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1d · 40
ymmiJ 1d
always two ahead
master of subtle movements
one piece at a time
2d · 22
ymmiJ 2d
watching eagles soar
defying such gravity
to die living free
4d · 35
ymmiJ 4d
sheep dogs herd with fear
bullies barking crazy sounds
muzzling their cries
4d · 17
ymmiJ 4d
real depth lay within
despite such shallow nature
piercing it’s surface
4d · 12
ymmiJ 4d
tattered yet intact
worn sail on epic journey
final port of call
4d · 26
ymmiJ 4d
solitary calls
echoes across empty marsh
a lonely swan song
5d · 29
ymmiJ 5d
taken to the edge
repeated over again
our pain addicting
then reconciliation
making agony worthwhile
6d · 19
ymmiJ 6d
browning mountains cut
jagged under baby blue
crisp air crystal clear
7d · 20
ymmiJ 7d
simply slips away
without ever being touched
like hour glass sand
Sep 7 · 28
ymmiJ Sep 7
autumn winds descend
birches bow in white arches
yellow leaves blow through
Sep 3 · 31
ymmiJ Sep 3
summer whispers by
tickling trees browning leaves
before their falling
Sep 2 · 27
Born Rebellious
ymmiJ Sep 2
smoking cigarettes
walking home from detention
jumping in puddles
no rush ever getting home
miss smith already called mom
Aug 29 · 21
Till The End
ymmiJ Aug 29
walking westward hand in hand
towards our eternities setting sun
Aug 28 · 29
ymmiJ Aug 28
silent ocean swells
emotion turns to motion
tsunami of tears
Aug 28 · 20
ymmiJ Aug 28
slowly fading sun
setting towards forever
all winters arrive
Aug 28 · 45
ymmiJ Aug 28
with brilliant strokes
life's blank canvas colors in
living masterpiece
Aug 28 · 25
ymmiJ Aug 28
feeling it's richness
as fleeting as summer love
when life seems content
Aug 27 · 17
ymmiJ Aug 27
dreamin’ we’re soarin’
sky high acrobat lovin’
screamin’ like eagles
Aug 27 · 15
ymmiJ Aug 27
scared among the dark
hopelessly searching about
open your closed eyes
Aug 26 · 30
S iS Sexy
ymmiJ Aug 26
silky sultry soul
so sweetly she serenades
subtle seduction
Aug 26 · 21
ymmiJ Aug 26
dancing in darkness
mercurial shining stars
on rippled water
Aug 25 · 78
ymmiJ Aug 25
summer alpine rays
dance inside aqua green pools
swimming in her eyes
Aug 25 · 39
ymmiJ Aug 25
all still lay ahead
as nothing gets left behind
knowing who you are
ymmiJ Aug 25
their silent presence
faintest breezes passing by
sprinting up the stairs
Aug 23 · 40
Space Dust Love
ymmiJ Aug 23
space dust floating
moon stars dreaming
breath deep loving
silent bliss dying
Aug 23 · 20
Mad Sheep Still Bleat
ymmiJ Aug 23
inside asylum
fear locking your thoughtful mind
wearing masks outside
your isolation complete
total subordination
Aug 23 · 9
The Cackling Asses
ymmiJ Aug 23
riding a donkey
jackles cackled ridicule
atop *******
Aug 23 · 18
ymmiJ Aug 23
wings beating faster
stealthily hoverIng still
effortless motion
Aug 21 · 29
ymmiJ Aug 21
waning summer heat
sunlight still warm dominance
soaking up each ray
Aug 21 · 38
Winter Age
ymmiJ Aug 21
summer warmth fading
youthful growth finally done
the old wave goodbye
their return not guaranteed
trips' longer every year
Aug 21 · 73
Losing Minutes Daily
ymmiJ Aug 21
slower rising yet faster falling
Aug 21 · 29
ymmiJ Aug 21
whipping northern gusts
thrashing waves whipping current
waterfowl duck under
The great migration south is ramping up
Aug 20 · 19
Do Your Part, Conform
ymmiJ Aug 20
controlling with fear
pied pipers of misery
watching sheep follow
yelling warnings to the deaf
blindly falling to their death
Aug 20 · 29
ymmiJ Aug 20
green fringes now curled
morning chills streak them yellow
summer colors fade
Aug 16 · 35
ymmiJ Aug 16
dripping copper hued
mountain valley sweetened
fireweed nectar time
Aug 15 · 38
ymmiJ Aug 15
once young features aged
weathered under beating rays
down rivers dried bed
Aug 15 · 55
ymmiJ Aug 15
ancient walls crumbled
their whispered secrets buried
modern day decay
history forgotten is history ignore is history doomed to be repeated till decay
Aug 15 · 429
ymmiJ Aug 15
ever rushing past
an unknown destination
leaving memories
Aug 14 · 35
We’re The Beast
ymmiJ Aug 14
salmon spawn then die
humans ***** young babies lives
who’s the animal
Aug 14 · 25
ymmiJ Aug 14
never really is
it instantly becomes was
now's already gone
Aug 13 · 26
ymmiJ Aug 13
rusty hulled
barnacle crusted
floating still
Aug 13 · 70
ymmiJ Aug 13
golden youth stolen
pirating our precious souls
true evil exists
Aug 11 · 165
ymmiJ Aug 11
change your heart
you mind soon follows
peace hope love
Aug 11 · 20
ymmiJ Aug 11
streaming waters flow
carving ever deeper lines
brook trouts rise to fly
caddis to be exact.
Aug 10 · 19
Swim Fish Swim
ymmiJ Aug 10
bright red their backs scarred
gnarled claws between anglers rods
dying to get home
it's that time in Alaska again. the great salmon spawning. Swimming to their death
Aug 7 · 39
ymmiJ Aug 7
aquatic echoes
sonar searching haunted depths
tearful their whaling
Aug 7 · 59
ymmiJ Aug 7
beware pied pipers
mesmerizing harmony
hypnotizing you
Aug 7 · 58
ymmiJ Aug 7
velvet thrones
pompous circumstance
fools for kings
ymmiJ Aug 7
slowly drifting off
atop gently rolling seas
ordering boat drinks
Boat Drinks
Aug 6 · 86
ymmiJ Aug 6
silencing moments
throughout our human unkind
mourn hiroshima
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