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D - Matter Feb 2014
Far from *Beautiful?

Lack of Self-Confidence?

What a coincidence?

See these *Words
are stronger
Than your Actions.

Never to be used in
Future tense.

The Words describe themselves
We live in a world
Where Image is everything.

But let me ask you
To sit for a minute
Think and Stop
We look at our Idols
Everything is half Photoshopped

Lied to, Brain Washed
To thinking Curves, Muscles,
Eyes, Back, Chest and Figure
Is something we need to deliver?

This world can be described
With all the Words mentioned above
To describe a human being
With Words soo ****** and Dark.

The person goes home everynight
Emotionless, Dead, Completely Blind
Trying to find a person
That looks in to their Eyes
And finds Light inside.

See I Speak these lines
How I would say them to anyone
Not in rhyme but Spoken

People are Beautiful
Inside and Out
I know in you're mind
You shake the hands of Doubt
I Speak this with

When you read this
I hope you smile
Because you're still here

I say this with Emotion

You're Unique
Beauty is why you've been **Chosen.
D - Matter Feb 2014
If only my veins
were as empty as this feeling.
D - Matter Feb 2014
It's said that the eyes,
are the gateway to the soul
your eyes piercing
right through me.
Like shredded glass
the stains penetrate mine.

Those emerald eyes, oceans
of green fire - do they
always flicker, am I one of
few that can keep them alight?
Or are they mine and yours,

Can I put them in a chest?
Or stare into them forever,
so time steadily slows down
and for few seconds

D - Matter Feb 2014
If Your Dreams Don't Scare You
They're Not Big Enough.
D - Matter Feb 2014
I've noticed
There are a few types of music
Music when you're happy
Music when you're sad
Music that makes you think of someone
And music that doesn't mean anything to you
Until certain things happen In your life
And it just moves you, speaks to you.

Heals you
Pushes you through the rough
Glides you through the smooth
Music that I listen to when I'm only thinking of you.

But I never tried poetry
And now I realize

Poetry can be used

To explain love in great detail
An image in a readers mind
But love can mean many things
To the writer.

So the reader has to relate to it in someway
Dig deep within the lines
It's like finding a diamond in the rubble
But when they do their eyes come alive.

See a poem has to flow
Tell a story in someway
Poems that only make sense to me
And Rage

My mind is thinking of new
Lines every, single, day
See I never wrote poetry before I came here.

I see it as a land of peoples
Story's and Dreams
A land of people who
Get heat-broken and Shattered
And write about the things they've seen
People that write about the dark valleys in their mind
People who write poems about their lovers,
as you read their words come alive.
People who write about their struggles and addiction
A place where everything in their mind is in one place
and most of it is non-fiction.

But poetry for me
Are my Demons scrawled
Across these pages
And my story's to tell
This place is where I drown them
They lay there in that thing
The thing I used to call the Wishing Well.

If they're here, they're not in my mind
Emotion in my lines
But the reader has to Look, Imagine and Relate
But when they do, their minds come alive.

Now I know this
Poem may not be the best
And It's not meant to be
Because this poem might only make sense to me
Just another Demon
I have thousands and this is just one less.
But now I come here everyday
In the hope I can feel something and relate to somebody else in some sort of way
People who I don't know but I can read and read
Pages upon pages and for a moment my mind becomes less tense and I start to believe.

I didn't mention the Angels
Because they're quiet
They only come when I rest
I think a lot
But I know they're always silent
During the Test.
D - Matter Feb 2014
Have you ever lost your

*I feel absolutely
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