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Austin Reed Jan 22
This was so foolish,
I thought I’d be different,
dreamt we’d be anew,
but I can’t escape the gloom,
in your arms of this ballroom.
Austin Reed Jan 17
Had I never left,
would we still have ended up,
in separate beds?
Austin Reed Jan 15
You’re barely focused,
pressed about uncertainty,
you’ve forgotten me.
Austin Reed Dec 2020
The sudden outbursts,
Your unearthing demeanor,
irregular tone.
Steve, you’re scaring the whole room.
Relax, it’s just a board game...
Austin Reed Dec 2020
rarely is it ever shown,
just your short comings.
Austin Reed Dec 2020
I try reaching out,
though, I’m waved off or dismissed,
it’s embarrassing
Sometimes you just need a friend
Austin Reed Dec 2020
I gaze upon her,
fantasizing what I’d say,
given she said hey.
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