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Zoey Trope Jul 2020
your name is seared through the pages burning a hole through my collection of memories

words incinerated
words wasted

when it was a bigger risk to not fall in love with you than to  endure the pain of you telling me that you don’t love me anymore
Zoey Trope Nov 2019
Careful as you unlace
The delicate ribbons of leather
Separating my skin from your lips
'Lincoln Park After Dark' is the shade
Of dark that fills your hungry mouth
The lips I know and love
Feel even better on the most hidden part of my body
Take your time
With each lick
And keep your hunger for me
Until I kiss you good night
Zoey Trope Sep 2019
let the the buildings peek through the hills on the 110
drink in the view that brings you closer to me
swallow the skyline
make the lights fade away
and love me until the sun rises
Zoey Trope Sep 2019
the tiny little butterflies
are circling again
like me they're wondering
what little thing you'll do
to make me fall for you this time

your lasting impressions overwhelms me
one touch and the crowd disappears
one kiss and i can't stop tasting you for days
your fever spreads to me through tiny little deaths

yours are the sweetest
lips that have ever tasted my body
marking it with words that last
long after you're gone for the night

'dream of me,' you say
as if it only happens when i rest my eyes
how many mornings has it been
since i have woken up thinking of you
secretly wearing you on my body
Zoey Trope Apr 2019
dying little by little from your fingertips
you're begging for my approval
my words already echo in your head
the first will always be rewarded with a kiss
the second with my scent
the third my taste
your surrender makes me want you more
fast cars, long *******, rooftop views
how did you get so lucky?
to be the piece i've been looking for
Zoey Trope Oct 2017
conditioned with my scent
breathe me in, inhale me
until you belong to me
Zoey Trope Oct 2017
my desire for His Affection
my devotion for His Adoration
my obedience for His Authority
my gratitude for His Approval
my love for His
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