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i had a lovely vision while asleep one night
of a land so faraway where everything was bright
everthing was peaceful there wasnt any sound
with grass as soft as velvet growing all around
lots and lots of flowers growing wild and free
showing of there colors as lovely as can be
there were lots of bluebirds flying in the sky
singing songs of love as they went flying bye
this land it was beautiful and just a dream away
and if this dream came true there i would long to stay
i looked in the mirror the other day
noticed my hair was turning grey
the lines were there up on my face
here there and every place
i was ageing it was  plain to see
by the face in front of me
there were wrinkles coming fast
as the years were rolling past
but in my mind im still a kid
and do now what i aways did.
when snow falls in alaska its so nice to see
falling to the ground so peaceful and so free
huskies with there sledges running through the snow
such a lovely scene that gives your heart a glow
trees they look so white standing oh so tall
branches catching snow as it begins to fall
cabins in the woods with roof tops oh so white
looking very pretty lighting up the night
such a lovely place a picture of delight
when the snow falls in alaska it such a lovely site.
i thought i had amnesia  when i tried to sleep
i was very tired and tried to count some sheep
but i kept losing count after nine and ten
back to the start i went and tried counting once again
now it was getting worse i only got to four
then i tried again to count them all once more
my amnesia it was worse i couldnt count my sheep
though i was very tired i forgot to go to sleep
as i was sleeping in my bed an angel came and stroked my head.
then she took me by the hand and took to her angel land.
everything was peaceful  there you couldnt here a sound so serene and quiet in her angel ground.
i thought i was in heaven as peaceful as can be feeling safe and sound with an angel watching me.
i sat and watched an angel sat beneath a tree
playing on her harp a lovely melody
plcking on the strings picking every note
the tune was emotional my heart began to float
she had flowing hair as lovely as can be
sitting there so beautiful playing just for me
when she finished playing she spread her wings and flew
back up to her heaven in the sky so blue
i saw a little angel in my sleep one night
sat there in my dream in a dress so very white
with a little halo reflecting in the light
shining all around her so very very bright
she had flowing hair as lovely as can be
it made me feel so safe knowing she was watching me
i was walking past a church one bright and sunny daythen i saw an angel with her harp and she began to playshe plucked the harp so gently then a light shone all aroundand from the harp there came such a heavenly soundi sat and watched her play and listened to the tunesuch a lovely piece my heart began to swoonwhen she finished playing she flapped her wings and wentthe angel that i saw that day must have been heaven sent
i went to animal heaven in a dream one nightand when i got there felt nothing but delightthere were cats and dogs and a polar bearlots of other animals all of them were therethere was lots of birds budgies and parrots toolions bears and tigers that once lived in a zoo.happy and content as happy as can bethere in animal heaven now all them were free.
theres a place where animals play
in animal park they play all day
there are lots of animals there
lions and tigers and even a bear
theres giraffes and monkeys too
these are only just a few
there are swings and a slide
where the monkeys love to glide
roundabouts and a climbing frame
where everything is just a game
they just to love to play away
in animal park they play all day
listen to the cockerel as he begins to crow now its time for morning thats how he lets you know.
its time rise and  shine  and start a brand new morn  as another day begins and brings a brand new dawn
time to throw the blankets back and get up from your bed  and look forward to the morning that youve got ahead.
then when the day is over  and night is on its way look forward to tomorrow and start another day.
another killed in helmand thats what the newsman said another soldier coming home but this time he is dead.
another family grieving  there hearts so full of grief watching as there soldier is buried underneath.
now is home is heaven with the angels up  above now is war is over and all he has is love.
there was once a blind boy  he was blind at birth he never ever got to see the things upon the earth
when he went to bed  he would close his eyes and pray asking if sight would return one day.
he woke up in the morning he saw the world so bright his prayers had been answered  he.d been given back his sight.
now he could see what he never saw before and said another prayer to thank the lord once more.
ants of lots of  soldiers with armies by the score
running around the garden all along the floor
they are very clever and work the whole day long
sticking close together as they march along
they are very tiny with intelligence so fine
forming in to armies standing in a line
living under stones where they make there home
filled with little tunnels where they freely roam
though there only small there so wonderful to see
no wars  do they fight an army that is free.
while i was in the garden i walked across some ants
a couple of seconds later my legs began to dance
jumping up down and leaping in the air
those cheeky little ants were climbing every where
i was really dancing faster than before
evertime i looked the ants were getting more
so i brushed them of and i began to to laugh
took of all my clothes and climbed in to the bath
there was a little ant he was very strong
he wasnt very big and wasnt very long
he lifted lots of thing twice as big as him
even though so small and very very slim
he had lots of strength he would lift all day
moving any obects that was in his way
he  carried lot of leaves mounted on his back
take them to a corner then begin to stack
then when he got tired he would go to sleep
climbed in to his hole so very very deep
i dreamed i was a pirate on the seven seassailing on my galleon sails blowing in the breezewith the jolly rodger hanging from the mast just like long john silver a pirate from the pastlanding on an island with with my treasure mapwith a patch on one eye and a pirates caplooking for the gold in the treasure chestthis was the part that i liked the best then set sail again heading for the shoretill the seven seas took me home once more.
when the sunsets in arizona  descending in the sky
the cactus are in sillouhette standing near by
gentle winds are blowing across a sandy plain
and tumbleweeds begin to tumble once again
a picture to behold that will never die
when you see the sunset in the arizona sky
a soldier came from heaven he came and sat with me
he told me of the angels and now his life was free
told me of the day when he had to die
told me of his loved ones and how he watched them cry
he told me he was safe and with the lord above
no more blood or battle from now on only love
he was up in heaven where his war would cease
he was with the angels. now he could rest in peace
i was sat in the park as quiet as can bewhen a little old man came and sat with mehe began to tell his story of  his life of woecalled up to the  army  and  how he had to gohe told me of his days on the battle groundsurrounded by the bombs and bullets all aroundhe said a son that he never sawhe was being born when he went to wari looked in to eyes that were tearful and sadthen i realized that soldier was my dad
when autumn comes the leaves turn brown
and from the trees they fall down
branches are so very bare
gone are leaves that were there
the grass is turning going brown
where it stood it now falls down
the autumn sun shines so bright
through the trees reflecting light
a season that is  nice to see
one of four that has to be.
i took a little walk to the local park
a little after midnight it was rather dark
then i heard a noise from behind a tree
so i took a look to see what it could be
there i saw some fairies dancing in a ring
a lark was in the middle and he began to sing
singing there so sweetly a lovely melody
while the fairies danced so happy and so free
i sat there a while till it was time to go
then i headed home and my heart began to glow
looking back in time when the earth was raw
with prehistoric creatures like the dinosaur
there were many others with a big long funny name
with a lots of little cavemen who used them for there game
they lived in little caves with fires burning bright
deep inside there home  where fires burned all night
they would take there spears and have a look around
looking for some food in there hunting ground
they would throw there spears until they killed the beast
then they would take it home so they could have a feast
thats the way it was and how it used to be
but now it as all gone and now its history.
i like too watch the badger roaming through the night
with his furry coat with colors black and white
such a lovely creature so beautiful to see
wandering through the fields so very wild and free
underneath the moon shining oh so bright
just to watch the badger brings me such delight
he  never seems to rush he takes it nice and slow
this creature of the night gives life such a glow
i decided i would try to make myself bread
just a silly notion i had inside my head
i mixed up all the flour and got my baking tin
rolled  it nice and neatly and put my baking in
i placed in the oven oven then i set the dial
cooked it very slowly for a little while
i left in the oven so  my bread would rise
but it stayed so flat i couldnt believe my eyes
i was looking forward to my little feast
the reason it was flat i forgot the yeast
i had a go at baking i tried to make some dough
what i had use i really didnt know
first i got some flour and tipped in a  bowl
then in the centre i made a little hole
then i put the eggs in and rubbed it round and round
till the eggs and flour were securely bound
i placed it on a tray and  then i began to bake
to see what would become of my homemade cake
i left it for a while to slowly bake away
but it wasnt moving it seemed to take all day
then i looked again and all the heat had gone
i looked the **** i hadnt switched it on
my patience had run out so i put in the bin
wasting all that food was really such a sin.
i thought i would try to make myself a pie
i got out my book to see what i could make
tried to find a recipe to see what i could bake
i saw a cheese and onion one that look very nice
i grated up the cheese the onion i did slice
then i felt a teardrop running down my eye
they were getting faster and i began to cry
i couldnt see a thing my eyes were very wet
the oven it was on and i began to sweat
i rolled out the pastry and put it on a tray
put it in the oven and watched it bake away
my tears they had gone they were nice and dry
i didnt know that when you cook it can make you cry.
in the mountains of virginia there live a little hare
he could play a banjo and played it everywhere
he had a country rhythem and little dancing feet
people came from miles around to hear is country beat
he just love to play and give the crowd a show
he would play all day until it was time to go
then he would take a bow and wave the crowd goodbye
then of again he went beneath the sunset sky
i wandered through the barley so beautiful and gold
so wonderful to touch so wonderful to hold
underneath the sun growing oh so high
standing very upright reaching for the sky
growing very free growing in the wild
looking very lovely so gentle meek and mild
such a lovely site and growing oh so tall
the day i walked through barley is a day i will recall.
though id take a bath after a busy daysit there have soak and in the usual waythen from the water came a great big bubblei started to panic i thought i was in troublei thought it was a diver through the steam i couldnt seethen i realised it was the beans i had for tea.
sitting in my bath i heard a great big glug
followed by a bubble followed by the plug
i must have pulled it out  but i didnt know
the water in my bath it began to go
it was getting lower way below my knees
i was getting colder and i began to freeze
i put a towel round me to try and get some heat
there i saw the plug lying at my feet
then i picked it up of the bathroom floor
put it back into the bath a filled it up once more.
there was a great big spider he always made me laugh
he lived in my bathroom underneath the bath
he liked to roam around along the bathroom floor
all along the ceiling and on the bathroom door
he liked to spin a web all around the light
then suddenly drop down and give me such a fright
i would sit and watch him for a little while
the spider in my bathroom always made me smile
i went down the beach just other day
just a little drive not to far away
sat down on the sand underneath the sun
then paddled in the water having so much fun
there were lot of others just the same as me
walking on the sand looking out to sea
children building castles playing in the sand
with a little ***** they had in there hand
it was really nice to see the children play
having lots of fun on such a lovely day
i walked in the garden the sun was shining bright
the flowers they were blooming soaking up the light
showing of there colors standing oh so proud
bunching close together standing in a crowd
bumblebees were busy having lots of fun
soaking up the pollen underneath the sun
butterflies were there flying oh so free
a robin with his redbreast singing in a tree
it was really lovely a lovely site to see
the beauty in my garden filled my heart with glee.
i love to watch the moon on a moonlit night
shining in the sky shining oh so bright
it always seems romantic looking up above
the beauty of the night seems so full of love
surrounded by the stars that twinkle in the sky
with clouds so very clear gently floating bye
a little peace of heaven so calm and very still
the beauty of the night gives me such a thrill
i saw a little beetle walk in front of me
walking round the living room as happy as can be
walking on the carpet and all along the mat
he was only small but very very fat
then he looked at me in the chair that i was sat
then i stood on him now the poor chap is flat
read the lines upon your face
and in between where theres a space
it will help you read your past
when you  were young and had your blast
read the times that you once had
those teenage years when you were glad
now the years are passing. time for you to age
each and every line has a different page
i saw a great big mushroom growing in a field
hiding in the grass very much concealed
he had a great big head as big as big can be
growing in the field very wild and free
then i picked it up and took it home with me
added eggs and bacon and ate it for my tea
i was walking through  killarney and i found a blarney stonelying in the forest lying all alonei picked  up the stone and cleaned off all the muckthey say that if you kiss one it can change your luckso i kissed the blarney to see if it was truethis lovely little stone with its shade of bluethen i took it home with me to test the theory outto see if my luck would change and take away the doubtthen i put the tele on the lotto for to seeand when they read the numbers out they had the same as mei bounced up in the air and felt shaking in my bonenow im glad i kissed the little blarney stone.
Poetry Control PanelPlease enjoy your visit. Poetic-Verses     4239 Poems Read.blind as bati have little dog as blind as blind can bewhen ***** his leg he seems to miss the treehe likes playing games chasing his favourite ball but the poor little dog always hits the wall i took him for a walk the thing  he likes the most he would bang his head as he walked in to a posti took him to the vet to see what he could dohe gave him some glasses now he has a viewnow he can play his games. and he can catch a ballno longer does he run in to any wall
why are children sometimes bored
why do they think they are ignored
why are there down and sometimes blue
why do they say theres nothing to do
why do they always seem to moan
does boardom make them want to groan
we could help them if we only knew
exactly what were supposed to do.
how can you mend broken heartwhen your world as fell a partthey say that time can make it healbut how you stop the way you feelyour love has gone your worlds do you make a brand new startlife goes on or so they saywith a broken heart it so far awayperhaps one day the hurt will goonce again your heart can grow.
i went out in the pouring rain
forgot my brolley once again
the rain was splashing in my face
getting faster gathering pace
i put my hands upon my head
but down my sleeves it went instead
then i stood beneath a tree
but the rain still dripped on me
so i walked home so very wet
because of the brolley i did forget
sitting in my garden underneath a treewhen i heard a buzzing from a busy little beelanding on the flowers he looked so very funnycollecting up the pollen so he could make some honey.he sat there for a while then he looked at mewondering what it was sat underneath the treethen he flapped his wings this made me feel alivethen of the little fellow flew  back in to his hive.
theres a bumble bee in my garden as funny chap is he
buzzing round the flowers and all around the tree
with his stripey suit as funny as can be
flying round my garden so wild and oh so free
he lands upon the flowers as gentle as can be
******* out the pollen such a sight to see
then off  he flies away back to his little nest
then he goes to sleep to have his little rest
i had a go at cooking tea
bangers and mash was the recipe
i cooked the spuds and began to bash
whipped my spuds in to a hash
everything was going well
when from the oven there came a smell
the sausage i had cooked had been far to long
now had blue smoke and and a smell that was so strong
the sausage they were burnt way beyond repair
i openened up the window to let in some fresh air
i still had my spuds so i ate them on there own
and as for the sausage i left them well alone
i saw great big butterfly with big bright colored wings
with lots of little circles and lots of lines and things
he was very beautiful as lovely as can be
sitting there so gently not far away from me
his colors there were many so beautiful and bright
just to see this butterfly filled me with delight
he sat that there a while with his colors on display
when it was time to go he just flew away.
there was a little butterfly sat upon my sill
sitting all alone sitting very still
he had colored wings very big and bright
the colors of the rainbow shining in the light
he sat there a while as peaceful as can be
staring through the window looking straight at me
then he spread his wings and he began to fly
up in to the air in to the bright blue sky
i had a pet canary he would sing all day
up down his ladder how he love to play
he was very happy as happy as can be
when is cage was open he would come to me
sit upon my shoulder and sing in to my ear
with is lovely song so very loud and clear
he sat there a while in his feathered coat
singing oh so beautiful and hitting every note
when he finished singing it gave my heart a glow
it was time to eat so in his cage he;d go.
just one little candle burning very bright
just a little flame that flickers through the night
i gaze in to the candle  and go in to a trance
then i watch the flame as it begins to dance
dancing there for hours giving off a show
and as it burns away it begins s to slow.
as it begins to fade i wake up from my trance.
and think about the candle and its little dance.
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