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May 2019
The earth is my mother and she is my home

The sky above me, wherever I am. This is my father, my guidance toward future prosperity

I make my way with honesty, docility and adaptability
I make them my divinity along with life and death

I relinquish all concept of strategy, design, tactics, law and talent
I place principle, benevolence and the grasp of fore-locking opportunity in their stead

I hear and spout both reason and madness yet take with me only sensibility and gratitude toward insight

I am no longer prompt, for I refuse to look into concepts toward times restriction

I have no time.
I make the moment my time, the lightning my eyes and the relentlessness of the onset storm my very being.

My mind is my vice, my sword, my castle
Wit is my devise and confusion my destruction

My fullness is my strength, my smile my cure
My emptiness my reckoning and serenity my allure
Written on September 12, 2017
A Slow Heyoka
Written by
A Slow Heyoka  M/Plymouth, UK
(M/Plymouth, UK)   
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