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A Poem: Can Death Stop the Pain? (A Duet).*

Can death stop the pain
Can death stop the pain?
The sorrows, tears and the hate?
Lying six feet beneath, would I be saved from this very heat
All alone, having no ounce of hope, would you let me elope?
Elope with death because that's my only aid

Can death take the pain,
When life's scourge smells like death,
And being human gives me pain,
When I don't possess the supernatural,
And can't change the hand of time,
To make one rich or break austerity cultural,
Can death lessen the pain a dime?

Can death stop the pain
I'd love to go with death, side by side
But what would I gain
Faced with ill luck, all I want to do is to give up
Alone in my grave, would it put smiles on mum's face
It'd ease my pain, imagine dad's fate?
It'd be that of sorrows, grief and a whole lot of sadness.

Can death stop the pain?
My wistful heart wonders in confusion,
When bad circumstances keeps falling like rain,
And challenges challenge one to frustration,
When even the poor ant feels the heat
Of the same sun that bites the people of ostentation,
When the drum of life changes its beat.

Can death stop the pain
Yes it goes a long way
I'd be from all the pains, everyday
Grief, tears and sorrows would be mum's fate
Tears all over
Her nine months gain left within the speed of light
Leaving nothing but memories for her to hold on to
Dreams shattered, hopes scattered
What joy does one derive from burying her child?

Can death stop the pain?
When hopes time seems so long,
And my lifeline is as red as Cain,
When all around swims in the wrong,
When situations become stubborn like a goat,
Can death change the state of things?
Can death stop pains boat?

©Daniels Pen™ ✍️✍️13th February, 2021.

©Chi Chapters™✍️✍️✍️
Mar 14 · 38
A Poem: Rapunzel (A Duet)

A parcel of good virtues
A blessing to the world,
Sealed up in parents issue,
From the lessons of life, hurled.

Finding solace in the noise of the street,
From the serenity of my room.
Observing the masses from the comfort of my suite,
Has always been the pattern, the next day I resume.

I feast on the books at home,
Enjoying the soothing sound of silence,
No 'hi' to any friend I have in Rome,
Enveloped in the evil- is- always-outside incense.

I only know what's inside this box,
Silence, Depression, Darkness, and Padlocks.
I want to know what's outside this box,
Delight, Hope, Ecstasy, and the 'hawk'.

Sealed up in the veil of discipline,
Exposure to growth stolen from me,
Hidden beauty is on silence line,
At times, religion makes the world get out of the key.

I'm protecting you from the wrong crowd,
This is the song I hear all day long,
But that's not enough reason to keep me bound,
Mother, for how long?
Stop painting the world with a bad brush,
I'm tired of viewing the universe through your eyes,
I've suffered this much,
It's about time I said my goodbye.

Naivety is birthed in overprotection,
Stop hiding the truth from our damsels,
Stamp out evil thoughts and fears and let life help mold me to perfection,
I'm sorry, but I can't remain a forever bound Rapunzel.
©Daniels Pen™ And ©Tunisworld✍️✍️✍️5th March 2022.
Mar 14 · 22

Friendship brings a bond,
Strong and thick like a deeply inked paper,
Where love can't abscond,
And the common ground always gets better.

I was the ink pouring myself on the paper,
When you just poured a little,
We made it thick till you left the paper,
Leaving me with no little spittle.

I painted the skies with pictures of our tomorrow,
Enclosed by an incurred force of attraction,
The hammer of disappointment I couldn't borrow,
Yet you hit me with a metal of disconnection.

We were good friends, I kept building a house for something more,
Till you vanished into space like a ghost,
And peeled off the love within leaving me with a sore,
And burnt the words I kept for our toast.

Our friendship was sweet as honey,
Little did I know that the energy wasn't aided,
Little by little the thick ink kept disappearing as it got sunny,
With time, everything about you faded.

©Daniels Pen™11th March,2022.
All Rights Reserved.
Aug 2021 · 26
Daniel Albright Aug 2021

Wandering around this desolate life
With nothing on the strings of my heart,
Through the footprints of my carriers,
I was oriented on the need to trend on the path of peace and not of briers

At a point in my diary,
It dawned on me
I lost to the way of unwary,
I discovered that my pole pointed to the city of destruction,
I cried bitterly, I needed a hand to save me from its consumption.

After days of sacrifice and self denial.
A treasure was given to me and upon me was poured integrity's vial,
I was given a living conscience and a companion who never fail,
Survived like a relic, solid like a nail.

My life spoke good about me, a light unquenchable,
Till my flesh began to bring before me what was on its table,
I shunned at first, but my heart had changed its latitude,
Like a two faced coin I had two life's, I had dual attitude.

At the voice of every warning bell,
I tried to bring my lost self back from backwardness cell,
Unfortunately, the force of its enticement held more grounds than my beliefs and orientation,
Gradually,I begin to fall like a tree! I fall without recognition.

The nature of my fall was unfathomable,
In various aspects of my life I wasn't stable,
Oblivious of the treasure I'd lost,
I live in the delusion of the powers cost.

My conscience was sealed with an impenetrable rod,
The instincts I had against evil was chewed like a cod,
I misled my followers by my frivolous desire,
I lost the treasure! I lost the fire.

I couldn't do it right, graceless and I wasn't docile,
Nerves of goodness changed to aphrodisiac nerves that were mechanically controlled and mobile,
The garment of integrity was taken away,
Self-management was employed, yet my heart knew, the treasure has been taken away.
©Daniels Pen™ 26th April, 2021
Aug 2021 · 15
Daniel Albright Aug 2021

Far away from the circle of oxygen,
In a land filled with dry bones,
Where elements of the earth were absent even nitrogen,
Where darkness is the King and silence the cornerstone.

A land of invisible creatures,
Death starring scarily at me like an owl,
I was like a blind bat to their culture,
I became as little as an aul.

Creatures with faces of a vulture and the strength of an eagle,
Who's sinew is from darkness,
As weak as an ant before a beagle,
I was hurt, bruised and made powerless.

Like a man fighting a lion with bare hands,
I fought, but the invisible and the visible operates on different backgrounds,
Overpowered by their powerful wand,
Under their voice I have no sound.

Out of my depravity and captivity,
Out of the deepest sea of darkness,
Out of the dragons bucal cavity,
I cried my heart out in my distress.

My voice was turned to smoke,
I could be seen uttering words but nothing was heard,
I kept crying and trying to swim out with all strokes,
Personal efforts were all deterred.

Immorality almost choking me to death,
I couldn't control the power that engulfed me,
The pool of tears soak my heart with depression,
Who would hear a cry from Rafikis dungeon?

© Daniels Pen™1st May, 2021.
Aug 2021 · 17
Daniel Albright Aug 2021

Genetically designed with a black heart,
And a nature inherent right from the beginning,
One whose ego dominate like a king with fingers smart,
A slave to nurture  ill-mannered meal he keeps reigning.

He mocks at his Creator,
Put on the garment of hypocrisy,
Philosophy from his shallow brain, he makes his mentor.
Living in the mirage of wisdom and sleeping on ignorance sea.

Tossed to and fro by every sense *****,
Breathing in oxygen and breathing out death,
Living and walking with the clothe of a dead man,
He is alive, yet a slave to death.

His eyes bathe him with the sponge of fornication,
His tongue spray on him the perfume of greed,
His ears pulls him to tale bearing and condemnation,
His skin pull him to quest for beauty's need.

Speaking sense but living opposite,
Sane on the road, insane in the dark,
Yet, he turns his back on God thinking his life is exquisite,
He lives in a fools paradise without a negative spark.

© Daniels Pen™ 13th May, 2021.
Aug 2021 · 9
Daniel Albright Aug 2021

Surrounded by bodyguards,
With an unction that cannot be deterred,
And power to overcome crimes that'll warrant heavens red card,
Victorious living got the enemy embittered.

Fortified by the sword of the Spirit,
Under the wings of the Mighty eagle,
Pleasures of life waving its alluring flag of temporal merit,
The bell of the world's beauty swinging to and fro glittering like the sharp end of a needle.

It started with a little desire,
Then its gravitational pull increased,
And then, a little admire,
My love for Him lost grease.

He gestured, but I was carried away,
He called, but my desires blocked my ears,
The enemy happily said, now he must stay,
I desired shadows and left the key that destroys fears.

Gradually, I crumbled,
From the high tower of protection and power I fell,
The enemy tossed me and I tumbled,
Oh! My degradation, what tongue can tell?

I lost immunity and became prone to every little wind,
Like a child outside the umbrellas covering on a rainy day,
Every drop of battle and fire falling on me and fiercely finned.

Like a piece of paper,
I was torn and broken,
I lost Him and His protective wrapper,
I needed no physician to tell me, I was forsaken.
©Daniels Pen™ 28th May, 2021.
Aug 2021 · 19
Daniel Albright Aug 2021
The Face Behind The Pen.*

That face has got some cracks,
Cracks that made him learn,
And severed him from friends that are quack,
The dream becomes a soundtrack.

Sometimes the face is wet,
When tables turn and the pen seems upset
He had to change his mind set,
And grumble about the asset.

At times, the face is blue,
When the wind of disappointment and failure visits his pen,
And blows away the ink
He puts on a face so new,

The face has had some marks,
When that rod gave him ten,
An ugly trauma he disembark
Those marks ignited a positive spark,

With red eyes and a frowned face,
After life has heaped its dung on him like a hen,
He braced up and set a new pace,
A rugged adventure he embraces.

Joyous moments makes the face happy,
Makes him filled, like a big fat hen,
Not allowing a thread of depression make him a puppy,
The face behind the pen.

© Daniels Pen™ 2021.
Aug 2021 · 6
Daniel Albright Aug 2021

Blinded by the honey in leisure,
Entangled by my quest for wealth,
The tree of life I didn't treasure,
About my life, I wasn't stealth.

I dreamed and desired good morals,
The chains I never saw kept pulling me down,
My tears became my secret choral,
Bound by vices and walking in their town.

My life was in an acephalous state,
My desires were contrary to my desire,
Freedom was the song in my heart but ******* in the plate,
Forced to eat of its soured meal, indeed I was under fire.

Like a hypnotized being,
Memories of righteousness evaporated from me,
I had four eyes for seeing,
Things I saw appeared four to me.

As a part of me wanted goodness,
The bad part had more power,
My garment of morality was burnt and I was given pills of sadness,
I lost every good thing my heart's horoscope saw, down in hell I went lower.

A point where one has two hearts,
One desiring good, the other blackness,
Desiring peace but controlled by wars cart,
I knew the Light, yet I was controlled by darkness.

Surrounded by powers invisible to the human eyes,
Stripped of every good thing, living dead, a freed captive, I was too sick to tell,
I squeezed out time to write concise,
To tell you, I once had a taste of hell.
©Daniels Pen ™9th June, 2021.
Aug 2021 · 14
Daniel Albright Aug 2021

Out of the gills of struggles,
Came a star meant to shine,
Out of the valley of battles,
Came a male who is to change six to nine.

Upon his safe arrival,
Naivety made him feel loved by everyone,
Oblivious to the fact that people took him as a trival,
Every door step evicted him and wanted him gone.

Reality dawned on him,
He had to fight tirelessly by himself,
Working and singing hopes hymn,
Sleeping and waking in his own shelf.

Alone came I into this sphere,
I must keep struggling in my little corner,
No one cares, not even the air,
Hence, on this ball, I am loner.
© Daniels Pen™ 2021.
Aug 2021 · 9
Daniel Albright Aug 2021

We all have our world's,
Where we see differently,
Of course, our understanding can't be hurled,
Where mentality and opinions meet silently.

Some are easy to flow with,
Others are strict and lack social ability,
I've tried to measure their lenses width,
Only to discover that we all are our eyes liability.

I'll paint my world with sacrifice,
And not like those who disguise,
I'll love with everything in me and not treat people like a dice,
And not fear those who bug me but open my arms in its big size.

I'll speak kind words and ask politely,
Not to hurt their feelings or get them mad,
I'll love and be ready to help, taking nothing lightly,
I'll put myself in your shoes and not make the depressed, sad.

I'll listen well, without assumption,
I'll humbly seek to know your hearts state,
And not be a proud elite that puts away the unlearned to dejection,
I'll try to help the much I can, and not leave you to fate.

With the lens of love I'd view everyone,
I'll wisely love to give, and no one would ever be called a beggar in my world,
I'll reason with you and not rashly conclude why you never won,
I'll make my bed with love and care and wear the perfume of the social in my own world.

© Daniels Pen™ 2021.
Aug 2021 · 17
Daniel Albright Aug 2021

Buzzing like a tireless bee,
Working hard to be free,
Strategies well employed for poverty to see,
His hatred for it made him pay sacrifice fee.

Oblivious of the owner of the air,
Making predictions and theories out of an existing nowhere,
Searching for honey in the mouth of the mare,
This wisdom made me give him a sarcastic glare.

Picking droplets of fallen fame,
Searching for fame in the basket of the lame,
Without a guard like a looser in the chess game,
Selling wisdom for a temporary name.

Blind to the pills of truth,
Walking through assumptions route,
Foolish philosophies blindfolding them from seeing their roots,
Every being without God is a fool and on one foot.

© Daniels Pen™2021.
Daniel Albright Aug 2021
A Poem: Irony of the Rose. (A Duet).*

Its beauty defies every other,
Attracting butterflies to a beautiful sight,
Seeds of vexation arranged in order,
Contentment is out of sight.
© Daniels Pen™2021.✍️✍️✍️

Beautiful in the outside world
But on the inside lies the venom
If the rose could change this
Maybe there could have been a change.
©TheWeepingPoet™ 2021 ✍️✍️✍️

Nectar filled with envy,
Petals looking lovely,
When the liquid is heavy,
Hatred is more likely.
©Daniels Pen™2021✍️✍️✍️

Mesmerised by the beauty of it
The thorn eats deeply into the flesh
The pain is excruciating
Yet, why will I toss this rose off?

Oh! How beautiful are your leaves!
If only you knew the meaning of beauty and how beautiful you are,
You'll throw away greeds seed with its sleeves,
If only jealousy would allow you to see far?
© Daniels Pen™2021.✍️✍️✍️

Friendship is the rose we pick at every point in life
Jealousy makes them hurt us with thorns
The same one who held us ends up breaking us
But can the chain of friendship be avoided?
©TheWeepingPoet™ 2021.✍️✍️✍️

Daniels Pen™© 2021
Aug 2021 · 18
Daniel Albright Aug 2021

Scaling through life's hurdles,
Meeting men of different cadres,
Some awesome, some without loves light on their candles,
Hence, the need for an ideal father.

Lord, make me a man,
Whose vision is ever bright and ageless,
A man with the spirit of, "I can",
A man who is fearless.

I desire to be that man,
With courage and outstanding love,
Who embraces responsibilities pan,
A man whose foresight is above.

A man whose feet his children are proud to follow,
With a conscience that ever lives,
A man who prepares a solid foundation for his children's tomorrow,
A man who always gives.

Lord make me a man,
Whose lordship over the home doesn't make proud,
A humble Dan,
Whose voice is not loud.

A man whose voice the heavens recognize,
A man discreet and full of understanding,
A man that enemies can't hypnotize,
A man who is open to rebuke and learning.

I seek to be that man,
Who knows not the room of unfaithfulness,
Cleaves to one woman,
And with hard work,  unity and cooperation, he brings his home to fruitfulness.
© Daniels Pen™ 28th July,2021.
Aug 2021 · 17
Daniel Albright Aug 2021

Out of the Source of all,
Came the source of words in elevated language,
Out of the waterfall,
Came the honey that hides bitterness in its cage.

I live in a society of diverse beliefs,
Where crime has tagged every stranger a thief,
And has made the innocent to be in grief,
Where solace is rare and in relatives I find no relief.

I dwell among people of nonchalance,
Where trust is alien and betrayal a citizen,
Where love is far and hatred is given chance,
Where people feed each other with the honeycomb of death that is risen.

Love can only be hand picked on the streets,
Wickedness covered with a deceptive smile,
Honesty is no longer on its feet,
Challenges has kept help in its file.

A society where crime has made fear king,
Leaving in every heart a presumptuous ring,
Help from humans has turned to sting,
Songs of loneliness now I sing.

I dwell with thorns of betrayal,
Where my story is more important than my glory,
Where mockery opens the ears of the judgemental,
Where loneliness only can afford my dowry.

Dwelling in the midst of a few trusted,
I seal my lips and suffer silently,
Speaking is fruitless  because people will get me twisted,
I'll keep hoping, grinding and moving till I get there quietly.

© Daniels Pen™ 15th August, 2021.
Aug 2021 · 16
Daniel Albright Aug 2021

Angels don't always fly,
Gold's beauty is hidden in its ugliness,
Peace and care are enemies to the sly,
Hence patience is needed for loves sweetness.

Poverty painted me black,
I needed to get out of its hole,
I sought for one who would get me out sufferings sack,
Out of, not just its components, but it as a whole.

I exchanged patience with pride,
Which made me miss the right one,
Yes, at last, I found a ship that saved me from poverty's tide,
But peace, care and attention was never his son.

I drove austerity and brought in calamity,
My quest for gold got me blind,
I never saw the riches in simplicity,
Poverty changed my mind.

I sought for a land flowing with milk and honey,
Ignorant of the sting of the honey bee,
I exchanged matrimonial peace and blessings for money,
Oh! My hatred for poverty made me too blind to see.
© Daniels Pen™ 2021.
Feb 2021 · 32
Secret Desire
Daniel Albright Feb 2021
A Poem: Secret Desire.*

My face itches at your presence,
My heart has, for you, burnt incense,
I feel at home with you,
But this you never knew.

On the bed of thoughts I lay,
One day let's be together, I pray,
I kept hugging my pillow thinking it's you,
I really desired you.

My arm, when life almost made me armless,
My mind made an album of a couple that's harmless,
I sent bible verses, just to contact you,
You're the first on my hearts queue.

Stroking my knees together in a way to blush,
I didn't just want to rush,
Sending bible verses in a chameleons garment,
Now I can't tergiversate or lament.

My Dearest, this is not, "Lori iro",
My heart has your mirror,
This feeling is really beyond a crush,
Your acts of love,my mind can't flush.

Like a dream come true,
The one I admire, comes in with loves shoe,
Then no more to blushing, I retire,
I'll confess, you've been my secret desire.
© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️ ✍️ 25th Feb. 2021.
Jan 2021 · 62
The Quest for Beauty
Daniel Albright Jan 2021
A Poem: The quest for Beauty*

Attention is not something to look for
When your life defines beauty, you'd be sought for
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
But beauty goes beyond what your face holds

Throwing things down before men
In hypocrisys cloth to get attention from men
Beauty is more than your hips
A beautiful lady has a stiff upper lip

Looking seductively,
Talking in lusts shoes, and walking cowardly
All in a bid to get him make a comment
Beauty on the outside is only for a moment

Fighting to be a cynosure of all eyes
It's a foolish job sometimes, for the little minded in size
Beauty is more than what you think
Time would come, and all these would sink

I opine that Beauty lies in God
If He rules your heart with loves rod
His beauty makes you not to be myopic
I speak the truth and am not cynic

I advise that, in the quest for Beauty
Our attitude, should be our duty
To ensure that our beauty speaks from within
True beauty indeed, comes from within.

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️✍️ 2020.
Jan 2021 · 277
O give us Homes
Daniel Albright Jan 2021
A Poem: O give us Homes*

O give us Homes
With father's who are loving
Where love has a mansion, and everyone is caring
Where communication breeds
And our fathers dont have greed

O give us Homes
With children who are obedient
Where fathers give each child a respect that's not transient
Where love is stronger than our selfish gain
When husbands learn to love their wives, when in pain

O give us Homes
Where laughter is a King
Not a frowned face cooked in a strange boiling ring
Where understanding has a room in every heart
Not where, fathers don't even want to consider their children's heart

O give us Homes
With obedient husbands
Not a heartache to the wife's soft sand
Where love drives fathers to look for a good job
Not where laziness, rules the man, and he's not angry at its mob

O give us Homes
Where judges won't settle matters
Where love would keep us together, and nothing else would scatter
Where the husband respects the wife, and vice versa
Where the Holy Spirit dwells, and the absence of the wife, makes the man miss her

O give us Homes
Filled with love and understanding
O give us Homes
Where respect for everyone is standing
O give us Homes
Where happiness is not lacking.
© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️ 2020.
Jan 2021 · 74
The Heart of a Woman
Daniel Albright Jan 2021
A Poem: The Heart of a Woman*

They are unique in a way
I've come this far to say
Though, hearts exist without Christ and conscience
But the heart of a Godly woman has a ventricle filled with patience

I call them, "Complex Computer"
'cause God made their system a special theatre
Indeed, this Designer is a Great Scientist
God has webbed them that way, in His fist

She has an aorta filled with Grace
To bear all that comes with life's race
Her ventricles of care flows
Like the sea in the cool of the night against all billows

She has a focus that's powerful
The lens of her heart is fixed on things that are wonderful
Emotionally stable, Mentally alert and Spiritually alive
Strikes a perfect balance for every Godly woman's life

A heart that hates truancy
She keeps fighting, never resorting to complacency
The shock absorber of her home
A pillar of the home,  stronger than the soldiers in Rome

The heart of a Woman, if treated right
Would produce fruits that'll keep you smiling in loves flight
The heart of a Godly woman
Is the rock on which her home stands and her man.

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️ 2020.
Jan 2021 · 42
Broken Promises (A Duet)
Daniel Albright Jan 2021
A Poem: Broken Promises (A Duet)*

You said I'm your world
Now like a snail you've curled
You said you love me
But your heart never knew me
© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️

Regina to the world!
Shattering your promises with a sword,
You whisper the term 'fondness' to my ears,
Now everything is out of air.

You promised to keep your eyes on me only
Now your words are not true but lonely
Your words kept you in my hearts ecstasy
I always thought you'd forever be my fantasy
© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️

Memories of those utterances never stop resonating,
When you vouched to bring down heaven stars to my room,
But zoom!!! They all evanesce in doom,
And your lust love got lost.

I fell in your hands like Othello
I loved the way you called Senorita, I sang Cabello
You were my waking thought
I never knew you'd break this nut.
© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️

I fell head over heels for you,
But like a mango tree, you fell out,
You dressed me in borrowed robes,
Broke your oats and sending me out of your love-drobe.

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️ and
Daniel Albright Jan 2021
A Poem: The Shoes we'll leave*

Our lives are books
Made of what our attitudes cook
Our lives speaks volumes of us
Than our words no matter how precious

As a father, that's conscious
Who understands loves principle and is not copious
I'll leave the shoe of love
For my seeds to soar above

As a teacher that's teachable
Who loves to see his students on riches table
I'll leave the shoe of love and humility
The way up is down in riches city

The shoes we'll leave on Earth
Can give our seeds life or death
The footprints of our legacies
Can determine our futures state of ecstasy

Mothers, aunts, nieces, uncles and nephews
Everyone should leave a shoe that's new
That'll catapult our seeds to the pinnacle of Affluence
Not a spoilt shoe that'll keep them in poverty's influence

Do good, make someone happy
Help the helpless and don't be a selfish puppy
Goodness is the shoe that leads to Greatness
The shoes we'll leave behind determines indeed, our happiness.

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️ 2020.
Jan 2021 · 28
Speechless pt 2
Daniel Albright Jan 2021
A Poem: Speechless pt 2*

The labour of our heroes past
Are all gone into a heartless bomb blast
The beautiful nation we knew
Has been decorated with heartless soldiers in satans curfew

When I hear tidings
Tidings that sends my heart crying
I just begin to wonder
When would the green land be a beautiful wonder?

Bribery at its beautiful peak
Falsehood in the leaders bag that doesn't leak
Smiles of wickedness on my TV screen
Predators in the cloth of a prey, they have been

Tears can't change it
Protests can't stop it
When there's a little pressure
They reluctantly, temporarily wear the cloth of Christ in a measure

Falz can't stop them
Davido can't change them
Only one person can
God, He only, Can

In the River of my sorrow
I decided to, from the Rock, some water borrow
No one can change these Kings that are heartless
So, I retire to the Rock and remain Speechless.

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️2020.
Jan 2021 · 36
Priceless pt 2(A Sonnet)
Daniel Albright Jan 2021
A Poem: Priceless pt 2 (A Sonnet)*

Many skirts exist on this planet,
I'm not after the chubby or the one with a brunette,
Not for a queen that will give me a quintet,
But for that one who understands me,
Ever, ready to help, lift and bless me,
Not a gold digger in lusts suit,
But that one that'll help me in my life's pursuit,
I found a girl,
Who didn't let my future birl,
A bonjela that soothes my pain,
I promise, my love, I'll always remain,
More precious than a jewel,
A friend who's not cruel,
Indeed, you're a princess that's Priceless
© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️✍️ 2020.
Jan 2021 · 48
Daniel Albright Jan 2021
A Poem: Priceless*

Good character maybe bought
Through hypocrisys temporary market when sought
Yet one thing is priceless
True love is sizeless

Certificates expire
Men from work retire
But one thing remains and is not lifeless
True love is ageless

Buildings grow old
Animals get cold
Some of which seems useless
True love is faultless

Trees wither away
Men, sometimes may not pray
Even robots, sometimes are tired when wireless
True love is tireless

Money is visible
A beautiful sky scrapper is possible
Yet one invisible that is not fruitless
Is the love that is eyeless

Good health, money may buy
When life is no more, money will fly
Yet one thing remains forever priceless
True love indeed is priceless
© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️✍️ 2020.
Jan 2021 · 67
In the River of Mentality
Daniel Albright Jan 2021
A Poem: In the River of Mentality*

In the river of Mentality
Where ideas are of different heights
Their starture May differ, but for them we would fight
Where notions and beliefs are measured in our brains city

In the river of Mentality
Some view social life as devilish
And others view faithfulness as selfish
Where our views of life keeps us in our sentimentality

In the river of Mentality
The word love is Sinful
To those sanctimonious, yet harmful
In this river, where our views may bring to our hearts, detrimentality

In the river of Mentality
Where our views keep us bound
Or makes us abound
Where the rich are made and the poor in its incidentality

In the river of Mentality
Where our beliefs determines our rate of maturity
Where our eyeglass to life leads us to mediocrity or seniority
Where our lives lie in our desires fatality

In the river of Mentality
Where we determine which boat drives our destiny
Where the mature mind comes out with a testimony
And the naive, myopic, descends in its sick agility

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️✍️ 2020.
Jan 2021 · 39
The Confused Crazy Man
Daniel Albright Jan 2021
A Poem: The Confused, Crazy Man*

Pursuit of goals and vision
Should be every Man's mission
Though, women are to be secondary
Some men, have turned them primary

He fell in love with Angela
He said, she was his bonjela
He fell in love with Chidinma
He exclaimed that she melted his life's rock into magma

He fell in love with Vivian
She taught him to be a Christian
He fell in love with Princess
She fought so hard to remove from his life all sorts of nonsense

He's confused
Trying to use one key to open many doors that are not fused
You want to access all the rooms
You'll see your doom

Finally, he saw beautiful Rachael
He forgot that he dropped a foetus with Mitchell
How can he have rest?
When he was crazy in lusts quest

Crazy is the Man
Who never cleaves to one woman
Confused is the Man
A he-goat in the cloth of a man

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️✍️ 2020.
Daniel Albright Jan 2021
A Poem: If Death Knocks (A Sonnet)*

Life is short and anonymous
Live your life for God, not for self
Live in His Fear and don't be pumpous
If death knocks you'd not be in yourself
If death knocks, will your house be organized?
If death knocks, will your heart be right?
Sudden, it maybe and get us surprised
Will you be taken in Heavens flight?
Riches may offer you comfort
Death, will all that distort,
Living like the King of life
Its a foolish stride
When breathe seizes, you can't strife
When the boat of death comes,
will you enjoy it's destinations ride?

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️ 2021.
Jan 2021 · 36
A Cry For Recognition
Daniel Albright Jan 2021
A Poem: A Cry for Recognition*

Our father land and place of abode
Filled with a bunch of greedy toads
We cry day and night in sufferings attire
Yet it's as if there's no prayer, and no fire

The poor are almost licking the dust
Love is not in their hearts 'cause its gone rust
The land flowing with innocent blood
When will you hear us, O God!

You promised not to leave your own
Your servants are slaughtered by devils that are known
Vigils, fastings and yet they're still there
God, please, come over here

We're like a tiny finger rising in a large sea
Not recognized by even, the nearest friend, nor the scary sea
We're like tiny ants on the sand
Lord, we plead that you hold our hands

Mercy, Lord we plead
Let our land and homes your eyes see
Lead us through life's troubled sea
Let your fear in our leaders be

Open your ears to our prayers
Let us hide in your loves layers
Hear us, Lord in deep contrition
We cry Lord for your Recognition.

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️ 2021.
Jan 2021 · 62
Bleeding Heart (A Duet)
Daniel Albright Jan 2021
A Poem: Bleeding Heart.*(A Duet)

Bound so strong by loves cord
I placed my heart in your word
I never knew you'd cut that heart
I trusted you, but you sold my heart.
© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️ 2021.

Stars and moon were our love witnesses,
The beautiful moments we spent besides each other,
But you decided to cut my heart into pieces,
My heart is in Soo much pain.
©Sophycynthiapoetry ✍️✍️ 2021.

I cherished you
You sold me like the Jew
My heart bleeds in sorrows state
You've disstabilzed my brains state.
© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️ 2021.

Wish I saw the light on this,
Never thought on letting us go,
Until you decided to wound an innocent heart,
Remain unable to bail my heart out.
© Sophycynthiapoetry 2021.

You loved other's
Left my heart to obey sadness orders
You shared, what I thought was mine, alone
You've cut me deep with unfaithfulness cone.
© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️ 2021.

Why did it have to be me?
To bear all this painful marks,
All across my innocent self,
Broken and shuttered I remain.
© Sophycynthiapoetry ✍️✍️✍️ 2021.

Sorrow has been my companion
Regrets have been made in my heart, a champion
Love is no more a true philosophy
My heart is in a *** of catastrophy.
© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️ 2021.

Defined love like an egg,
Once broken can't be fixed,
That's how you left my heart,
Broken not to be fixed,My bleeding heart it is.
© Sophycynthiapoetry 2021.

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️ and
© Sophycynthiapoetry✍️✍️✍️ 2021.
Jan 2021 · 34
How Long?
Daniel Albright Jan 2021
A Poem: How Long?*

Today on the mountain,
Tomorrow in the valley of sin, so strong
Consistency with God, I can't maintain
Conquered by sin, I cry, How Long?

I tried by my power,
Yet its force is more than my tongue,
The more I tried, the more I went lower,
O! The rapture is near, my fearful heart wonders, How Long?

This ******* is above me,
"Lord, Forgive me" is become my song,
Lord, I'm fed up, but please, look upon me,
Days are going, I wonder, How Long?

Self-management couldn't savage,
I keep dancing to sins gong,
The adamic nature, Lord, will me, ravage
Death is drawing near, I cry, How Long?

Like a caged pigeon,
I've been singing, the freedom song,
Yet, I remain in that cage every season,
Others are growing, but here am I, I cry, How Long?

Like a football,
I'm tossed to and fro, by satans throng,
Lord, Please hear my call,
O! Dear Lord, How Long?

I cry day and night,
I try to rise but sin holds me with its tongs
I can no more behold, O Lord, your sight,
Have mercy Lord, How Long?
© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️ 2021.
Jan 2021 · 31
Who writes?(A Nonet)
Daniel Albright Jan 2021
A Poem: Who writes?( A Nonet)*

When other poems and muse are evicted,
When your heart did least expect it,
When He wants to use the pen,
His Spirit gives you lens,
Out of the useless,
The world's speechless,
When He grips,
Who writes?
© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️ 2021.
Jan 2021 · 36
Poverty: A Crime?
Daniel Albright Jan 2021
A Poem: Poverty: A Crime?*

Opening my eyes to see,
I never had a choice to make,
What family and country to be,
If I had the power, I'd poverty rake,

I found myself in a home,
Though, happy, but not swimming in affluence,
We are managing, with little, or not, enough for a vacation in Rome,
Yet, I believe that one day, I'll have influence,

We lived in a thatched house,
Grew up in a poor home,
My Dad, tried his best on hardworks blouse,
We refused, to others,be cumbersome,

If I had the power,
I'd change the present fortune,
If I had the power,
We'll all forget all misfortunes

I hawked for food,
Sometimes, I helped the bricklayer,
We used a cloth from childhood,
Till we were grown, to enjoy riches was our prayer

So, why treat us like rags,
Like we don't exist,
Like we're carrying the criminals bag,
Why blow us with hatreds fist,

If our misfortunes was inherited,
Could we change it without prayers?
Even, after some prayers, we're still low spirited,
We just pray and keep hope alive in loves layer

If our being poor is a crime,
Do we now, vanish into space?
We believe our riches, would come with time,
Your pace of success is not our own pace.

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️ 2021.
Jan 2021 · 33
I'd Never Regret
Daniel Albright Jan 2021
A Poem: I'd Never regret*

I've met a lot of people,
Through lifes rugged road,
But you've always been a good eagle,
That has carried me amidst your minds load.

Trapped, treated poorly, despised,
Yet you never left me,
Depressed, defamed , slandered,
Yet your heart is in me.

Your words of encouragement,
Moments we spent with each other,
Coming like the cool breeze of the night, in total agreement,
You wash away hopelessness with your words lather.

Other's may try to distract me,
Fighting to get me deterred,
But none has done, a half of what you've done for me,
I refuse to from you, be whirred.

Sometimes, I sit and renumerate,
I bless God for bringing you across my life's maths set,
Your good deeds not just for me, I can't enumerate,
You breathed hope into me, indeed, meeting you is what I'd never regret.

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️✍️ 2021.
Dec 2020 · 29
Unbreakable Hearts
Daniel Albright Dec 2020
A Poem: Unbreakable Hearts*

Like the cold in the night
It gripped me tight
After we saw ourselves in each other's eyes
Our hearts dropped hypocrisy and its lies

Like the snail glued to its spittle
We're glued in loves tickle
Like the stain from the fluid in the cashew fruit
Your acts of love are always on my hearts suit

It's as if the world revolves around us
Blinded, obsessed and overtaken by this feeling, so precious
Ever since we met, our hearts has got a pink face
No challenge can create between us, a space

This tie, formed by love can not be broken
Due to fondness token
Faithfulness leads the way and all condiments of love
As indispensable as the air we breathe, so are we to each other in the city of love

Seasons may come and go
Tides may rise and fall in its ego
This bond has come to keep, forever our hearts
Passion has made our hearts, unbreakable hearts.

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️ 2020.
Dec 2020 · 26
Daniel Albright Dec 2020
A Poem: Graced*

My life has been on the Rocky path
Challenges stood like Goliath of Gath
Hope was distant and my life moping
God gave me a friend that kept me hoping

I was an amoeba
Confused and sick, I was given a Bathsheba
Disorganized and down, you came and lifted me
You're really a help meet for me

I was a snail
You made me smart and cut laziness tail
I had some imperfections
You endured that, and changed them to perfections

I'm grateful and absolutely speechless
All my worries, you've helped roll away and I'm no longer cheerless
I'm now swiftly growing apace
Indeed, I'll say, since you came into my life, I've been Graced

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️ ✍️. 2020.
Daniel Albright Dec 2020
A Poem: If only love could have its way

Sometimes, I wonder why marriages fail
Is it dark powers, or the attitude of one that blackmails?
Love are you limited?
You've made me good spirited

Men wear harshness at home
Not a smile for his wife, not a, "Honey welcome"
They have separate rooms
And hatred has brought its broom

With hatred, they visit their children
Crying, but all on a rocks rumen
If only love could have its way
All marriages will on the mat of unity lay

If only love could have its way
It'll break the rock, causing a waterfall in the clay
If only love could have its way
Neglected children will also learn to pray

The rock of negligence
Has fallen on both fathers and children and all are in silence
If only love could be allowed
All the hatred would be swallowed

If only love could have its way
Let love be allowed to in our families stay
And watch the tranquility and joy and happiness it lays
If only love could have its way.

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️✍️ 2020.
Dec 2020 · 19
A Fixed Heart
Daniel Albright Dec 2020
A Poem: A Fixed Heart*

A free moral agent
That on his heart has a dent
He's a manipulated man
His decisions are always in front of a fan

Life has tossed us all
At some point, we had no one to call
But let all wheels be broken
My heart, from you Lord will not be taken

Poverty poured hot water
Disappointment came in letter
Dejection gave me a crown
Yet, from you O Lord, I won't back down

Futile efforts almost tore me
I struggled to be the better me
People began asking, "Are you sure God is there?"
Sticking to you Lord, is a decision, so rare

Wicked men pushed my face to the wall
Hatred gave a tackle that made me fall
But my eyes are fixed on the Glorious Lord
Though, bound in hopelessness cord

The skies gave no rain
In dryness, I was in pain
Very hard, life shot its dart
One thing is sure, I have a fixed heart.

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️ 2020.
Nov 2020 · 75
I need a wife
Daniel Albright Nov 2020
A Poem: I need a wife (A Duet)

I need a wife
Who really loves me
Not a lipsinger zipped up in a smiles key
Who's going to be patient
Who understands my anger is always transient.
Daniels Pen ✍️

I need a wife,
Who will will not be a knife,
One who can be with me in deficiency,
A wife who will look into my inner eyes and say I love you.
One who'll laugh even in pain.
The Holy Poet™✍️

I need a wife
Not a gossip
That'll design my home with strife
I need a wife with a controlled lip
A woman with a stiff upper lip
Daniels Pen ™✍️

A wife of proverb 31 is all I need,
One who can make provision even from afar.
One who can take me to the ***** of the most high,
Making sure my faith sustains
Like Hannah her prayer life will be.
The Holy Poet ™✍️

I need a wife
Not a talkative
A wife who will not tear my heart with hateful words penknife
A woman, to whom, disagreement is a plaintiff
A woman who'll help me and is creative
Daniels Pen ™✍️

I pray my wife is presently writing a poem
I pray she is not in beer parlour.
I pray she didn't put on *** shot.
I pray she is in church praying for me.
I pray all this criteria will be found in her.
The Holy Poet ™✍️
© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️

©The Holy Poet✅ 2020.
Nov 2020 · 20
The Brain Box
Daniel Albright Nov 2020
A Poem: The Brain Box

In every beautiful object
Lies a working subject
In every beautiful home
Is a working, hidden, comb

Sometimes, you admire an achievement
Ignoring the root and oblivious of its aggrievement
We admire a flower
Forgetting how its nutrients struggled for power

Don't praise the beauty
If you've not checked for the brain boxs duty
Don't bring in comparison
If you're oblivious of the achievements Samson

In lifes labyrinth
Don't just admire anything without knowing its plinth
The Brain Box is important
Hence, do not have the brain of the size of an ant
© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️✍️ 2020.
Nov 2020 · 38
Gifted Hands
Daniel Albright Nov 2020
A Poem: Gifted Hands

Every breathing human being has a gift
I speak not as a yeast in a forklift
So, please don't let your gift drift
Grease it and cherish it and it, lift

Gifted Hands that write
Do so with all your might
Gifted Hands that draw
Polish that and don't let a flaw

Gifted voice that sings
Don't hide in shyness ring
Gifted legs that play
Never let the ball stay

Gifted brains that design
Never let your ideas resign
Gifted Hands that mould
Never let it get cold

Gifted Hands that weave
Never let the spindle leave
Gifted Hands that wash
Expect yourself in moneys wash

In every hand is a key
A key that'll from poverty set you free
Discover it and experience freedom
Polish it and have your kingdom.

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️✍️ 2020.
Nov 2020 · 27
I need a Husband
Daniel Albright Nov 2020
A Poem: I need a Husband (A Duet)

I need a Husband
Who will not take me as his *** toy
But will understand me and I will not coy
Who knows I have dreams and ambitions and will not them, foil
©Daniels Pen ✍️ ✍️✍️

The dovish personage I covet for
Rugged and agile like an eagle
Let my hand in your hand
And journey round the planet, the coast of life with oneness
© Divine Pen ™✍️✍️✍️

I need a Husband
Who hides nothing in hypocrisys band
Whose conscience is in God's hand
Whose heart really admires me in loves land
© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️

As the deer pants for the water
My heart longs for your lambent presence
Wise and brave like a faithful dog
Baptizing me in the river of fondness
© Divine Pen ™✍️✍️

I need a Husband
Not a centurion who commands his band
A man on whose lips the truth got a land
A man whose attitude meets God's demand
© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️
I need a Husband with a gold standard
Love personified with a decorated heart
Devoted like a mother, you'll be the moon
That illuminate our path I pledge my love to you.
© Divine Pen ™✍️✍️✍️✍️
Nov 2020 · 33
Behind the Proposal
Daniel Albright Nov 2020
A Poem: Behind the Proposal*

Sometimes, lifes bitter pill
Will be difficult to peel
Age shining like the hurting sun
Time isn't making you have fun

When a settled life is in the head
Be careful, so as not to loose your head
Marriage is not all life has to offer
So keep a wary eyes on the proffer

For the white conscience proposer
Behind the Proposal lies no impostor
Love and a blissful home in his eyeballs
Hakuna Matata! You'll dance around the hall

Behind the Proposal of the black
Lies the tortoise and the quack
Behind the Proposal lies two roads
Be the wise serpent and not the gullible toad.

©Daniels Pen✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️ 2020.
Nov 2020 · 29
I want to be a Father
Daniel Albright Nov 2020
A Poem: I want to be a Father*

I want to be a Father
Who gathers the family together
And has no attitude that'll scatter
Nor ever disagrees with the wife's advice letter

I want to be a Father
With the heart of a Real Father
Not a chicken that'll always stutter
But a lion that would the enemies scatter

I want to be a Father
In whose heart love finds a pillow that's softer
Where agreement and unity goes no more further
Where understanding is the order

I want to be a Father
Whose vision is brighter
Whose humility is stronger
Whose children can be proud of for longer

I want to be a Father
Who's departure from Earth would truly be a loss of a Ladder
To every less privileged, a God lover
A leg to the lame and when it's time to help, as fast as a panther

I want to be a Father
Who's ready to compromise due to loves lather
Who's a true leader
Though, not perfect but is near perfections father.

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️2020.
Nov 2020 · 34
I wish I had a Father
Daniel Albright Nov 2020
A Poem: I wish I had a Father*

I wish I had a Father
Whose heart has no iron hammer
Who understands my smile and style
Who's love for his wife and children is not docile

I wish I had a Father
Whose vision doesn't stutter
Who has the back bone of a lion
Not a coward hidden behind an iron

I wish I had a Father
Who's footsteps I'll follow and not quaver
Who's goodness flag is forever high
Who's more of others and none of "I"

I wish I had a Father
Who's heart is not further
Beyond the circle of his home
In who's hands his children can confidently come

I wish I had a Father
That has no stubbornness paper
Who's ear is attentive to both wife and children
To whom an advice is not a Hen

I wish I had a Father
Who puts on loves leather
And for the sake of love, works harder
To ensure his family doesn't suffer

I wish I had a Father
Oh! A dad who's heart is my home and loves his daughter
Loves his mother
And whose presence makes sadness scatter.

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️ 2020.
Oct 2020 · 29
Daniel Albright Oct 2020
A Poem: Pride....

She's beautiful and intelligent
She moves with people of her level in affluence contingent
Who's understanding is shallow
She hates poor boys but loves Prince Marlow

My color is beautiful
I love those who get "kala kala", they mustn't be dutiful
I want those who will take me to Dubai
Spend on me and keep me in "no skin pain" fry

Life is not all about living wealthy
Wealth without experiences that leads to wisdom is *****
Love is not all based on money
Your attitude alone is honey

Beauty fades in a twinkling of an eye
Intelligence is ignorance if not in good attitudes style
Humility is the ladder of Greatness
Pride, Dear Singles, lies only in the house of foolishness.

© Daniels Pen ™ ✍️✍️✍️✍️ 2020.
Oct 2020 · 97
My New Bloodline
Daniel Albright Oct 2020
A Poem: My New Bloodline*

My second, my sister from another mother
The hands that didn't let me shatter
The egg shell that never allowed me scatter
The tree that covered me when rain wan scatter

The generating set that powers my Faith in God
The riffle that shot out the gift in me without an officers rod
The friend who never backed down
Even when other friends gave me a frown

I hate to flatter in  stutter
Things I know, are not true in the shutter
But your love for me has given me this spinal cord
You're really sent from the Lord

I now have a new sister
Who's faith in God knows no baby sitter
I have blood bloodlines but this bloodline
Is the heart of my heart, my new bloodline.

© Daniels Pen ™✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️ 2020.
Oct 2020 · 37
If I ever stop writing
Daniel Albright Oct 2020
A Poem: If I ever stop writing.*

I discovered a treasure
Though, late and hidden in great measure
My life would be without bearing
If I ever stop writing

Though, the writing zeal
Is on the downward road, I know books would heal
This battle I will never stop loosing
If I ever stop writing

The ink of my emotions
Would see no paper to air its notions
My gift would keep sleeping
If I ever stop writing

My pen would never stop inking
As long as I can't stop thinking
My pen to laziness linking
If I ever stop writing

Poetry is the beautiful girl
That set my heart aflutter and made me birl
A succumber I'd be to powers that are fighting
If I ever stop writing

Writing, not just writing nonsense
Writing things that draws sense
No poem is worth reciting
If I ever stop writing.

© Daniels Pen ™ 2020.
Sep 2020 · 31
Perifano ánthropoi
Daniel Albright Sep 2020
A Poem: Perifano ánthropoi.*

It's yeast in a warm water
It makes people dance to the tune of a flatter
It lives in the heart of self lovers and praisers
Not just the Igbos, even the Yorubas are its rearers

They feel they're eagles
Hence, they shouldn't give the hens chick a giggle
Not considering that God has put the answer to Lifes riddle
In the chicks brain needle

They reject rebuke
They believe they've known all the books
Relating with their fellow dreaming eagles
They'll descend into prides *** of stubbles

Honouring the affluent
Debunking their myopic, hungry and foolish desires speaking with a voice that is fluent
They are beside themselves and care less for others
Leaving a bad example for others

Money makes them inflated
Money won't take them beyond the grave that would be engrafted
They live under moneys control and in its school of foolishness
Worshipping it and spending it alone in selfishness

They are the mobile, "notice me" sign post
Speaking of every asset in foolishness toast
They live in yeasts swollen coil
They are Perifano ánthropoi.

© Daniels Pen ™ 2020.
Sep 2020 · 46
Swapped my Love
Daniel Albright Sep 2020
A Poem: Swapped my Love

I found Love
Like a gold digger I cherished it with the heart of a dove
I never wanted a separator
My parents plan was an alligator

Unknown to my granulated mind
They wanted another queen from behind
I love you my sweetheart with all my heart
I love you like the leaves loves the trees in its cart

Awestruck at the sudden change in arrangement
All my life, my Dear, I've always dreamt of a Loves movement
Between our glued hearts never to be apart
I never knew mum and dad kept an affluent queen in a cart

Away with affluence, I want love
They didn't want my views, they burnt it on a stove
I tried so hard to reach you
Their prowess on my mind made my fatigued fingers fall behind you

They want money, I want loves honey
They want fame, I want a queen, not an attorney
I wish I could turn the hands of time
So, I'll go for the One I love in my prime

Their decision has made me regret
A pain I can't annotate in respects fret
I wish I had no parents
Why should they be the supervisor of my loves rent

I found sweet honey in its comb
They gave me money in its tomb
Ah! I wish you would understand my love
That my parents have swapped my love.

© Daniels Pen ™ 2020.
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