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Please. Leave the light on.
I didn't mean to be gone so long.
I didn't even know what it meant to leave a light on,
Until I saw the porch light through the fog and trees.
So please.
One more time, for me,
Leave it on, to guide me back to where I need to be.
Wish I could tell you I remember more than that bouncy house, our last fourth of July. Wish I could tell you more than just goodbye.
Wish I could even tell you goodbye.... Wish I could call you,
Tell you... what my life is about, now.
Tell you what I wish, how....
Nine years. Nine years, now.
Funny what you remember year-to-year, funny what you miss.
Funny how I can still wish this,
That you'd come out to the park with me, and we'd put off fireworks,
See, then I'd feel more clarity, like my head isn't below water,
Like we will always be
father and daughter.
Bathwater turns cold,
On a scorched July eve
I'm dreaming of another night,
Wading into the sea
Of planting daffodils and pulling weeds,
And wondering if you ever missed me
And if you did,
Why did you ever leave
Tears splatter, fall, splash up from,
Contact on, concrete, a little pale square on a street,
Littered with them, squares of pink stars, petrichor
From all the tears, candle-lit, cameras stopped rolling-
About an hour ago. Before the roses, before the ipod left
To play the songs writ by the dead, mind stalled, music dead
As dead as the artist mirror-touching that star, as if
They can touch and sense the memories we left
As if the camera crews had any idea of the intent-
Of the connection with him, what we left there
On a cold street in Hollywood.
I do not want to talk to him.
I do not want to talk to anyone who's abandoned me,
Ever again.
Even when I split my skin,
When I feel lost now and again,
I know I'm not broken.
I'm just somewhere I've already been,
And if I pulled out of it then,
I will do it now, all over again.
Play our song, you won't come back,
Be everything you wanted, it's too late to ask
If you still remember me
I'm trying to tough it out, be all you'd have me be
It doesn't even matter anymore
That I'll never see you standing at my door,
I just want to be the person you wanted me to be
Because that's all I ever wanted to be.
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