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AXplorer Jun 2016
I am here
I am ready
I am.....       Too  late
AXplorer Jun 2016
My one love.

Too scared to give up the many for the one. Too late. Too deep a wound.
The sum of my parts will never fill the whole.

And now he is gone. Only my pain remains. I am but a sum of parts with an empty remainder
  Feb 2016 AXplorer
Dark hair, milky thighs

We are all such broken things

Deep in the Nothing.
Palest skin, sick blood
Dead echoes steal sleep, precious
**** the pain away
AXplorer Jan 2016
Where has your rationale gone?

I look for her in his living room but she can't stand the smell of **** and ***** money.

I check his bed but she went home long before 2am

I look in his yard but she ran when his calm, cold hand stung your face.

I check her couch but only found a weary husband numb from spending another lonely night.

I look at the party but just saw concerned friends give warning to deaf ears.

I check my bed but found only an iPhone drowning in his messages and her pleas.

I find her in the stillness of 4am. I look in her eyes but they are empty and swollen from tears. She is exhausted from chasing her Aquarius.
AXplorer Jan 2016
Round and round we go
watching the world go by

A rush as we go Up and down
holding tight to our horse with a smile

When the music stops who pays the operator to start again.
AXplorer Jan 2016
Seek and ye shall find
What if what you find wanted to stay lost?

Lost in the moment.
Lost in the taste of your lips,
the grip of your hands,
the pleasure of your ******,
the sweet sound of your moan.

Lost: Responsible woman
Reward: $100
she is 5'3" 160lbs, dark hair.
Contact 1-800-Reality
With any leads
  Jul 2015 AXplorer
lucy winters
I enjoy distance
Long drives with no destination
Music blaring,  miles growing

I enjoy distance
Long walks to nowhere
The peace calms my restless soul

I enjoy distance
Little steps each day
Away from difficult situations

I enjoy distance
Between people and places
And me

I enjoy distance
It gives perspective

I enjoy distance
I also enjoy coming home
When distance has run its course
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