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Moving at constant velocity in a fast pace world.
Moving at constant velocity in a fast pace world.
The Silence
The Silence
22 hours ago

Man does not carry all he needs
Nor is he given such things
Nature was foolish in caring for her creation
Leaving man with independence
And nothing else.

Argued that man is given men
Beings of the same likeness
Meant to teach
To protect
To clothe.

This is what is expected
Possibly what Nature had intended
Though her will is not wholly taken
All men do not act for man
And man is left naked.

Nature acts in attempt to love
But she gifts in an unsystematic manner
From the eyes of man that is
The perspective of tortoise reveals independence
And all else.

Granted longevity in each life
Built with instinct in each body
Guaranteed to teach
To protect
To clothe.

Nature gave tortoise a suit of armour
And left man in the hands of men
But men can be broken down
From the many
To one.

Man can find compassion for one
Fulfilling the needs of another
One who has wondered like man
Who has feared with man
And lain cold at man's side.

Nature never could have predicted
That her foolish creation
Could rely on the service of one
Fore as men were argued to be made for man
Man was left alone

To teach

To protect

To clothe

And all else.

This was one of many reflections for English class. "Clothe the Naked"
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  22h  The Silence
Addison May
Addison May
1 day ago

I have Salt
Salt Salt Salt
Salty Salt
for Chem

Tribute to a good friend of mine
RIP our minds in AP Chem
The Silence
The Silence
3 days ago

You're my everything
My heart is tied to you
My love sewn into you skin
My flesh to hold you closer
And I hope that isn't pushing you away
Because you have my heart tied
My love sewn into your skin
To have you leave is to take a piece
A piece of me
My flesh broken from you
So I say that you're my everything
And that you've got a piece of me
That I would hold you closer
And I hope
I just hope
I carry your heart on a string
And your love into my skin
As you hold a part of me,
And I hold a part of you.

This is a bit cheesy and soft. Sorry ^~^
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The Silence
The Silence
6 days ago

The class begins
The hell breaks free
This chemical knowledge
Burns straight through me
I have one quest
To pass one test
But even so
My victory is
Short lived.

Wind whips across my face,
as I stand along the shore.
Sun burning untouched skin,
my body aching for more.
Sand slips between my fingers,
each grain soft and golden.
On my legs the sea salt lingers,
creating a scent worth holding.


Her face was blank,
her eyes like glass.
Her heart had sunk,
her love was less.
She is alone,
she is afraid.
She's in a zone,
her mood had swayed.
He did not care,
he did not think.
His merciless stare,
left hopes to sink.
When he departed,
when she restarted,
their lives brand new,
having to redo.
Memories lost, ties undone,
priceless cost, she lost, he won.

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Do you see me or the girl in the mirror?
The one without fears,
or the one filled with tears?
The one standing tall,
or with back against wall?
Quietly smiling, happy and bright,
or easily frightened, holding herself tight?
Always accomplished, always content,
or never enlightened, never unbent?
Perfect features brightening the room,
or scared open eyes awaiting her doom?
Now that you can see who I really am,
who will you choose to hold hand in hand?

She's more than you see, her worth simply priceless,
if you let her be, you may find her lifeless.

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