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 Dec 2019 Apro
Fleeting Hope
 Dec 2019 Apro
I can live in darkness
Let my neurochemistry be
Cold, sad, anxious
Craving death to escape
Anything at all to escape...

Or, I can take more pills
Feel nothing at all
Just be low
Want to sleep
Too numb to care
So distant they all notice

But why... why is it looking
Like there’s no medium for me
I don’t get to be happy
Happiness is a lie
It’s a fantasy
A fable
So we hold out hope
That life will get better
Even as we watch ourselves burning
Our fortresses crumbling
Gardens wilting
Bodies dying

Things only get worse
But that bizarre human hope
It pushes us onward
To believe in better days
Though it would seem
That kind of hope
Has fled from me
I don’t believe in better days anymore. I’m not sure I want to see any more days at all....
 Dec 2019 Apro
You don’t decide who
Will make your heart race.
The corners of your lips just
Upturn so suddenly
That you only notice your smile
When you step forward and feel
The cement  pieces
Of a shattered frown
On the ground beneath your feet.
-what the first taught me
 May 2019 Apro
the plea
 May 2019 Apro
Lord, bring back
not the love i gave
But the courage i had
when I loved someone
I didn't even know

Lord, save me
Not from being alone
But from the crippling fear and loneliness
for being me

I am but a sinner
but I need your mercy
I am but a Judas
but I need your unwavering salvation

For you are a haven of the broken
You are the refuge of the fallen
The rest of the tired soul
The life of the dead

Lord, oh save me.
 May 2019 Apro
may 24, 2017
last suicide attempt
everyone blamed you
it was him
he hurt you
why do you even talk to him still?

you were never the reason
you broke up with me that night
and i snapped
the only thing that kept me happy
and i had
zero reason to

it was never your fault...
 Apr 2019 Apro
"Though it was at my hands, it was your weight that suffocated me."
 Feb 2019 Apro
Stephen S
70 years
 Feb 2019 Apro
Stephen S
613 200 Hours
25 550 Days
13 Cars
11 Jobs
9 Dogs
6 Surgeries
5 Children
4 Grandchildren
3 Marriages
2 Siblings
1 Weary soul.
No regrets.
She's my beginning, she will be my end.
For she is the one and only one for me, my brokenheart will mend.
She's beautiful in more ways than one, she my special little someone.
But, sadly, a witch has come to tear us apart.
I don't want us to go down badly.
So I am here to the grave to dig.
though the witch that is trying to tear us apart is as fake as Donald Trump's wig.
The one I love is being forced to leave again, but I love her so much, I will wait forever if I must. I swear, wherever she is in the world, i will find her, and I will fall in love all over again, and we will be together again.
 Feb 2019 Apro
Dominick Walton
Going round and round
Been all over the world
Never have I ever heard a sound
Sound that reached the clouds
You singing could stop a war

— The End —