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m Jan 2021
you know what keeps me up at night
and what it takes to fall asleep
it angers you
i'm in control
i don't need your help
you hardly offer it these days
you still claim to be on my side
but tomorrow ill wake up to an empty home
as lullabies drift away
m Jan 2021
it isn't a race
but it is a competition
m Jan 2021
why mock someone willing to try
is it fear to be surpassed
or hate the willingness to try
no one ever said it would be easy
they also never said it was impossible
m Jan 2021
i'd say goodbye
but you've closed the door
i'm only in your pictures now
a wilted flower kept to remember
all (good) things (come to an) end
m Jan 2021
the horizon goes dark
the storm comes in
its rains washes the dirt
but the grime remains
behind your smile you lie
don't ask me what i think of you
you wont get the answer you desire
i can't be your gentleman
m Jan 2021
happy new year
and with it all its promises
to be broken
m Dec 2020
where are they
you know the ones
with smiles so tight it causes their face to crack
the pretty-evil
while others walk the razors edge
they've dulled it
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