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May 12 · 90
Neissa May 12
I walk the earth with the undying feeling of all my insecurities being engraved into my skin, beaming for everyone to see.

Every encounter with a human being i'm attacked by a deafening melody of inadequacy.

In a crowd my flaws inevitably come out, bounce off of every soul in the room and come back to burn my bones.

I am blinded by the reflection of my distorted self in every pair of eyes i come across.

Self consciousness - unpredictable, untamed, merciless - she shoots out of my brain, makes a trip around the world at the speed of light, comes back to stab me in the chest. Multiple times. I stand no chance.

I'm crippled. I'm vulnerable. I'm retreating behind my fragile little glass wall.

I'm trapped in my own hidy hole again.

I haven't even said "Hello" yet.

— The End —