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ymmiJ Dec 2020
life is good
catching liquid rides
at lands end
ymmiJ Jan 2020
dormant winter days
lost amidst frozen silver haze
waiting for the sun
ymmiJ Jan 2020
frozen winter morning
houses creak as fires crack
ymmiJ Oct 2020
such flowers of life
hexagonal honeycombs
golden ratio

in everything
exhibit divine structure
sacred geometry
ymmiJ Nov 2020
reality seen
those bleeding hearts now breaking
corrupted pillars
liars with trusted voices
huddled masses awaken
ymmiJ Mar 2020
there’s hope
all alone

here’s pain
so adorned

where’s peace
still around

that’s hate
in shadows

and love
still wishing
for some
ymmiJ Dec 2019
dormant fields of red
their brown decay covered white
praying skies turn blue
ymmiJ Dec 2022
tempest in full blow
her foul temper being shown
heaped in fallen snow
she is a doozy
ymmiJ Oct 2019
autumn leaves
birch trees
ymmiJ Feb 2021
summer rhythm fade
rusty fall grinding halt
winter freeze till spring
ymmiJ Aug 2019
one half percent chance
my youngest's long odds for birth
miracles happen
now fifteen short years later
high school freshman teenager
Love my TS butterfly. You go girl!!
ymmiJ Feb 2020
walking to the kitchen on these creaky old floors
not recalling this bone chilling cold before
even fires take longer to warm
ymmiJ Jul 2020
a dense smoke has settled
general malaise of zero visibility
basic thoughts even seem cloaked
at least those of any meaning
it’s hard finding any clarity
when everything is burning
ymmiJ Feb 2020
lights moving the day
darkness slowly fading out
sensing seasons shift
ymmiJ Apr 2019
Another old night
blood red, chasing arrows in
reflections, wasting
away in Peruvian
dreams of when the night was young
Yeah it was the 80 , coconut grove, FtL, and north Miami Beach sunrises
ymmiJ Mar 2020
don't be shy
only use one ply
and drip dry

sweet humanity
sharing with others in need
except their TP​
I have to shake my head at humanity sometimes.
ymmiJ Oct 2022
lifetimes turn in many circles
like carts on a giant ferris wheel
what goes a round soon comes around
ymmiJ Feb 2021
waking at night
only my dreams wander
how cold it is!
From these three Basho Poems:

waking at night;
the lamp is low,
the oil freezing

sick on my journey
only my dreams wander  
these desolate moors

the leeks
newly washed white-
how cold it is!
ymmiJ Apr 2019
Look! Out my window
Metal beacons show the rising sun
Thanks for the reminder
ymmiJ Nov 2020
yearning for our cool spring love
new like dew
before our heat burned us away
ymmiJ Jul 2022
mysterious rhyme
wraps around every mind
never ending time
ymmiJ Mar 2020
blood ******* vampires
using fear to energize
adrenochrome crazed
ymmiJ Apr 2019
Gentle rain falling,
mist made droplets sliding down
trails carved by old tears
ymmiJ Apr 2019
Brown white hell falling
Eyes sharp, an arrow point, Flash!
death from razor talons
ymmiJ Apr 2019
Sultry silky sheen
Nylon legs, so smooth, caressed
From excited fingers
hooking sides, slipping them down
Sweet love smell, firm flesh inside
Cheesy tanka
ymmiJ Nov 2019
these quiet moments
lost in private reflection
our hearts race as one
ymmiJ Feb 2020
cherish this feeling
coursing me
chilling by the fire
warming me
sipping hot spirit
soothing me
watching fresh snow fall
calming me
ymmiJ Feb 2020
life in time
living with rhythm
Steely Dan
ymmiJ Aug 2019
mountain high glaciers
as blue as the sky above
feeds her swollen creeks

whispy green rivers
in our countries northern sky
bring romance to night

grizzled beasts feeding
as salmon swim to their fate
wolves ever present

mushing sled dogs run
racing anchorage to nome
heritage recalled

our final frontier
In McKinley's great shadow
wild free Alaska
ymmiJ Mar 2020
your image froze time
distance inside space collapsed
our worlds collided
ymmiJ May 2019
Birches still slumber
gentle breezes brush spring leaves
bears begin stretching
strolling quiet dawn marshes
birds chirp their lumbered approach
ymmiJ Apr 2019
Piercing evening glow
A show of crimson lights above
Guide my voyage home
ymmiJ Apr 2019
Denim and plaid angel
beautiful bad *** in Levi Strauss
she's amazing, I'm lucky
ymmiJ Apr 2019
On an open valley hillside
The candle light flickers
As they bend to cool winds
Thousands of swaying flames
Coaxing precious droplets down
Hoping to wash in the cool rain
the annual fireweed dance ignites
blazing growth to the parched
valley floor below
ymmiJ May 2019
your pearl colored heart
matches your porcelain glow
now sun kissed, shaded pink
golden hued nose, matching cheeks
carolina summer fun
ymmiJ Jun 2020
little blood sucker
swollen gluttons’ back for more
nice splatter pattern
ymmiJ Mar 2019
In the spring I knew it all
As Summer was a ball before the Fall
Into Winter when I look to recall
ymmiJ Jul 2020
my heart beats
keeps your breaths rhythm
our love song
ymmiJ Apr 2019
You say I disgust you, how gross
Me groveling, for food, for money, for love
Am I any different then you? How rude
You with your loveless life and empty scripts
We both fill our voids because of what we miss
Your know better off then me, the ***, you just
Turned your nose up at.
You splashed my sign
It’s all I had.
ymmiJ Apr 2019
It’s all I can do
trying to stay in your view
losing ground to you
ymmiJ Apr 2019
crawling from the weeds
fanged mouth ajar, eyes never blink
laid out, his evil deeds
a weird one, guess I was a gator before
ymmiJ Apr 2019
low hanging peaches
as the sun reaches
the windy beaches
eating juicy fruits
ymmiJ Apr 2019
I'm alone, it's night
I'm cold, it's clear, the stars watch
As I build a fire
ymmiJ May 2021
that lonely swing
me pushing you in the park
into setting suns
fading heat our shadows grew
burned memories for ever
ymmiJ Apr 2019
Leaves talking to the wind
Low tide water lapping in
Hints of someone near
ymmiJ Apr 2019
flash to roaring flame
spark to lightning bolt storm
You to my burning desire
ymmiJ May 2019
it's always been this
my first glance to our last kiss
all eternal bliss
it's always been you, mistress
hearts eternal happiness
ymmiJ Apr 2019
If the next best thing
always your shiny new thing
Glad I'm an old thing
ymmiJ Mar 2020
we did spring planting
summer winter even fall
how our garden grew
ymmiJ Mar 2020
our dividend done
we share eternal secrets
truths of gardening
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