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 Dec 2014 wanderer
DC raw love
When something slips your mind
What is your reasoning

Is it because we forget
or don't want to remember

Is it because we care
or don't want to hurt someone

Is it because we feel
or don't want to cause pain

Is it because our mind is overloaded
or is it just fried

Me, I just flat forget no excuses
 Dec 2014 wanderer
DC raw love
this is the youngest
you'll ever be
this is your time
 Dec 2014 wanderer
the last time was when i had the flu on mushrooms.
we were sitting in a circle on the floor of nathans living room.
i was sitting in a swirl of emotion,
**in an endless mosaic ocean!
 Dec 2014 wanderer
we weren't written in some ancient constellation in the sky
but we configure and connect with cool mellow vibes
like the motion of the sea and the pull of the tides  
and tho we drifted apart over time
i feel your connection moving and swaying over mine
and i know you'll be fine
we'll meet again.
 Dec 2014 wanderer
DC raw love
I look to the sky's
for a brook by the river

With tangerine figures
And marshmallow sky

With a monkey on horseback
And a tree upside down

No one here knows me
I have roots that frown

With little green people
Holding there figures

As people call them
One of a kind

With a pool of chocolate
With people drinking it with straws

With a light on a mountain
Shining from a bright gold lantern

Everyone reaching for
Nothing at all

As I look in the mirror
To see an elation

My minds playing tricks
With kids in the sky

Everyone tells me
That there's a song on the hill top
Singing somethings out there

Wait I need Tom Leary's
Help once more
LSD trip
 Dec 2014 wanderer
wide awake
 Dec 2014 wanderer
i wonder if the doors in the house you grew up in
started slamming themselves to save your father the trouble.
i wonder if you can remember the last time you prayed,
and if you had trouble unfolding your hands.
i wonder if your mother knows
about the collection of hearts you hide in your closet,
i wonder if she could tell mine apart from the rest.
i wonder if your shoes know the reason why
you keep them by the back door and not your bedside.
and sometimes, i wonder
if you ever think about that night when i told you,
you wouldn't need to drink so much if you had me.
but it seems like we only speak when you've got body on your brain,
whiskey in your glass,
your judgement is overcast,
and you know i'm too weak to ignore you.
i learned how to translate your texts
from drunken mess back into english.
i am fluent in apology, but i don't ask you for them anymore.
this is just how it is.
it's not enough for either of us
but ******* it we are not above settling.
so i will ignore her name on your breath,
and you will ignore the fact that this means something to me.
i always thought the first time i kissed you,
it would be on your mouth.
i just wanted to be something warm for you to sink into,
something that could convince you to stay a second night.
but i sneak you out in the early morning,
and you take a piece of my pride with you when you go.
i am left to nurse the hangover from a wine i've never tasted,
wondering how this is possible.
waiting for the next drunk call,
for the next time i get to pretend we are lovers,
the next time i get to live out the fantasy i am most ashamed of.
it is the one in my head where you want me when you're sober too.

- m.f.
 Dec 2014 wanderer
there is a certain sickness which swallows the Poet.
keep me safe
make me new
hide me in the spaces in your arms

keep my skin from grazes and cracks
we'll lay in the spaces where no one looks
where the sun can't taint the colours of my eyes
where dust can't rest upon my arm
where frost can't seal my lips
 Dec 2014 wanderer
three words
infinite syllables
might be more on the first night.

I analogize triangles to find a hypotenuse
of you on my graphs.

And trilogize developed from mystery
colors of you way more intense than what is
created with just primary colors.

I have you glowing like rainbows in my dreams.

Have a synonym of you in reality.

Like a diamond glow I have you as
cut perfect...
clarity of ecstasy...
color of love...
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