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1.9k · Apr 2019
'cause I'm Cheesy
ymmiJ Apr 2019
A gentle push and a love guiding
You can endure all of life's pain and sorrow
With love, being strong, is easy
1.8k · Sep 2019
ymmiJ Sep 2019
hearing you breathing
lays my restless mind at peace
soothing me asleep
1.2k · Mar 2019
Candle Lite Aroma
ymmiJ Mar 2019
A quiet moment receiving this gift
lighting a rose scented candle in remembrance
the breeze that fanned the tiny flame
The warmth let me know you are still here
still warm from that short flickered fire of tears
833 · May 2021
ymmiJ May 2021
tumbleweeds tumble
down abandoned city streets
dust their companion
ymmiJ Apr 2019
pluff mud in my nails
shrimp shells, crab claws, in the pail
Grandma Lolly's cookin'
sunday grub, us four cousins
pulling nets in tidal marshes
750 · Apr 2019
Sand Castle Deconstruct
ymmiJ Apr 2019
steady hues, shifting
blues surging, nature pulling
mans castles back down
kids and their sand castles,
707 · Dec 2022
ymmiJ Dec 2022
nothing really owned
only your spirit inside
love generously
693 · Aug 2019
ymmiJ Aug 2019
peaking in wonder
your silk slip falls to the floor
as loves waiting ends
675 · Mar 2019
Blood Moon River
ymmiJ Mar 2019
I saw that blood in the sky
Swollen burning after party eye
Veins of crimson wells ran dry
Swelling waters of a red tide
Coursing thru my fragile mind
661 · Sep 2019
ymmiJ Sep 2019
plunged head over heels
down your gently sloped nature
for you i did fall
626 · Apr 2019
Alaskan Lady
ymmiJ Apr 2019
Denim and plaid angel
beautiful bad *** in Levi Strauss
she's amazing, I'm lucky
612 · May 2021
ymmiJ May 2021
midnight sun arrives
slowly lunar smiles recede
starry nights retire
Alaskan summers
596 · Apr 2019
Green Light Aphrodisiac
ymmiJ Apr 2019
Green light romance
Flirting seductively sultry thru the night
Enchanted I reach for you
Yep another northern lights poem. Hey, my wife thinks it's a green light from god himself to be a lil red devil, haha
591 · Mar 2019
Reflections On Paper
ymmiJ Mar 2019
These words I write are
reflections on paper

Reflections of loss
Reflections of gain

No matter the cost
No matter the pain

These words I write are
reflections of life

Reflections of fear
Reflections of you

No matter how dear
no matter your view

These words I write will
reflect my life on paper and
my life lived for you
575 · Aug 2021
My Path
ymmiJ Aug 2021
this path behind me
imperfect by nature
as the aging man
who traversed it
still points true
as wisdom in steps
553 · Apr 2019
Baseball Love
ymmiJ Apr 2019
Three scars cross my heart
Three strikes to show we tried
Three exes and your out
533 · Oct 2019
ymmiJ Oct 2019
that moment alone
was worth the thousand goodbyes
I take everywhere
523 · Mar 2019
Gentle Intentions
ymmiJ Mar 2019
My intentions were as a gentle breeze
Whisking away your doubts as the stormy
tempest slowly builds to ******
509 · Feb 2021
ymmiJ Feb 2021
barren frozen cold
inhospitable truths told
lands bitter souls
502 · Aug 2019
ymmiJ Aug 2019
just rock me my love
like my Lolly used to do
on her front porch swing
484 · Apr 2019
Southern Breeze Blowing
ymmiJ Apr 2019
southern breeze blows
me back, youthful memories,
Innocent times,
winds threaded with wild childhood
dreaming on clouds passing by
483 · Jul 2019
ymmiJ Jul 2019
pictures in my mind
happy times captured and framed
time lapsing memory
482 · Jun 2022
Tin Roof Tap
ymmiJ Jun 2022
The way the rain
pitter pattered
on that old tin roof
was like a lullaby
ymmiJ Apr 2019
Brown white hell falling
Eyes sharp, an arrow point, Flash!
death from razor talons
476 · Apr 2019
ymmiJ Apr 2019
you swirling eyes, green designs
shatters my resolve, leaves me blind
I surrender to  your emerald gaze
461 · Apr 2019
Disconnect The Disconnected
ymmiJ Apr 2019
ignorance is bliss
hard to miss baskets of gold
sprinkled around you
your blindness, tunnel vision
swiping right, as flowers die
Just observing families at lunch, each on their own little world, sad
460 · Aug 2022
ymmiJ Aug 2022
errant souls
wander lost forever
458 · Sep 2019
ymmiJ Sep 2019
early autumn hint
faintest cool northerly breeze
whispered he's coming
454 · Apr 2019
Anchor Tanka
ymmiJ Apr 2019
Lost in mindless drift
rudderless ship so to speak
not water bound, thoughts
turn to my anchor point end
where my mind last set on you
449 · Aug 2019
ymmiJ Aug 2019
living on cloud eight
one less than higher demand nine
this view is just fine
443 · Jul 2019
ymmiJ Jul 2019
she's  the only one
trusted to handle with care
her hands my heart beats
441 · Oct 2023
ymmiJ Oct 2023
raining frozen tears
upon ever greening fear
winters always here
440 · Feb 2021
Missing The Flow
ymmiJ Feb 2021
greyness among
endless grey
neither light dark
good bad
taking leaving
nothing coming
everything gone
slack tide of life
missing the flow
440 · Mar 2019
Glacier Melt Snow
ymmiJ Mar 2019
Glaciers glare melts darkened snow
as the sun dries the remnant pools
leaving dust to the wind
439 · Apr 2022
ymmiJ Apr 2022
calm waters
quietly whispered
dreadful silence
ymmiJ Apr 2019
plucking grapes for me
basking in deep pools waiting
patience, snorting, snout ajar
no young cub pretenders yet
another silver missile caught
429 · Apr 2019
Cinderella Man-ic
ymmiJ Apr 2019
Tomorrow seems a dream
Lost in your forever embrace
My pumpkin awaits
424 · Mar 2019
Leopard Act
ymmiJ Mar 2019
Snow leopard tail high wire act
Walking the tight rope of
Rock slide down to valley floor below
420 · Sep 2021
ymmiJ Sep 2021
my light leading sways
paths behind show confusion
ahead wide open
419 · Oct 2019
Did You Borrow That?
ymmiJ Oct 2019
Truth doesn't become so because you think it is so.....
...... just as it does not become so because your friend said it be so.
different for me but it is designed to make you think on what you think it true. What is really true and how do you know it's your truth?
416 · Jan 2022
ymmiJ Jan 2022
bare blue moon
naked upon earth
cold alone
407 · Mar 2019
Soul Searching
ymmiJ Mar 2019
A cold dark stroll under
a wild aurora glow
stopping cliffside as
the whales mighty
fountains flow bursting
the surface in a
high tech Vegas show
Climbing the ridge to spy
a migrant herd below
All the while stealthly
Stalking my very own soul
405 · Mar 2021
ymmiJ Mar 2021
be aware
vampires are draining
blood sweat tears
401 · Mar 2019
Mushroom Mystery
ymmiJ Mar 2019
Forest floor hunting
Elusive gold sustenance
No dinner tonight
I don't know why. Got the munchies I guesd
399 · Jul 2021
ymmiJ Jul 2021
empty faces
unfamiliar gazes
sheep grazers
pointed lasers
etching razors
on bleeding skin
388 · Feb 2023
ymmiJ Feb 2023
they never saw it
blind trust hides enlightenment
truth escapes again
385 · Feb 2021
ymmiJ Feb 2021
that old man
miss his crooked smile
smiling down
385 · Apr 2019
No Manners Dog
ymmiJ Apr 2019
Chance was human
He acts just like a *******
bad manners and all
383 · May 2019
River Wash
ymmiJ May 2019
wide rolling waters
carry my wretchedness home
wash these fresh wounds clean
372 · Jul 2022
ymmiJ Jul 2022
psychedelic bloom
flora from another world
color passion blue
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