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7.5k · Jul 2010
sleepy hedgehog
i saw little hedgehog curled up in ball
lying there so still beside the garden wall
he looked very peaceful in his little bed
lying there so still i thought that he was dead
then he began to move and opened up his eyes
and stretched his little body to its normal size
then he wandered off as happy as can be
down the garden path so wild and yet so free
7.4k · Mar 2010
baking bread
i decided i would try to make myself bread
just a silly notion i had inside my head
i mixed up all the flour and got my baking tin
rolled  it nice and neatly and put my baking in
i placed in the oven oven then i set the dial
cooked it very slowly for a little while
i left in the oven so  my bread would rise
but it stayed so flat i couldnt believe my eyes
i was looking forward to my little feast
the reason it was flat i forgot the yeast
6.4k · Apr 2010
goat and toad
there was once a goat he had a coat of white
he had a funny beard such a funny sight
he liked to roam around all along the coast
travelling all around was what he liked the most
one day on his travels while walking down the road
sat there in the hedge he saw a little toad
the little toad was sad and had teardrop in his eye
the goat he said whats wrong. what has made you cry.
the toad said he was lonley thats why he was sad
i have lost my friend he said the only one i had
goat he  said dont cry i know just what to do
we will look together and find your friend for you
then suddenly they heard  another little toad
croaking in the hedge further down the road
it was his little friend that he was searching for
now they were toether and they were friends once more
goat he said goodbye im glad you found your friend
the story was complete and has a happy end
6.1k · Mar 2010
love is like a blanket
love is like a blanket it can warm you through
takes away the cold and stops you turning blue
wraps around your body as it holds you tight
gives you lots of warmth to help you through the night
it can be a duvet so very thick and strong
and be there to comfort you when ever things go wrong
it is always there in everthing you do
love is like a blanket there to comfort you
5.3k · Feb 2010
hedgehog and toad
i saw a little hedgehog trying to cross the road getting to the other side to see his friend the toad.
of into the field they both went to play. away from the road where the danger lay.
there they played for hours in amongst the sheep until they both got tired and both fell fast asleep
5.2k · Feb 2010
proud as a peacock
he beauty of the peacock is the tail that he can span
when its opened up it goes in to a fan
like a woven blanket. intricate as can be
a mosaic work of art for all the world to see
a canvas full of colors that are very loud
this is what makes the peacock very very proud.
5.1k · May 2010
lion cub
I saw a little lion cub roaming in the wild
romping through the grass a lionesses child
jumping up and down roaming through the shrub
lovely as can be this little lion cub
he was very happy as happy as can be
roaming through the jungle oh so wild and free
some day he will grow and he will have a pride
then he will settle down with his lion bride.
5.1k · Mar 2010
ice cream man
while looking out my window i heard the ice cream man
there out side my door with his ice cream van
there were lots of children standing all around
attracted by the van with its funny sound
they were buying lollies and and a chocolate ice
buying lots of things that looked so very nice
when the crowd had cleared i bought my self a treat
i was like a child again eating something sweet.
4.8k · Mar 2010
my parrot
i had a little parrot he didnt seem to care
he used to talk a lot and sometimes used to swear
he had lots of colors like red and green and blue
if you held your hand out he would come to you
he was very friendly and oh so very cute
he looked just like clown in his colored suit
he liked to talk a lot especially at night
but i could shut him up by turning off the light
then he would go to sleep as quiet as can be
then i would put my feet up with the parrot next to me.
4.6k · Feb 2010
the gnome
at the bottom of the garden there lives a little gnome underneath a toad stool a place that he calls home
late at night he wonders in amongst the flowers wandering round the garden passing by the hours
he must be awful lonely roaming on his own and as the morning comes he turns back into stone.
4.6k · Apr 2010
water ski
there was little mouse as happy as can be
he was very sporty and loved to water ski
he would ride the waves from behind a boat
by standing on his skis he would stay afloat
he could turn and spin on his little ski
riding on the waves made him feel so free
he just loved the water and riding on the crest
riding on the waves was what he liked the best
then when he got tired and it was time to rest
he would go to sleep inside his little nest
4.5k · Mar 2010
the panda and the toad
there was a little panda he was black and white
very very funny and very very bright
he lived in country very far away
in a great big jungle where he used to stay
oneday while he was walking through the jungle road
he looked upon a leaf and there was sat a toad
the toad he was crying feeling oh so  blue
then the panda asked what is wrong with you
i have lost my way he said i have lost my track
panda said dont worry i will take you back
then he heard a croaking not to far away
coming from a place where a toad should stay
panda led the toad to where the toad should be
to a little pond just behind a tree
toad he was happy. he was now back home
never again from his path did he ever roam
4.4k · Jun 2010
ladybird tale
there was a little ladybird she was very sad
she had lost her spots the only ones she had
noticed by an hedgehog who was walking by
he had seen the ladybird as she began to cry
then he ask the ladybird what was the reason why
i have lost my spots she said and dont know what to do
hedgehog said dont worry ill find them again for you
so they started looking in the forest ground
when hedgehog saw a leaf and on it something round
i have found your spots he said now you can have them back
then of they walked together down the forest track.
4.4k · Mar 2010
ticklish crab
i was walking on the beach  when i stood up on a crab
and with its little nippers the my toe the crab did grab
i tried to shake it off but it wouldnt go
my toe was turning red and it began to glow
i tried it one more time wave my foot in to the air
but the little crab he didnt want to scare
so i put my hand down really nice and slow
tickled on his belly then he let me go
4.3k · Mar 2010
turtles tent
there was a little turtle his shell it had a leekthe rain was getting in he hadnt slept all weekhe was very stressed and he began to cryspotted by an albatross flying near bythe albatross flew down and saw  a little crackrunning down the middle of the turtles backdont worry said the albatross i know the thing to do i will get some leaves and make a shelter just for youthe albatross gathered leaves and made a little tentthen when it was finished in the turtle went.the turtle he was happy now in his tent so deephe curled his shell and caught up with some sleep.
4.2k · Mar 2010
animal park
theres a place where animals play
in animal park they play all day
there are lots of animals there
lions and tigers and even a bear
theres giraffes and monkeys too
these are only just a few
there are swings and a slide
where the monkeys love to glide
roundabouts and a climbing frame
where everything is just a game
they just to love to play away
in animal park they play all day
4.1k · Mar 2010
smelly the elephant
smelly the elephant came to town in a circus show
but from poor nellie the smell it used to flow
she just couldnt help it her feet were really bad
she was so unhappy and very very sad
people held there nose as she was passing bye
this it made her worse and she began to cry
then she asked the vet to see what he could do
he said i have a potion that i can give to you
he rubbed in the lotion and the smell it went away
they never smelt again to this very day
4.0k · May 2010
hamster trip
there was a little hamster he boarded on a ship
took his little suit case for his little trip
he sailed across the sea on a great big boat
standing on the deck as it began to float
he was heading for america in the usa
to visit san francisco and its great big bay
he landed in america then headed for the shore
sat down by the bay then headed home once more
3.9k · Mar 2010
the cat next door
a cat came in my house from the house next door
sat down by the fire then laid up on the floor
he looked very comfy and made himself at home
the little cat next door he just loved to roam
then he started purring as peaceful as can be
then he wagged his tail and jumped up on my knee.
he was such a lovely cat and lived a house away
now he comes to see me every single day
3.9k · Mar 2010
easter chick
there was an easter chick as yellow as the sun
he was very happy having lots of fun
hopping up and down  with his easter song
singing on his way as he hops along
such a friendly fellow a joyful chap is he
making easter happy the way that it should be
so make your easter happy that will do the trick
eat all your  chocolate eggs and think about the chick
3.9k · Mar 2010
my grandson visits me
i have a little grandson he is only threehe comes round all the time just to visit mehe gets out his toys and there are quite a few then he tips them on the floor just like children do its such a lovely thing just to see his faceas i see the toys scattered around the placejust watching as he plays brings it back to methey way  it was when i was young the way it used to behe picks up all his toys then he says goodbyethen says i love and puts a tear drop in my eye.
3.8k · Mar 2010
baking distress
i had a go at baking i tried to make some dough
what i had use i really didnt know
first i got some flour and tipped in a  bowl
then in the centre i made a little hole
then i put the eggs in and rubbed it round and round
till the eggs and flour were securely bound
i placed it on a tray and  then i began to bake
to see what would become of my homemade cake
i left it for a while to slowly bake away
but it wasnt moving it seemed to take all day
then i looked again and all the heat had gone
i looked the **** i hadnt switched it on
my patience had run out so i put in the bin
wasting all that food was really such a sin.
3.8k · Mar 2010
highland octopus
there was little octopus he just loved to sing
but the thing he loved most of all was the highland fling
he would play his bagpipes and do his little dance
with his funny legs he just love to prance
he just loved the bagpipes he just played away
doing his little jig that made him bright and gay
he was very happy in scottish kilt
with his little hat  he wore at a tilt
he just loved the joy that it used bring
he was very happy to do the highland fling
3.7k · Feb 2010
lobster pot
there was once a lobster he live in the seavery blue in color blue as blue can beone day while he was walking he came across a potlying on the seabed inside he had a trothe got into the *** as nosy as can benow he was trapped and no way to get freesuddenly he saw friendly passing topewho saw he was stuck and handed him a ropehe tied it to the *** at the bottom of seathen he pulled it hard now lobster he was freethen he thanked the tope for saving him that daythen the little lobster calmly swam away.
3.5k · Feb 2010
watching squirrels
theres nothing i like more a wonderous site to see
i like to see the squirrel jump from tree to tree
jumping between the branches never ever still
bouncing in and out using so much skill
keeping so much balance he does it all with ease
making it look easy on his own trapeze.
then climbs in  a hole that is very deep
shuts his little eyes then off he goes to sleep.
3.5k · Sep 2010
sleepy mole
there was a little mole a lovely chap was he
he lived in a hole beneath a great big tree
he like digging tunnels he would dig all day
kicking up the soil while going on his way
he left little hills scattered all around
where he had been digging while going underground
then when he got tired digging holes so deep
back to his little hole an then fall fast asleep
3.5k · Mar 2010
wombat beauty
there was a little wombat he lived in the wild
somewhere in australia a proper natures child
he would make big burrows that he made his home
where he would hide from dingos when they were on the roam
he would jump inside so he could get away
for the roaming dingo the wombat was his prey
he would live on grass eat shrubs and chew on bark
a happy little chap as happy as lark
such a lovely creature so beautiful is he
all cuddly and so furry a lovely site to see.
3.5k · Feb 2010
emerald seagull
i saw a little seagull he was emerald green a seagull such as this i have never seen a friendly little chap as friendly as can be he just stopped and stared and looked up straight at me then he carried on followed in the tide hopped up on a wave and took a little ride then he flew away and gently waved goodbye underneath the sun up in to the sky.
3.4k · Mar 2010
paint your life
take some oils and a pallette knife
take a canvas and paint your life
make it how it wants to be
so very happy and trouble free
use the colors as you go
paint it easy nice and slow
make the back ground stand out loud
make your picture make you proud
paint it how your life should be
then in a frame for you to see.
3.4k · Feb 2010
say no to drugs
dont take drugs to make you calm by sticking needles in your arm
dont sit there waiting your a fix as the drugs begin to mix.
think of those you leave behind  when your the one thats been unkind.
dont   sit there in despair think of those that really care.
once you start  its a deadly track  say no to drugs and get life back.
3.4k · Mar 2010
theres a ladybird in my garden he has lots of spots
climbs up on the plants and along the pots
he walks around all day busy as can be
this lovely little creature roaming oh so free
he sits upon  on the leaves  underneath the sun
up and down he goes having lots of fun
he is very happy and passes on the hours
roaming round the plants in and out flowers
so beautiful  a creature so beautiful is he
roaming round my garden  is where he loves to be
3.4k · Feb 2010
polar bear and penguin
there once was a polar bear he was big and white  so beautiful took look  at and such a lovely sight.
he lived in a country where there was cold and ice  and to the polar bear this was very nice.
one day when he was walking he heard a penguin cry so he went to have a look and see the reason why.
the penguin  he was  stuck on an iceberg oh so high he couldnt get back down cause because he couldnt fly
the polar bear stood so he was very high  and rescued the penguin  from the iceberg in the sky.
3.3k · Jun 2010
dolphin dance
i saw dolphins dancing while i was out at sea
stood up on there tails dancing wild and free
dancing in a circle  going round and round
talking to each other in there dolphin sound
they looked very happy just dancing in the sea
happy and content as happy as can be
every one in unison just putting on a show
just to watch them dance gave my heart a glow.
3.3k · Feb 2010
the polar bear
there once was a polar bear he was big and white  so beautiful took look  at and such a lovely sight.
he lived in a country where there was cold and ice  and to the polar bear this was very nice.
one day when he was walking he heard a penguin cry so he went to have a look and see the reason why.
the penguin  he was  stuck on an iceberg oh so high he couldnt get back down cause because he couldnt fly
the polar bear stood so he was very high  and rescued the penguin  from the iceberg in the sky
3.3k · Mar 2010
baking tears
i thought i would try to make myself a pie
i got out my book to see what i could make
tried to find a recipe to see what i could bake
i saw a cheese and onion one that look very nice
i grated up the cheese the onion i did slice
then i felt a teardrop running down my eye
they were getting faster and i began to cry
i couldnt see a thing my eyes were very wet
the oven it was on and i began to sweat
i rolled out the pastry and put it on a tray
put it in the oven and watched it bake away
my tears they had gone they were nice and dry
i didnt know that when you cook it can make you cry.
3.3k · May 2010
theres nothing like sincerity in everything you do
it lets you know you mean it and what you say is true
it comes from the heart it comes from deep inside
sincerity is real something you cant hide
so if you really mean it let your feelings show
when you are sincere everyone will know.
3.2k · Feb 2010
the witch who lost her broom
once there was a witch with a ******* hat with a magic broomstick and ******* cat
with her magic broomstick she could fly up in to the air one day she went to get  it but the broomstick wasnt there
she looked in to her cauldren that was boiling near by for without her stick the witch she couldnt fly.
then she stirred and stirred  hoping she might see if the cauldren could tell her where the broom might be
there she  saw her broomstick flying on its own the broomstick had decided to fly off all alone
now it was getting dark and  started to turn black then suddenly the broom decided to go back
it went back to the witch while it still had light now the witch was happy and so full off delight
3.2k · Mar 2010
little husky
there was a little husky in land so far away
he would pull as sledge each and every day
pulling very hard through the snow so thick
going very fast going very quick
he had big bright eyes they were coloured blue
with a big fur coat a husky through and through
he would take his sliegh to the trading post.
so they could fill it up. the thing he liked the most
then he would go away again with his little sled
till he got very tired then off he went to bed
3.2k · Mar 2010
funny dream
i had a funny dream of castles in the air
with lots of little dragons flying everywhere
there was lots of fairies with a magic wand
with a great big goldfish swimming in a pond
there was a little unicorn he came passing bye
flying there above me in the bright blue sky
there was a little turtle giving out a glow
shining very brightly walking very slow
i saw lots of creatures with colors oh so bright
just to watch them crawl filled me with delight
this was just a dream  a vision that i had
it made me oh so happy and very very glad.
3.2k · Mar 2010
timmy tadpole
there was a little tadpole timmy was his name
to turn into a frog that was timmy aim
he swam around a pond in his tadpole state
to become a frog timmy couldnt wait
he waited patiently for limbs to grow
it would take a while the changing would be slow
as the weeks went by he began to change
he was very happy but a little strange
he just grew and grew in the little bog
until the day that timmy turned in to a frog
3.2k · Jul 2010
poor seagull
i saw a little seagull he had hurt his wing
now he couldnt fly poor little thing
he was in distress i could plainly tell
everytime he flapped his wings he began to yell
i took him home with me to see what i could do
i nursed him back to health then off again he flew
then he flapped his wings as if to say goodbye
then off in to the air into the bright blue sky
3.1k · Feb 2010
the oyster
there was a little oyster he lived in a shell at the bottom of the sea the place that he did dwell
one day as the sea began to roll and swirl  this made the oyster lose his little pearl
the poor little oyster he began to cry spotted by his oyster friend that was watching near by
he said now there dont you worry theres something i can do you can have one of mine in my shell there is two
thank you said the oyster to his little friend now the story of the lobster has a happy end.
3.0k · Feb 2010
the camels hump
there was once a little camel he had great big ****
and  it used to wobble went he hit a bump
the camel got a pump and laid across the floor
pumped till it was hard now it dosent wobble anymore
2.9k · Sep 2010
angel in my dream
i saw a little angel in my sleep one night
sat there in my dream in a dress so very white
with a little halo reflecting in the light
shining all around her so very very bright
she had flowing hair as lovely as can be
it made me feel so safe knowing she was watching me
2.9k · Feb 2010
outback kangaroo
in the outback of austrailia lived a kangaroo a funny little chap and very happy too
one day when he was hopping merrily along suddenly he saw a little billabong
he stopped to take a look to see what he could see then he heard a noise from behind a tree
then out popped a wombat who had lost his way so behind the tree he thought that he would stay
jump in to my pouch said roo i will take you for a ride then the little wombat climbed his way inside
so back in to the outback off they both did roam  the wombat he was happy now he was going home
2.9k · Feb 2010
the falcon
falcons flying way up high.  in surrounding circles in the sky.hovering there while in flight. looking for prey within his sight.hovers till hes almost still then swoops down for the killhe takes his prey held in his grip held so tightly it cant sliphe does it all with so much pace full of elegance and so much grace as you watch him use his skill  watching falcons is such a thrill
2.9k · Apr 2010
elf and mole
there was a little elf as funny as can be
he lived in the woods inside a big oak tree
he wore a funny hat and a his ears were big
he would play a fiddle and do a little jig
one day in the woods he saw a little mole
he was sat there crying poor little soul
the elf he went to see what had made him cry
then he asked the mole what was the reason why
the poor mole was lost he had lost his way
while walking through the woods he had gone astray
dont worry said the elf i will guide you back
then off they walked together down the woody track
they strolled along together for a little while
elf he found his hole and mole began to smile
mole he said goodbye and elf went on his way
the mole he climbed inside his hole and slept the day away
2.9k · Feb 2010
safe with me
trucking down the highway i turned  on my cb then a mellow voice said youll be safe with me
i dont know who it was id never heard that voice before so i said goodbye and carried on once more
further down the road i was driving in to snow then i  skidded of the road with
just two miles to go. everything was hazy  and i couldnt see then i heard  a voice again saying now your safe with me
now i was in heaven  now my life was free now i know what he meant by youll be safe with me.
2.8k · Aug 2010
furry squirrel
i saw a furry squirrel as lovely as can be
sat there  in the branches looking down at me
he was very cute and he just seemed to smile
he was very friendly and sat there for awhile
it made me feel so happy this little chap so gay
then he waved goodbye as he went along his way
2.8k · May 2011
take away the war
take away the war let us live in peace
make the world a happy place let the killing cease
let us love again and we can live as one
together hand in hand we can make our lives go on
cast the war aside and put it in the past
let us live in harmony and live in peace at last
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