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May 2011 · 2.8k
take away the war
take away the war let us live in peace
make the world a happy place let the killing cease
let us love again and we can live as one
together hand in hand we can make our lives go on
cast the war aside and put it in the past
let us live in harmony and live in peace at last
Sep 2010 · 2.9k
angel in my dream
i saw a little angel in my sleep one night
sat there in my dream in a dress so very white
with a little halo reflecting in the light
shining all around her so very very bright
she had flowing hair as lovely as can be
it made me feel so safe knowing she was watching me
Sep 2010 · 3.5k
sleepy mole
there was a little mole a lovely chap was he
he lived in a hole beneath a great big tree
he like digging tunnels he would dig all day
kicking up the soil while going on his way
he left little hills scattered all around
where he had been digging while going underground
then when he got tired digging holes so deep
back to his little hole an then fall fast asleep
Sep 2010 · 2.1k
mother natures way
i wake up in the morning and open up my eyes
i can see the daylight as the sun begins to rise
i can here the birds singing in the trees
singing there sweet song in the gentle breeze
i can here the cockerel crowing very loud
sitting on the fence looking very proud
then i rise from bed to welcome in the day
and say a geat big thankyou to mother natures way
Sep 2010 · 2.0k
sugar in my coffee
sugar in my coffee sugar in my brew
it makes it very sweet but not as sweet as you
cream between my cake filled with chocalte spice
but when i look at you are twice as nice
butter on my bread butter on my toast
out of all these thing its you i love the most.
Sep 2010 · 1.7k
weasel in my garden
i saw a little weasel a lovely chap was he
playing in my garden by the willow tree
he was very cute as happy as can be
running round the garden so very wild and free
i watched in him for a while having lots of fun
running round my garden underneath the sun
then he dissapeared into his hole so deep
then he closed his eyes then fell fast asleep
Sep 2010 · 1.6k
say it from the heart
say it from the heart thats all you have to do
then everything you say people know its true
say it full of meaning say it like its meant
say full of truth that from the heart was sent
say it full feelings and let your feelings show
say it like you mean it then everyone will know
Sep 2010 · 2.2k
fizzy flea
i was feeling thirsty so i made myself some pop
when suddenly a flea in to my drink did hop
swimming round in circles as dizzy as can be
in my fizzy drink a dizzy flea was he
then he gave a burp and jump down to the floor
it really must have frightened him i never saw him anymore
Sep 2010 · 1.3k
ill be there for you
ill be there for you when ever things go wrong
ill be there to comfort you there to keep you strong
when ever you are ill i will nurse you through
always by your side ill be there for you
ill be there beside you every single day
every step it takes all along the way
ill be there for you till the very end
to me you are my world my life and my best friend
Sep 2010 · 2.1k
hungry mouse
i saw  little mouse chewing on some bread
then he pick some up and took it to his bed
he ran to his hole with his little snack
half an hour later the little mouse was back
looking for the bread that was on the floor
the poor mouse was hungry and he wanted more
then he took another piece back to his hole so deep
curled up in ball then of he went to sleep
Sep 2010 · 1.1k
there was a little spider a funny little chap
he lived in a web and like to take a nap
he climbed in to the corner and his eyes would gently close
curled up in his web where he  would have a doze
he would sleep a while in his little home
until he woke again and once again would roam
round and round his web as busy as can be
a funny little chap as funny a funny chap was he
Sep 2010 · 1.0k
just someone
some people they get lonley it makes them feel so sad
looking for some company that they never had
someone just to talk to when there in despair
someone there beside them someone to be there
someone who will listen to there troubled mind
someone understanding someone who is kind
just a little company when they feel so blue
just someone to be there to tell there troubles too.
Sep 2010 · 1.2k
little thrush
i saw a little bird sitting in bush
with a speckled chest i think it was a thrush
sitting on the branches as happy as can be
whistling his tune to a lovely melody
he sat there a while singing just for me
it made me feel so happy and me feel so free
then he said goodbye and gently flew away
i think about his song to this very day.
Sep 2010 · 1.8k
potty training
remember when you were just a kid
and ***** training is what you did
the things that you are to do taught to do
so that you can use the loo
then when your grown and train no more
you miss the loo and hit the floor.
Aug 2010 · 1.1k
people write poetry
people they write poetry of many different kinds
writing down in words what ever comes to mind
it helps them ease there thoughts and helps them calm the soul
writing down there feelings with words so very whole
giving there expressions in a detailed way
giving so much meaning to what they want to say
they say it from the heart and set there feelings free
the thoughts within there mind they can plainly see
Aug 2010 · 981
vampire tale
theres was once a vampire a proper little boffin
he would spend the day just lying in his coffin.
when the night came round he began to rise
he had great big fangs and very bloodshot eyes
he would look for prey anywhere he could
till he found a victim then drink up all there blood
then when the daylight came off he went to sleep
back into his coffin so very dark and deep
Aug 2010 · 1.2k
lost frog
i was walking through the woods just the other day
then i heard a noise not so far away
so i took a look to see what it could be
it was coming fom a hole at the bottom of a tree
then i looked inside there i saw a frog
just inside the tree sat upon a log
the poor frog was crying with tears upon his face
he was very lost and lost his froggy place
then i picked him up and took him to his home
now the frog was happy and never again did roam.
Aug 2010 · 2.8k
furry squirrel
i saw a furry squirrel as lovely as can be
sat there  in the branches looking down at me
he was very cute and he just seemed to smile
he was very friendly and sat there for awhile
it made me feel so happy this little chap so gay
then he waved goodbye as he went along his way
Aug 2010 · 2.3k
grandads funny teeth
my grandad he his funny he has funny teeth
he keeps them in some water they lay there underneath
then he takes them out and gives them a little shake
he tells me they are real but i know they are fake
he puts them in his mouth when ever he goes out
he never gets a toothache of that there is no doubt
but i will keep my own and brush them every day
the thought of wearing false teeth so very far away.
Aug 2010 · 1.1k
little flea
there was a little flea he liked to jump around
high in to the air then back down to the ground
he jumped upon my arm  so i squashed him with my hand
now the only place he jumps is in the promised land
Aug 2010 · 1.0k
life can be lonely
life can be so lonely it can get you down
take away your smile  and turn it to a frown
it can be so cruel and it can be unkind
it can make you mad and play round with your mind
it can make you weary and it can can make you cry
take away your hope and make you want to die
but if you just fight back and hang on to your hope
hang on to your faith then through life you;ll cope.
Aug 2010 · 1.6k
parachute bat
there was a little bat who in a cave did dwell
while hanging upside down the poor bat he fell
falling to the floor he went with such a thump
then upon his head he had great big lump
he was rather dazed and dizzy as can be
but he carried on a brave little bat was he
the little bat was clever and he was very cute
and decided he would make a little parachute
then he if fell again he wouldnt bang his head
he would float down gently with his parachute instead
Aug 2010 · 1.8k
beetle in my living room
i saw a little beetle walk in front of me
walking round the living room as happy as can be
walking on the carpet and all along the mat
he was only small but very very fat
then he looked at me in the chair that i was sat
then i stood on him now the poor chap is flat
Aug 2010 · 2.0k
say goodbye to alex
say goodbye to alex a snooker star was he
around the snooker table he would quickly flee
the people called him hurricane and love to watch him play
sat there in suspense as the ***** were put away
flying round the table faster then the light
such an entertainer who filled us with delight
now is home is heaven and his suffering is free
the man they called the hurricane will go down history
Jul 2010 · 1.0k
hope and faith
where ever there is faith there is always hope
something to hold on too when life begins to *****
always have belief when everything  has gone
believe in hope and faith to help you carry on
give your self the will and faith will see you through
always have the hope the rest is up to you
Jul 2010 · 1.3k
save the seal
we must save the seals from there life so dull
people wielding sticks as the seals they cull
killing all the seals wether big or small
we must get together to try and save them all
give them some protection and stop them from ****
let them all be free again to roam around at will
give them back there freedom the way that it should be
let them live in peace and no killing  will there be
Jul 2010 · 828
i like it
i like to watch the rain i like to watch the snow
i like to watch the sun as he begins to glow
i like it when its autumn when leaves begin to fall
i like it when its christmas the best time of them all
i like to watch the children when they begin to play
opening there presents on a christmas day
i like to watch all this its such a sight to see
it makes life worth living and makes life feel so free
Jul 2010 · 903
thing called love
love is full of splendour a very wonderous thing
makes two hearts beat as one and makes you want to sing
makes you feel so happy secure and so bright
the feeling that is love brings you such delight
something to be proud off a gift from up above
this  feeling that we share the thing that we call love
Jul 2010 · 1.0k
in land of fantasy
in a land of fantasy many miles a way
a place so full of fun where little dragons play
where little fairies fly with there little wings
where you can hear the bluebird gently as he sings
a land so very peaceful where everything is bright
with so many things that fill you with delight
where everyone is happy and life is always gay
in this land of fantasy is where i long to stay
Jul 2010 · 2.6k
singing mole
there was a little mole a funny little thing
while digging underground he just love to sing
you could hear him singing when he began to toil
his funny little song coming through the soil
he was very cute  with funny little feet
singing little songs to a funny beat
he would sing for hours as happy as can be
a lovely little chap a happy chap was he
Jul 2010 · 761
lonely people
some people they get lonely living in despair
no one for them to turn to no one there to care
there lives are in distress and feel that hope as gone
giving up on will and strength to carry on
all they need is someone someone to be there
to give a little love someone who will care
help them make life better and bring back the light
just a little love can make there life seem bright
Jul 2010 · 3.2k
poor seagull
i saw a little seagull he had hurt his wing
now he couldnt fly poor little thing
he was in distress i could plainly tell
everytime he flapped his wings he began to yell
i took him home with me to see what i could do
i nursed him back to health then off again he flew
then he flapped his wings as if to say goodbye
then off in to the air into the bright blue sky
Jul 2010 · 2.2k
big mushroom
i saw a great big mushroom growing in a field
hiding in the grass very much concealed
he had a great big head as big as big can be
growing in the field very wild and free
then i picked it up and took it home with me
added eggs and bacon and ate it for my tea
Jul 2010 · 2.3k
single daffodil
i saw a single daffodil high upon a hill
sitting all alone sitting very still
with his yellow flowers  as bright as bright can be
standing there so proudly growing wild and free
underneath the sun  giving of a show
as lovely as can be giving life a glow.
Jul 2010 · 1.5k
wear a smile
when your feeling down and you feel so blue
wear a smile upon your face thats all you have to do
this will make you happy and your blues will go away
wear a smile upon your face to help you through the day
when your feeling weary and you feel so sad
wear your smile once again this will make you glad
so if you just keep smiling this will help you through
wear a smile upon your face is all you have to do
Jul 2010 · 7.5k
sleepy hedgehog
i saw little hedgehog curled up in ball
lying there so still beside the garden wall
he looked very peaceful in his little bed
lying there so still i thought that he was dead
then he began to move and opened up his eyes
and stretched his little body to its normal size
then he wandered off as happy as can be
down the garden path so wild and yet so free
Jul 2010 · 716
love is nature
love it is a nature and it lies within
when you meet that special one your love it will begin
you will feel emotions and a beating in your heart
to let you know that love is just about to start
it such a lovely feeling and there to let you know
something that you feel when love begins to grow
Jul 2010 · 963
live in harmony
let us live in harmony and live a life so free
fill the world with love the way that it should be
let us all unite from each and every place
fill the world with harmony for each and every race
let us live together and unite as one
hand in hand in harmony we will carry on
Jul 2010 · 796
child in a stable
a child lay in a stable
laying in the hay
he was to be a saviour
born on christmas day
he would give us love
and teach us right from wrong
he would cure our weakness
and teach us to be strong
then he gave his life
for all the world to see
the king of all the world
the one who set us free.
Jul 2010 · 1000
poor fly
there was a little fly
flying round the light
flying round the bulb
that was so big and bright
buzzing round for hours
as fast as fast can be
flying all alone a busy chap was he
walking on the ceiling walking on the floor
i hit him with a paper now he flies no more
Jul 2010 · 1.0k
silver lark
there was a silver lark high up in a tree
singing in the branches singing just for me
singing there so sweetly his little song of love
as lovely as can be way up high above
when he finished singing in the tree so high
he wagged his tail and flew up in to the sky
Jul 2010 · 1.4k
solve it
try to solve this riddle that i will set for you
and with in this rhyme i will leave a clue
i have got two hands and a big round face
i move around in motion at a steady pace
moving very slowly as steady as can be
the clues are this rhyme for everyone too see
to help you solve the riddle of my identity
Jul 2010 · 1.9k
bathroom spider
there was a great big spider he always made me laugh
he lived in my bathroom underneath the bath
he liked to roam around along the bathroom floor
all along the ceiling and on the bathroom door
he liked to spin a web all around the light
then suddenly drop down and give me such a fright
i would sit and watch him for a little while
the spider in my bathroom always made me smile
Jul 2010 · 1.1k
robin in the tree
there was a little robin a lovely chap was he
sat there in my garden in my willow tree
with a big red breast as bright as bright can be
singing such a lovely song espcially for me
he was very beautiful and made me feel so free
this lovely little robin in my willow tree.
Jul 2010 · 900
the sun can make you happy
the sun can make you happy when it comes shining through
high up in the air in the sky so blue
sending out his light to brighten up the day
making you feel happy making life so gay
you can feel the heat as it begins to glow
flowers with there colors putting on a show
making life so bright in the sky above
the beauty of the sun is something that i love
Jul 2010 · 840
puzzle time
ill give some clues within this rhyme
solve the puzzle take your time
i am long and have big teeth
i live in mud buried uderneath
my jaws are wide and i can snap
when closed together they can trap
people they are scared of me
who or what can i be
Jul 2010 · 1.7k
think about the homeless
think about the homeless who have no place to go
no bed for them to sleep in or a fire with a glow
sleeping in the rough in some cardboard box
taking life the hard way taking all its knocks
living life so lonley as they begin to roam
hoping maybe someday they will find a home
some where they can stay with there own front door
then the lonely people wont be homeless anymore.
Jul 2010 · 796
gertrudes wish
there was a little cow gertrude was her name
she wasnt like the other cows her thoughts were not the same
she long to be a horse as black as black could be
grazing in a field roaming round so free
thats all she ever thought of she was rather strange
hoping for the time that someday she would change
then one starry night she saw wishing star
then she made a wish on the star so far
she woke up in the morning and into a horse she grew
gertrude she was happy her wish it had come true.
Jul 2010 · 795
beauty of the night
i love to watch the moon on a moonlit night
shining in the sky shining oh so bright
it always seems romantic looking up above
the beauty of the night seems so full of love
surrounded by the stars that twinkle in the sky
with clouds so very clear gently floating bye
a little peace of heaven so calm and very still
the beauty of the night gives me such a thrill
Jul 2010 · 2.2k
little squirrel
there was a little squirrel as lovely as can be
he lived in the woods high up in a tree
jumpimg branch to branch you could see him play
always very happy always bright and gay
he would gather nuts on the forest floor
then back up in  his tree  the squirrel he would soar
then he would go to sleep so he could have a rest
curled up in ball inside his little nest.
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