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Feb 2014
I'd sail the deepest oceans
for her, just to see her
eyes come alive.

Because the glistening
of the stars, beat down
upon the mast.

She controls the movement
my words loaded in cannon
the sails are ready to tip.

I've pushed away my
realations for this


Her eyes are only the stars
and this is only the start
let me tell you a tale
to a certain degree

In my eyes she's my
universe with endless

Because the tail I tell
is going round the back
back to the beginning.

Where feelings flew
Where things were true
Where the universe new me
Where my heart was given to you

I cut it out of my chest
on the night I told you
I Love You.

I kept her as gold
the chest was already
open I traded what was black
for something rich, for something new

I put it on the bow of the ship
the universe led me through the
storm, and told me where to go.

The bow of the ship complete
although, I'd get on my knees
after the show was over
until my legs go numb.

I crashed in to her beautiful universe
the cannons were loaded or you heard
was the Big Bang and my theories
came true.

I Love You needs no science
It needs no mathematics
trying to add "this" and subtract
"that" shouldn't be a worry on
the universes lips.

Tremble I did on nights of
the storm, we finally made
it together.

Heres hoping everything
settles, because I'm ready
to go.

Because I will not leave
without the universe
in the palm of my hands.

Because holding
something soo beautiful
has never felt soo amazing.

*I can't wait until my minds at peace with her
D - Matter
Written by
D - Matter  England
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