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May 2014
I'm floating in the clouds
i am that i am
There's nothing or no one only the space i breathe in.
i'm feeding good-byes
i am that i am
not purposely of course but a clouds a cloud i stay the course.
i'm believing in blue
i am that i am
I've seen the darkest nights, yet blue always shines through.
you want a kiss good-bye
i won't that i won't
to torture the world without your presence as if i stole the stars from the sky.
you belong with me
you do that you do
feel free to fly with me, un-grounded by me, loved by me, driven by me, enough about me. I'm on one knee, i question thee "come float with me"; a clouds only as good as the sky it bleeds.
you can be the sun, I'll be the clouds
the sky can be the motive, lets make our world smile.
i only feel so hard without her because i was co high with her.
Dre Brax
Written by
Dre Brax
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