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Logan Cestare Jun 2019
Don't set yourself on fire to keep others warm.
Cuz who's gonna be there to keep you warm when you burn out?
You can say this person and that person,
But is anyone really a guarantee?
Keep yourself warm, healthy and happy,
And it'll spread to others too!
God 3 a.m. me is horrible at poetry
Logan Cestare Jun 2019
They say it’s better to have loved and lost
Than to have never loved at all.

Is that really true?
Is it true if that love mentally destroyed you?
Logan Cestare Jun 2019
It's always the straw that breaks the camel's back
That straw is always the most memorable of them

But where would that straw be,
If not for any of the other beautiful little flaws?
  Feb 2019 Logan Cestare
I live in a bubble
It protects me from the ash and rubble
My own small bubble
It keeps me out of trouble
I live in my bubble
But now I’m in danger and see double
Who popped my bubble?
Logan Cestare Feb 2019
Every day, in my mind,
A battle between light and dark ensues
My light, My innocence,
My values and resilience.

None of that was light enough
For the shadows of my past
The plaguing regret,
The guilt, shame and defeat

Backed into a corner,
With nowhere else to go
Almost defeated by my own self
Ready to throw the towel in

But you came along,
You beautiful Ray of golden sun!
You see my flickering light and nurture it
I am not alone in this.
Logan Cestare Feb 2019
They say it takes 21 days
To drop a bad habit.

It’s been more than 3 weeks without you
Why do you still plague my mind?
Logan Cestare Feb 2019
I did what they told me to,
I followed my heart,
But, in the same process,
I lost my mind.
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