they march back battered and tame. what a masterpiece of a game. agreed
everyone feels the same. The romance with recess is a thought powered love game.
I've never been one for the proper punctuation so don't hate me.
Dre Brax
Written by
Dre Brax
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