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sarah Sep 2021
i chase experience every day
by chasing you
to the boy with the camera
sarah Sep 2021
isn't it funny how
when you hear a word once
all of a sudden you
start hearing it everywhere

i whispered your name
and suddenly you were
a black cloud
warping my ultraviolet skies
sarah Sep 2021
there was a light summer rain on my drive home today.

not enough to show on forecasts. but enough that i could feel you in its droplets,

falling around me as your breath once did.

i stuck my hand out the window.
sarah Aug 2021
i pick at my fingers until they bleed
strange that i can't pick when i must
sarah Aug 2021
we could go to Paris,
or just stay at hoᴍe
would be ᴀ dream to travel
the world, but if i'm with you,
i've ꜱeen enᴏugh

because ɴo place i could
ever visit would be better
than being with you
but one day we'll be sipping coffee
in a French cafe, and i won't
have to choose
sarah Aug 2021
seems to me that peace is
just a mile away from town
so close,
so close.
sarah Aug 2021
rainy like my eyes
lately i despise
being alone
i don't like being alone

shaky like my knees
when i tell you, please,
fall in love with me
won't you fall in love with me
ive missed you all more than literary devices could ever describe
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