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Oct 2019
A bitter breeze nipped at my crown as I carried the cast’s lunch into the lobby.
My princely regalia allowed me to set the assortment down,
Bags of Doritos, and condiments to make PB&J’s scattered all around.
I too, sunk myself down on the counter,
A long awaited buzz radiating from my phone.
A message from my all deceiving love,
One who had grown tired of my meager advances;
Yet found great satisfaction in keeping his favorite pet around.
And I was his caged hound who had seldom been fed.
The time had come for this broken mutt to break free of its bonds,
Unquenchable flames of rage and heartbreak burn foul and scarlet,
Licking and consuming the soul…

What irony, that I should play the part of royalty,
Only to end up the fool.
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