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Larry Scott Feb 2021
Lady you are so very dear to me --
Like a pure flower soaking in the rain
Or the fiercely crashing waves on the sea
Or the whiten top mountains snow has lain . . .
The brilliant iridescence of a gem,
The rising moon's cool opalescent light,
Spring time azaleas and the scent of them,
The smell of honeysuckles in the night.
And the delightful sounds are also dear --
Like screaming winds that sing among the trees
Or many crickets calling from the weir
Or people humming happy melodies.
           But dearer far than all surmise
           Are sudden tear-drops in your eyes
Larry Scott Feb 2021
I can remember the first time I laid
My eyes upon the love of my life, Lucia.
Her skin was so fair, like flaxen;
Like a shade of summer sunlight.
Her eyes were like blue sapphires.
Her cheekbones were high
And very delicately drawn.

Her chin pointed her mouth
Accented with two deep dimples.
Hers was a delicate, fragile beauty.
She had the elegance of the Queen;
And the purity of the Holy Madonna.

At first I never looked upon her with lust.
I just gazed in the depths of her bottomless
Blue eyes and discovered chivalric impulses
I never knew I had. Protective instincts
I thought had long since died in my childhood.
I esteemed Lucia with such fervor that
Is bestowed on the blessed ****** Mary.

But be warned . . .
For this might happen to you too.
One day your fine the next day
You are sighing at the sound of Lucia's name;
And writing verses of bad poetry in her honor!
My Lucia was my wife. She passed away a couple years back. I loved her dearly despite her blissful behavior. She was like a dream come true or my worse nightmare.
  Feb 2021 Larry Scott
Jessica B
We learn that one day,

you speak into existence.
  Feb 2021 Larry Scott
Emily Miller
There’s a silhouette outside my eyelids and a deep, dark color that rose up out of a dream I had as a child.
There’s a forest green and a slow, methodical movement that suddenly becomes lithe and deliberate under the influence of art.
A small part of me recognized him from the visions I created as a child, but I never thought he’d come in the form of someone I love so much.
The best kind of love-
The kind that stays even when the weather is poor
And the roads are winding,
The real kind.
There’s no romance,
No flowery words,
But just like the man from my made-up narratives as a kid,
He’s sturdy
and he feels real.
I can read him and hear him and feel him even when the lights are low and life gets loud,
And he does just fine no matter what.
He survives.
Despite my desperation to escape the company of every other person,
Frantically crawling back to the solitude of my home,
I hesitate to leave his company.
Because friendship is the finest balm
For the singe of human emotion,
Moonbeams and a night breeze after the severe, summer sun.
That’s the truest kind,
The most authentic kind
Of love.
And when I dreamt man as a young girl,
I thought I’d find him under a jasmine arch,
At the end of the isle.
Instead I found him in a classroom,
And became his best friend.
Larry Scott Feb 2021
When my young lover swears she tells the truth.
O course I believe her; although I know she lies.
I know she does thinks me such a fool.
Just ignorant of the worlds false logic.
She thinks so vainly of me so unwise.
Although she knows I am past my prime.
Simply, I do not care about her false tongue.
Because on both sides the truth is suppressed.
But never will she say she lies a plenty.
And of course, I will never say I am old.
You see, loves best habit is it's trust.
And love loves not to tell years told.
So I lie to my love and she to me.
And our faults by lies, flatter be.
There is quit an age difference between myself and my love.
Larry Scott Feb 2021
Early man lived in fear of natural events.
Myth and magic dominated his spirit.
Than gradually he began to understand;
And learned how to enjoy and control nature.
This was called the age of enlightenment.

Today these principles that allow us to live
In peace with the beasts of the forests;
The tides of the oceans, thunder and lightening.
Are inadequate to still our new fears, about
Religion, genetics and the new super-strains
Of viruses engendered by new wonder drugs.

We live again in a world of myth and magic.
This time man-made, and we are powerless.
A second enlightenment is now sorely needed.
So man can live in peace with his own creations.

Only through a new evolution of thought;
Can man conquer and enlighten his new fears.
Because our knowledge will always be limited.
While our ignorance will always be unlimited.
Larry Scott Feb 2021
It is no wonder if I sing.
For love most strongly rules my heart.
For love I obey in all things.
Body and heart and mind and thought,
Love draws me with great force.
I look upon love as everything.

Life without love -- what is it worth?
Like a man whose heart is never fed;
Without love's sweet food is indeed dead.
God may your hatred never move.
So fierce against me that I may
Survive a month a single day.
And have no heart to sing for love.

It is indeed my belief;
When I see my love near;
I tremble visibly with fear.
Like a quivering leaf in the wind.
My weakness before love is such,
A child would have more sense than I.
Please my love have mercy on me.

Sweet is the wound your love does give.
Your love clobbers my heart.
I die a hundred times.
And revived a hundred times in joy!
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