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mc Apr 2021
i sat alone and waited for the sun to come up
i never did like mornings
but it's not really morning; i never closed my eyes once
instead, i stayed awake through the night
and paced until i wore down the rug
this youth is full of endless nights
and praying for the kinds of highs i only find when i'm drunk

i sat alone in the back of my car
with nobody in the front seat
i left the keys out on the hood
hoping for someone to come save me from me
i waited in the parking lot until it got empty dark
the night is one big endless sky
and imagining what it's like to die alone in my neighborhood park

i sat alone at the edge of the creek
clinging to my own shaking hands
the water ran over my feet and we moved together like it was a dance
i fell asleep in a bed of reeds in the late afternoon
and dreamed of catching fireflies
and running towards blue headlights
and swallowing the moon
rough draft

— The End —