Rhian Marie
Rhian Marie
Jun 5, 2014

It was in the way he looked at her, and the way she looked back.
The fleeting glances filled with hope and curiosity, and sometimes filled with specks of love.
He felt for her what the sun does the moon, the way he always stepped away to let her shine.
The way all the people looked at her in awe, he did too.
She felt for him as the fish feel for the water. She needed him, her kept her alive, kept her going.
The feelings were like those of crashing waves in a storm, strong and feared, yet strangely beautiful.
The fleeting glances slowly stopped until he had the courage to say hello, and her world expanded to invite him in.
As all fairy tales go, the pretty girl fell for the handsome boy.
Unlike in the fairy tales, this prince didn't get down on one knee with a rose.
Instead, he stared at the lovely princess.... Looking at her with fleeting glances.

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