new zealand   
33 minutes ago

I died; rent asunder by a
wide eyed wonder
(eyes dyed darker than slumber)

she tongue tied a wise guy with a hi,
grounded a fly guy with a bye
made him seem like a shy guy
made him smile on her fly bys
she'd be mortified by
this misapplied lullaby
but its meant to verify not vilify

and even if she doesn't reply well
she still sketches like Raphael

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Jan 30

Atop a roof
in the neighbourhood of my childhood
I leapt for the stars
as I never thought I could

The breeze rushed past
I looked back where i stood
thinking to myself
so far so good... so far so good

see now,
the cement has never meant so much
cold heart hard to the touch
and soon back to dust

god's angel before I fell from the top
falling for the melting pot
I'd always been covered in freckles
now out damn spot

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Jan 30

weed and the word
they've both had their prophets
people all over the world
have used them for profits

both needed mules
to carry the goods into the city
i'm out of puns
not very witty

Jan 25

she texted 'I dreamt of you this afternoon'
which was a promising start
'you were a paintball instructor...
and you shot me in the heart'

now - I'd never dreamed of her
(and thought that even worse)
I wondered if I should mention it
or just write it down in verse

but, that very night,
dreaming in the solace of the dark
I took part in her archery class
and she shot cupids arrow through my heart

lots of her in a collection
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Jan 19

she's been running through my mind
with her heels on
smashing all she can find
like a Hadron proton

a thousand miles an hour
she screams through the rooms
and she doesn't even know her power
like a flower in full bloom

Does a flower know it's beautiful
when it's basking in the sun?
-or does it wait (til hidden by the dark)
when the day is done?
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Jan 18

I have poems for your twinkle toes
and similes for your wrinkled nose
how it twitches
like the Bewitched witch's

I have poems for your starry eyes
reflecting all the star filled skies
each and every glistening datum
just as if your pupils ate them

not like a black hole swallowing solar systems
sucking light and all existence
but like an 8 ball of spotted shining wisdom
also like what I have written

written in the stars. checkitycheck out my other 'Her's
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Jan 16

I dress from my shelf of self-consciousness
hoping to impress myself with anomalous self confidence
mirror mirror on the wall
In truth I'm jealous of you all
not just the fairest
a more acute awareness
of all these greater things to pursue
on gods great green and blue

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