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Cole May 1
I awake from an eternal sleep
All around me reeks, with the beats
Of the beats of every being around me
I close my eyes and beg for the sounds to stop
But their forced open by my biological clock
I learn to walk, then to talk, and then I’m filled with so many thoughts

At night I stay awake and think, and think, and think
Never even stopping to blink, as I continually think
Why am I here? Where is here? What am I?
And nobody can answer.
“Life’s a gift”, they say, “be grateful you’re here”
“Respect your parents” they command so very clear

So I do as they say, I listen to every command
I remain calm, I remain sane, despite my brain’s insanity
Despite my own wishes, despite my dreams, that one day I shall be free
Not by the clutches of man, but by the imprisonment of my being
By my cell that is my body, by my vessel that is limiting
That not to death shall I do it part, no button for a restart

But I keep trying, I’m kind to every person I meet
But repeat after repeat, the response I get is bleak
Like I’m a freak, like I can’t connect with those around me
And slowly, I learn the truth about this world
The horror that everything is wrong, there is nowhere to belong
I can’t connect to people and they can’t connect to me

We’re trapped, forever to suffer in existence
But people look at it from a distance, because the truth is too painful
Too much for one man to understand, too consuming of the mind
Knowledge is a poison, it’ll rot you from inside
Over time, you’ll find that your parents were not kind
To let you come into this world with everyone but you in mind

Life is not a gift, it’s a curse
Out of all fates, it’s the worse
I will not continue to immerse in the lie
The truth we try to hide, the truth that we fool ourselves
Thinking we have worth, that one day we won’t just be dirt
That the good out weighs the bad is nothing but a scam

You are a victim, just as I
Don’t let society tell you otherwise
But please don’t cry, or be consumed with hate
Embrace the fact you have a choice to let your genes die
No need to multiply, stop your bloodline
And one day, you’ll be allowed to sleep again.
Cole Mar 6
How do I describe the one I love most?
That’s putting it too lightly
That’s far too plain
That’s just too unreasonable
Not a chance...

That’s too distant
March 7, 2019
Cole Mar 6
“How do I feel about humanity?”
That’s a question I’ve once been asked
But in order to keep all my sanity
I gently smiled and answered with “pass”
Haven’t published anything in a while so I quickly came up with this.
March 6, 2019
Cole Nov 2018
The badness
This madness
These words
Although simple
Perfectly capture
My sadness
November 12, 2018
Cole Oct 2018
Sweet, sweet child
So pure to the eyes
How could anyone hate
A soul as innocent as thine?

So when a child is born
Let’s celebrate the birth
To only slowly watch…
His innocence...
Be dearth
October 30, 2018
Cole Oct 2018
World, you hurt me
You make me feel good
To only give me pain later
Simply because,
You’re cruel
Sort, simple summary on my view of existence.
October 30, 2018
Cole Oct 2018
They pretend to look
They pretend to try
They pretend to care
To distract from lies

From the beating of the heart
Their heart skips a beat
Not from love or care
From the fear of defeat

They give into their nature
Like we all do in the end
For no man can die
From the kindness of a friend

Compassionate lips
Bound to lying eyes
As you search to cure
Your grieving cries

They pretend to look
But they’re all...
Just looking...
At themselves.
October 30, 2018
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