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sarah Feb 4
tummy's filled with butterflies
turned so blue
but i did my best to tear
every golden bit from you
sarah Feb 4
roses bloomed in your mind
and i'm fine
angry shouts at the world
for leaving you behind

no choices
no mistakes
it happens for a reason

don't you agree?
learning to live without someone i used to love
  Jan 28 sarah
your name
rolls off
the tip of my tongue
so easily
I think
I was born to say it
over and over and over
  Jan 23 sarah
Glitch of lines, we have
Intersected in Time, blind
To the full picture.

Someday, from above,
We'll look down on this image,
In full view at last.

Like the Nazca Lines
Etched, sprawling through the desert,
So did Life unfold...
Three haikus.
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