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Aug 2021

Surrounded by bodyguards,
With an unction that cannot be deterred,
And power to overcome crimes that'll warrant heavens red card,
Victorious living got the enemy embittered.

Fortified by the sword of the Spirit,
Under the wings of the Mighty eagle,
Pleasures of life waving its alluring flag of temporal merit,
The bell of the world's beauty swinging to and fro glittering like the sharp end of a needle.

It started with a little desire,
Then its gravitational pull increased,
And then, a little admire,
My love for Him lost grease.

He gestured, but I was carried away,
He called, but my desires blocked my ears,
The enemy happily said, now he must stay,
I desired shadows and left the key that destroys fears.

Gradually, I crumbled,
From the high tower of protection and power I fell,
The enemy tossed me and I tumbled,
Oh! My degradation, what tongue can tell?

I lost immunity and became prone to every little wind,
Like a child outside the umbrellas covering on a rainy day,
Every drop of battle and fire falling on me and fiercely finned.

Like a piece of paper,
I was torn and broken,
I lost Him and His protective wrapper,
I needed no physician to tell me, I was forsaken.
Β©Daniels Penβ„’ 28th May, 2021.
Written by
Daniel Albright  19/M
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