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Sep 2016
How could they do that?
How could they drug me?
How could they not of heard?
How could they not of seen?

Why did they beat me?
Why did they hurt me?
Why did they leave me?
Why am I alone?

They must of heard the cracking,
They must of heard the scream,
They must of heard my pleas,
They were on top of me...

I did not know them,
Nor did I care,
They whistled at me,
And told me to share,

I wore my black skinnies,
And a long sleeve shirt,
A black jacket,
And they still called me a flirt,

They told me it was my fault,
As they ripped off my clothes,
They told me I shouldn't of taunted them,
That I should of said no,

As if I didn't scream it,
As if I let it happen,
As if I told them too,
As if I asked for it,

They told me it was my fault
And maybe it's true,
Because boys will be boys,
At least that's what I was taught in school
Haley G
Written by
Haley G  Florida
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