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387 · Oct 2019
The Poison of Love
Docaj Oct 2019
If one considers love to be a poison,
Does that mean that if after enough doses,
The patient will develop an immunity?
Assuming of course that the doses aren't lethal,
Which is sometimes the case.
121 · Oct 2019
Because I Love You
Docaj Oct 2019
Because I Love You, I will entreat of you my heart,
In hopes that you will carefully cherish it.
So that it may fare better in your warm caress,
Then it ever fared in mine.  
I know our love’s vibrant flame burns true,
But it is for that reason that I must return my fragile core.
Lest our love become but a dying ember,
It is because I love you
90 · Oct 2019
Docaj Oct 2019
Never give anyone, tyrant or otherwise, power over you.
Remember who you are,
A warrior from a time long past, brave and true.
Go forth then soldier, and don your armor proudly,
Take your sword and cut forward the path to your destiny,
For freedom and awesome glory await you at the end of the battle.

May your scars lay testament.
84 · Oct 2019
Docaj Oct 2019
Anything to live I suppose.
A snap, a picture feigning exhilaration
Deep down in your barren heart of hearts,
You know you're being used;
But attention is one hell of a drug
And all it takes is one hit.
70 · Nov 2019
Self Care
Docaj Nov 2019
Lately I’ve been working on myself, working out, having fun
Tryna show your ******* what you done missed out on
68 · Oct 2019
Docaj Oct 2019
Pity and Anger are my consul,
But they can’t help me forget you.
I know I left things broken,
The pieces long since blown through the wind.
Was your love to good to lose?
Is it wrong of me to still search for the remains?
To still think about you?
62 · Oct 2019
Docaj Oct 2019
When Autumn comes,
A tree does not mourn the leaf that falls from it.
Why then must we?
The long and harsh winter that follows the Fall
Will smother and bury the fallen foliage with frost and flurry.
All the while the tree endures and grows stronger from it all,
eventually growing new leaves, a clean slate, a Summer’s reprieve.
Why then can’t we?
57 · Jan 2020
A Lover's Thoughts
Docaj Jan 2020
Am I okay with this harsh equilibrium?
Is that what I truly long for because I am too frightened to tip the scale in either direction?
You have brought me a terrifying joy, terrifying because I know that you could also destroy me, a pendulum’s edges are sharp indeed.

There are times of course when I wished for death,
To end my pain, and send the message that would never dawn on you.
52 · Oct 2019
A Prince's Lament
Docaj Oct 2019
A bitter breeze nipped at my crown as I carried the cast’s lunch into the lobby.
My princely regalia allowed me to set the assortment down,
Bags of Doritos, and condiments to make PB&J’s scattered all around.
I too, sunk myself down on the counter,
A long awaited buzz radiating from my phone.
A message from my all deceiving love,
One who had grown tired of my meager advances;
Yet found great satisfaction in keeping his favorite pet around.
And I was his caged hound who had seldom been fed.
The time had come for this broken mutt to break free of its bonds,
Unquenchable flames of rage and heartbreak burn foul and scarlet,
Licking and consuming the soul…

What irony, that I should play the part of royalty,
Only to end up the fool.

— The End —