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May 2014
lay with me
sit with me
be with me
keep surprising me with how sweet you can be
coagulate in my veins to give me a medical diagnosis for my sporadic heart pains. Help me bleach the bloodstains from the dry wall where my head bangs. Weld yourself to what i labeled my imprisoning chains.why link yourself to a situation where you drown when i sink? what would your last thought be as your last speck of oxygen bubbles to the top. would you pray you should of stopped?
would you wish to go back to bleed me of every drop, of time, memories, late nights, and spared enemies?
to save yourself from the consumption of the only path I've got.
my dearest, sweetest treasure how can you muster up the will to love me for worse or better?
that's not to clever.
pass on this endeavor.
you always could do better.
you march so strong through all changes of weather. yet i crumble with the lightest of feathers.
feathers from a bird of life and change.
your hugs say be tough but your eyes tear up as if you feel the same.
i hate when you cry more then our frequent goodbyes.
distraught by the question "Why oh ******* why stand steady by my ignorant side?"
"Don't ask why" you reply as you wipe the last tear from my right eye.
A father's place is by his son's side even after the day he dies. I love to love you for worse or better march so strong through any weather.
two birds of life and change flock together.
unconditional love
Dre Brax
Written by
Dre Brax
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