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joyana Jan 12
There’s a girl
Who makes me laugh
She’s an awkward angel
The largest mask
I’d like to know her
Under it all
I hope she wants
To tell me her story
If only she’d talk
I wait to listen
joyana Dec 2019
i think
the line between
how much
      on the
that make
        in their
joyana Dec 2019
i went to a wedding
my father looked sad
i realized in the silent car ride home
(arguing is all we do when we talk)
it was because
he believes he will never get to dance with Me
on my wedding
but whose fault is that?
still it makes me sad too
i will marry
           not a man
and he will
         nev' consent
to anything but.
joyana Dec 2019
Was it worth it, dad?
All the hell you gave me for loving-
Was it worth what you lost?
Was it worth the scars on my body
from self harm
Or the distance between us-
the many nights you sent me fleeing out the door to cry in the darkness
Was it worth __ ;
(I'm sorry I can't say ___ because it hurts too much and it's still such a fresh wound)
You will never again hold that power over me.
You have Lost the Right to Tell Me My Value
you were nearly the end of me.
But My Lover shall be my new beginning
the embers nearly died; then i met someone who kissed me and coaxed my flames to life again
joyana Dec 2019
the dictionary says it's a noun-
then why have I seen it in Action

an action like a thrusted spearhead at my chest,
an action like door hinges slamming shut

because God forbid I have the chance to love
God forbids....
        their excuse is it's He and not They who cage me...
but i know homophobia
and it is a verb and a choice.
and They are the ones who told me:
You Are Not Allowed To Love
this is to the parents who have locked their kids in the closet:
Your actions are yours, don't bother to blame it on religion.
You are the ones who hold the gun with the smoking barrel
and so you are the ones who have shot down your own flesh and blood
joyana Nov 2019
kissing you was a poem
it was long and laced with words beyond definition
your lips were soft and the prettiest shade of pink i've ever seen
kissing you tasted like cherries and ***** secrets in a parking lot
it was deep and intimate, a dive into the abyss of your soul
your tongue sent shivers down my spine and slid candy in my mouth
kissing you was a poem
it sang in my soul, a rhythm set to the beating of my heart
your hands were writing all across my body like ink spilled on parchment, forever stuck

kissing you made me understand the feeling of Being Alive.
joyana Nov 2019
i think i see potential in things

what they could become-
if someone just takes the time to look

right now

i see my world
when i look in your eyes
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