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i was feeling thirsty so i made myself some pop
when suddenly a flea in to my drink did hop
swimming round in circles as dizzy as can be
in my fizzy drink a dizzy flea was he
then he gave a burp and jump down to the floor
it really must have frightened him i never saw him anymore
ill be there for you when ever things go wrong
ill be there to comfort you there to keep you strong
when ever you are ill i will nurse you through
always by your side ill be there for you
ill be there beside you every single day
every step it takes all along the way
ill be there for you till the very end
to me you are my world my life and my best friend
i saw  little mouse chewing on some bread
then he pick some up and took it to his bed
he ran to his hole with his little snack
half an hour later the little mouse was back
looking for the bread that was on the floor
the poor mouse was hungry and he wanted more
then he took another piece back to his hole so deep
curled up in ball then of he went to sleep
there was a little spider a funny little chap
he lived in a web and like to take a nap
he climbed in to the corner and his eyes would gently close
curled up in his web where he  would have a doze
he would sleep a while in his little home
until he woke again and once again would roam
round and round his web as busy as can be
a funny little chap as funny a funny chap was he
some people they get lonley it makes them feel so sad
looking for some company that they never had
someone just to talk to when there in despair
someone there beside them someone to be there
someone who will listen to there troubled mind
someone understanding someone who is kind
just a little company when they feel so blue
just someone to be there to tell there troubles too.
i saw a little bird sitting in bush
with a speckled chest i think it was a thrush
sitting on the branches as happy as can be
whistling his tune to a lovely melody
he sat there a while singing just for me
it made me feel so happy and me feel so free
then he said goodbye and gently flew away
i think about his song to this very day.
remember when you were just a kid
and ***** training is what you did
the things that you are to do taught to do
so that you can use the loo
then when your grown and train no more
you miss the loo and hit the floor.
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