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3 days ago

she's been running through my mind
with her heels on
smashing all she can find
like a Hadron proton

a thousand miles an hour
she screams through the rooms
and she doesn't even know her power
like a flower in full bloom

Does a flower know it's beautiful
when it's basking in the sun?
-or does it wait (til hidden by the dark)
when the day is done?
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4 days ago

I have poems for your twinkle toes
and similes for your wrinkled nose
how it twitches
like the Bewitched witch's

I have poems for your starry eyes
reflecting all the star filled skies
each and every glistening datum
just as if your pupils ate them

not like a black hole swallowing solar systems
sucking light and all existence
but like an 8 ball of spotted shining wisdom
also like what I have written

written in the stars. checkitycheck out my other 'Her's
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6 days ago

I dress from my shelf of self-consciousness
hoping to impress myself with anomalous self confidence
mirror mirror on the wall
In truth I'm jealous of you all
not just the fairest
a more acute awareness
of all these greater things to pursue
on gods great green and blue

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Jan 12

and the music trickled from his fingers
and transcended / ascended through the ceiling
straight through a cloud
and the stratosphere freeing

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Jan 12

If I had one more mouth
I could say twice as many silly things

another foot
I'd just put in my mouth

another leg
and all I'd do is run
another month
I'd not use this one

another year
would mean more tears
but how bad to cry
with a third eye

Inspired by DJ Khaled
Jan 8

Debussy's in the air
Satie's in the sea
Gershwin's growing in the ground
how much more beauty can there be

Einstein's up in orbit
Newton's sitting 'neath a tree
Schrodinger's both here and there
so where should I be

Naruda conquered love
Bukowski; Reality
Ginsberg Howled all the rest
what thought is left for me

I'd like to say something never said before
something of wonder, profundity
here it comes
here it comes!

I'm coming up empty

Is this name dropping? How well does 'Gershwin's growing in the ground' roll off the tongue!? (even if it doesn't make any sense)
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Jan 8

was it love at first sight or
had I somehow loved you before
was it hormones in the blood
or something closer to the core

Like two connected hearts or souls
like two encircling black holes
was it a chance encounter
or someone sitting at the controls

Now; I don't know the truth
but I don't need to
all I know
as that I need you

'Her' is taking over my poetry at the moment :)
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