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Where do I belong?
I can't continue this song
This song of my life
This sadness in my heart's  rife.

I have considered them wrong
I'm living in lie for so long
What am I to them?
Do they see me the same?

No matter how I look at it
I can't seem to fit
Their bond's too deep ,
For me to catch up and dig.

They won't even listen on how I feel
They wont!  I'm always concealed
I'm nothing but trash to them
They wont accept me for who I am!
All thanks to you all poets Tho I'm just a kid at the age of 16 Form the philippines I really love poems.
Steady is a sailor's hand upon the helm.
Steady she must, to drive this ship away from hellish lands to wherever dreams may steer.

Guidance be the wind which carries her home;
that yet remains undefined but by the memories cherished howbeit that very hell.

Steadfast always, without rest,
for fear of the inevitable storms ahead.

How ready is this vessel
when lighting strikes,
when thunder rolls
and waves swell?

Might this infinitesimal boat not keel?

Whilst the gale rages she attempts to persist through
its brunt head on, relentlessly fighting towards Zephyrus.

Tunneled her sight,
focused on an unknown land
characterized by zealous hope.
Make it there, she undoubtedly will,
for her relentless heart will beat
of drums midst a war.

Stricken the sail,
and suddenly finding herself adrift.
Swept away in the dark just trying to stay afloat
for fear of drowning to the Locker,
where getting back up seems despairing.

A kindred spirit meandering near
sees a sailor rowing.
He is an explorer of sorts,
but always knowing where he has been.
In the fogged horizon
she was spotted through a looking glass.
He watched her hastily work without stoppage.
Two ventures completely lost in the right direction.

The Universe has chosen for their convergence.
This juncture is not without reason.
She gave him an azimuth circle
and taught him to travel by the stars.
He rebuilt her ship stronger than before
and promised her it will never sink.

Sail my darling, time waits not for itself. Sail!
A tribute to my love. She is an incredible person full of inner drive fueled by a flame that burns deep within the core of her soul. She is a fighter like no fighter I've ever seen. I'm proud to be on this journey with her, called Life.

— The End —