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D - Matter Mar 2014
I look at you and everything we were
I’m so addicted
To the love that you were bringing, for sure
I’m getting more cravings
I’m wanting you back
You are my ecstasy
And now my life is going whack
Without you I’m so alone
I’m lost in the world
Full of a monotonous tone
I remember we used to lay together
Legs knotted, bodies suctioned
I wish it would last forever
Now I’m in drug rehab
Only nobodies here
I’m so lost
I can't find a way out
I just drown in memories
Of ecstasy
D - Matter Feb 2014
I want you at two in the morning
with your eyes still lost in a dream
and your legs...

in the sheets.
D - Matter Feb 2014
The snowflakes fall in the winter,
so fragile.
They dance their ballet as they fall.
Then they melt.
Never to be seen again.
D - Matter Feb 2014
Our Love is like an
Elastic band.

I just hope as we
Pull apart we bounce
Right back.

I'd die even more
If it eventually

Don't give up on this.
D - Matter Feb 2014
My body explodes
With kaleidoscopic ectasy,
Synchronizing with yours...

Hot breath engulfed your neck
With that trick of romance
Making us one.

Our desires pulsated
as your clawed me in.
Promise me one thing
We'll do this again.
D - Matter Feb 2014
I'd massage your entire body

trill fingers slowly down
your spine

Pouted lips
Beautiful body
Hips wide
Legs parted

Side to Side

Electric fur stands tall

Clenched toes, static in your veins.

I'd massage you until
your skin sings songs
that your lips don't even know
the words to.

(electric veins)

Until your heartbeat sounds like
My last name.
D - Matter Feb 2014
Give me the chance
And I would prove to you.

I Love You

I connected every
Beautiful thing about you

And it made the most
Perfect sheet of music.

And I lay

I'll try for you
Give me

**Forever and a day
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