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Feb 2014
I put her in this book
I write her down as "Z"
Because I have a Beautiful
Little secret.

She's only made,
for me.

I got inside her heart
On that day I travelled
To this new Galaxy

But it's never been

It's filled with...


We have...


I fall in-love again
every time I see her
Face, the smile she has
Can never be replaced

And when she just,
gets me my heart is
First in the race
Minds and Memories
Never erased.

From this whole book,
of what you are
And I hope to spread it...


Together we've already
Created our own

And when we use similar,
words like...


But we wouldn't mean
To do it on purpose

Only the purpose by
Fact not Chance
To show people,
the meaning of...

Truely Happy

So take my hand,
and walk with me.

And sometimes
The Way you look at me?
It takes my breath away

Sometimes I even.

Forget to breathe

And sometimes I'm lost
For words and I look and
Smile, reasons being
It's just to see yours...

If only for a while.

The way you push your
hair to the left to cover
Your face so nobody else

But it's the face I want
To hold and show people
Of what I have
The core of the earth

Stronger than Diamond

The Way I can pull you up
From the lowest of your lows.
With my hand in yours
It fits perfectly.

The way a kiss
Can make your whole day
And the way it speeds up mine
For the next time.

You know?

The Passion Of being there
I'll be your best friend and more
Hoping to open all the doors
And take a course

In You

The way we've made our promises
And the days we send pictures
To show the way
Where it's hard when We Leave
And the way I Miss You


It's the way I Miss You
Feeling soo numb,
Has never been soo?


Can you imagine
Being in the desert with no water?
Being on the bungie with broken rope?
Being the kid with no hope?
Being in the darkest cave without light?
Two working eyes and no sight.

So now small parts of me
Are processed in ink,
cut deep within an put
On paper.

Because I feel?


I've got this case,
Of Love so put me trial
Give me the life sentence
You're definetly going
To be worth while.
D - Matter
Written by
D - Matter  England
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