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D - Matter Feb 2014
I put her in this book
I write her down as "Z"
Because I have a Beautiful
Little secret.

She's only made,
for me.

I got inside her heart
On that day I travelled
To this new Galaxy

But it's never been

It's filled with...


We have...


I fall in-love again
every time I see her
Face, the smile she has
Can never be replaced

And when she just,
gets me my heart is
First in the race
Minds and Memories
Never erased.

From this whole book,
of what you are
And I hope to spread it...


Together we've already
Created our own

And when we use similar,
words like...


But we wouldn't mean
To do it on purpose

Only the purpose by
Fact not Chance
To show people,
the meaning of...

Truely Happy

So take my hand,
and walk with me.

And sometimes
The Way you look at me?
It takes my breath away

Sometimes I even.

Forget to breathe

And sometimes I'm lost
For words and I look and
Smile, reasons being
It's just to see yours...

If only for a while.

The way you push your
hair to the left to cover
Your face so nobody else

But it's the face I want
To hold and show people
Of what I have
The core of the earth

Stronger than Diamond

The Way I can pull you up
From the lowest of your lows.
With my hand in yours
It fits perfectly.

The way a kiss
Can make your whole day
And the way it speeds up mine
For the next time.

You know?

The Passion Of being there
I'll be your best friend and more
Hoping to open all the doors
And take a course

In You

The way we've made our promises
And the days we send pictures
To show the way
Where it's hard when We Leave
And the way I Miss You


It's the way I Miss You
Feeling soo numb,
Has never been soo?


Can you imagine
Being in the desert with no water?
Being on the bungie with broken rope?
Being the kid with no hope?
Being in the darkest cave without light?
Two working eyes and no sight.

So now small parts of me
Are processed in ink,
cut deep within an put
On paper.

Because I feel?


I've got this case,
Of Love so put me trial
Give me the life sentence
You're definetly going
To be worth while.
D - Matter Feb 2014
You look down on
Our Youth today
And say we're


You skip the

The Willing
The Originator
The Believers

The Boy that fails in class
Comes home, puts his emotions
Into guitar, loves dance
Looks into his mothers eyes
And sees broken glass

Listens to heavy music
People don't understand it
They opinion-ate, debate
Whether the person has anger issues...

But he bursts his emotion
In to his music and for once
He feels love.
Like the artist understands him
Lyrics pump through his blood...

You don't understand the screams
The anger from these words
To you they're are never heard
But have you ever listened?
Not listening in the first place
Caused this...

The lyrics are true

The Girl who is covered in tattoos
Has pushed through and through
Her body is her temple
And shes painted the walls

Covering her scars
Created through her youth
Her scars are deep
Created by mans sharpened metal
Not a cry for help

But to breathe for once in her life
The pain on her skin will
Stop the sin of ending it

Pictures of emotion
And the powers to show them
Because if she told you
About her problems,
A cold shoulder is what you would
Have shown her...

The You-th of today is what it explains
Let's brake this word down
I'll show "You" this pain...

You... Are the reasons why they slam the doors...
You want us to be what you never were
A Lawyer?
A Doctor?
A Dentist?


You say these jobs are going to bring
Happiness and Wealth
But sit for a second look deep
Into the eyes did You listen
When the Boy and Girl cried
For help?


You put them on medication
Said Deal with it that's life
This is the reason

The Boy sat in his room
Listening and playing Music
To just get through the day!

And why the girl has painted
Her beautiful curves, the curves you don't
See? Because she's either too skinny
Or she over eats...
There's no winning It's people like this
In life are the reason
Why she picked up the knife.

You... Tell your son and daughter
What do you know about love?

But they saw with their own eyes
When you took the Diploma and the Course
Of how to destroy it going through your divorce


Are not! The words that give...


You... Were the ones telling the Boy and Girl
Educate and learn.

Get your head deep in these
Books and find a purpose

But saying these words living your
Broken Youth is why they feel worthless

Ill say it for them

Sorry for stealing your youth
Sorry for expressing their emotions
Sorry a really good job doesn't mean anything to them, but happiness does
Sorry when age has a meaning because we don't "Understand" Love
Sorry for the anger with passion and rage
Sorry for their broken homes, caused by your morals
Sorry for the advice that you have never spoken

Because the medication is what pull us through?
Heartless and Broken...

Like broken ice
Shattered as it hits the glass
But as we know it melts
And never lasts.

Vapors happen as it hits the sky
New rain is born
But it's the tears of our youth
A silent cry
Silently hitting the roofs

Roofs of a broken home...

So look and listen to the words
Emotion written in every verse
Learn to appreciate
Never look down to whisper, debate

*Never expect what you write
To be any good, because
The fear of not writing stops
You from finding your own voice
D - Matter Feb 2014

What is Love?

I'm not talking about
What she wears Above
Low cut shirts
And tight fitted jeans.
Just to use what's In-between

But what she says.


But it's how we show it
Because Satisfaction
Is always defined,
by a persons Actions

Not two people that have
Vaine Tendancies

Two people that have,
reason to Believe

The people who show no


"I love you soo much"  Click
"Let's see what you're wearing above"  Click

A couple with

Great Conversation

So we both have more,
to talk about.

Instaead of...

What are you doing tomorrow?
How our day went

Because we all have to borrow,
we're all in debt for the time
In our lives.

And that - First time smile-
Where cheeks are turned,
hearts are burned
With the same response


"It took you a while"

It takes the right person
To take just a while
To see if the smiles aren't,
fake to see if they don't

Shatter and Break

A kiss?

A kiss is the biggest,
human weakness.

It means I'm defeated
It means I'm the weakest,
human being.
Because it has more meaning

Of the greatness
Of just locking lips?

(With You)

Do you see, what I'm Seeing?

See because we're Free
And not just

As in

But we have Free
Reason to Speak
And it gives us Free
Reason to...


Words like

I Love You

Are chucked into the wild
And used soo freely
Would make a person melt

The feelings are warm.

They feel soo familiar

To me

So be careful how they're used,
because the words also ****.
Are they Free now?

With jewels, clothes, and
materialistic things don't
Bring the Love she brings to me.

"I've been Broke(n) all my life"


All the points
Point you in the right direction
For Success to Succeed

This is Reality
Think Positively




D - Matter Feb 2014
I'd sail the deepest oceans
for her, just to see her
eyes come alive.

Because the glistening
of the stars, beat down
upon the mast.

She controls the movement
my words loaded in cannon
the sails are ready to tip.

I've pushed away my
realations for this


Her eyes are only the stars
and this is only the start
let me tell you a tale
to a certain degree

In my eyes she's my
universe with endless

Because the tail I tell
is going round the back
back to the beginning.

Where feelings flew
Where things were true
Where the universe new me
Where my heart was given to you

I cut it out of my chest
on the night I told you
I Love You.

I kept her as gold
the chest was already
open I traded what was black
for something rich, for something new

I put it on the bow of the ship
the universe led me through the
storm, and told me where to go.

The bow of the ship complete
although, I'd get on my knees
after the show was over
until my legs go numb.

I crashed in to her beautiful universe
the cannons were loaded or you heard
was the Big Bang and my theories
came true.

I Love You needs no science
It needs no mathematics
trying to add "this" and subtract
"that" shouldn't be a worry on
the universes lips.

Tremble I did on nights of
the storm, we finally made
it together.

Heres hoping everything
settles, because I'm ready
to go.

Because I will not leave
without the universe
in the palm of my hands.

Because holding
something soo beautiful
has never felt soo amazing.

*I can't wait until my minds at peace with her
D - Matter Feb 2014
My life is a long, slow work of fiction.
But there is no author.
The story is in the hands of the protagonist.
It is up to me to find patterns and meaning,
To casually reveal information that might later become critical
I sift through the characters and choose which ones will be most involved.
I decide when to be curious, and what about,
Which opportunities to pursue, and which to ignore.
I control the conflicts and resolutions.
I will unite them all together into the one Central Conflict,
whatever that may be.
And then my purpose will be clear.
My story will unfold.
The final resolution will follow.
And eventually, when all the pieces have fallen into place,

It will end.
D - Matter Feb 2014
I put these kisses in a wooden

Every one of them
Sealed only for you.

I've never felt soo lost

Loneliness is  creeping
As I lay

Let your fingertips scribble and be the master
I am the puppet

Skin to Skin

Is the only thing I want to feel
Right now.
D - Matter Feb 2014

This is the feeling,
of burning in hell.
When I jumped off
the cliff of happiness.

I jumped in the depths
of hell the only thing
I learned through this

Is the burn don't melt
neither does it turn to gel
I learned that the burn
don't melt! It just burns and burns

Until your the whole
body's immersed...

I feel like I'm trapped,
under water but I cant get up
and I cant swim.

My body pushes further
Until the water is barely
Beneath my chin.

Every single time
You try, You try grab for something
to fail centimetres within,
But every time You risk drowning

Knowing that winning
that special thing? Is once again

I know what you do
You keep on checking
your phone and nothing...

You feel loneliness
Is better than this feeling?

You want to live,
but your heart stops beating.

Silenced in a crowded room,
yet your insides are screaming!!

Every exit sign is bright green
but every sign is misleading.

We all struggle with it,
because we've dug through
and endless tunnel.

Knees and Nails are bleeding,
we come up for that gasp of air.
Only to realise were back at the beginning.

You want to go to sleep,
and feeling that not waking up
is the best case and the best idea.

Because every action you try
Because every action you do
The outcome of them has no meaning

But you go back to sleep
where demons dance and smile.
on trickled coals
But you carry on believing.

You try and take control
surrounded by the people you love
But you're still alone.

It's like having 52 cards in your
hands but worthless is the feeling
so you decide to fold.

Because my body is useless
the cliff I jumped off?
Killed my soul.

Depression it plays with its toys
depression isn't a choice
its learning, realising,
and expressing a void.

So when you wake up
in the morning.

Wake up knowing..

You're Still Here

Don't get scared
Depressions main meal.

**Is Fear
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