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Sarah Judith Dec 2018
neptune held my hand
with such fervor,
an icy grip that surrounded
with stars
and rivers of nebulas.

saturn choked me,
with shining rings
and twinkling mist
i wanted to drown myself
in the feeling.

reached through
galaxy ceilings,
invited me to the edges of

jupiter asked me
if i wanted to dance
on its diamond clouds,
a burgundy storm.

and the earth
tore at my ankles,
ripped my soles,
and swallowed my waist
until i was

i dont even know anymore
Sarah Judith Dec 2018
i refuse to
write poetry
because inspiration
only comes from

this realization
makes me
it how life goes my dude. nothing we can do about it, my man.
Sarah Judith Dec 2018
i wish
that love
ignited a raging fire
inside my chest
and flowed sparks through
my veins
and masked my
with smoke
so the loneliness
wouldn't feel
im trying a new style and i really enjoy the creative flow i get from it! maybe you could try it too ;)
Sarah Judith Sep 2018
people quit things
and they quit because they don't get enough recognition.
they think they deserve thousands of likes and comments
to validate their own personal success

i quit things
because i don't think enough people tell me that i am good enough
and thats just wrong
Sarah Judith May 2018
my hands are cold
and my soul is hot
burning and sputtering
with a passion for others
with a yearning to please all
but sometimes
my soul only flickers
wisps and kisses with weak heat
while other's souls lick my warmth
so i stumble
and i fall
but grasp a flame
of another
to aid me in the healing of my soul
but i am drowned
in a shivering ice
and told never to take from an other's soul
for i am just a supplier, and i am not allowed to take what i give
because taking is taking
and my flames wisps, a final breath
i assume i must let it go
for i am a charity and do not deserve to help myself
if taking from others is condemned
why do others take from me?
i feel that others take, and then i am not allowed to
Sarah Judith May 2018
why is my only talent losing friends?
why can i only think about my failed relationships?
was it my fault?
should i have said sorry?
should i have stood my ground unapologetically?
i feel trapped in this revolution of making friends and losing them i'm going insane
have i not learned already?
have i not felt enough pain?
enough loneliness?
enough self-hatred for my own shortcomings?
if i live the way i want,
if i live without apologizing,
if i live with a confidence that needs no justification from others,
who will i have then?
what person would be there?
this constant repetition over and over again
i can't take it
please make it stop
friends are hard to keep and even harder to lose
Sarah Judith Jan 2018
The excuse of being tired:
an avoidance of admitting depression
When people don’t understand why I said I was tired so often. I was so sad and alone, all i could say was “I’m tired”
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