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A Poem: Can Death Stop the Pain? (A Duet).*

Can death stop the pain
Can death stop the pain?
The sorrows, tears and the hate?
Lying six feet beneath, would I be saved from this very heat
All alone, having no ounce of hope, would you let me elope?
Elope with death because that's my only aid

Can death take the pain,
When life's scourge smells like death,
And being human gives me pain,
When I don't possess the supernatural,
And can't change the hand of time,
To make one rich or break austerity cultural,
Can death lessen the pain a dime?

Can death stop the pain
I'd love to go with death, side by side
But what would I gain
Faced with ill luck, all I want to do is to give up
Alone in my grave, would it put smiles on mum's face
It'd ease my pain, imagine dad's fate?
It'd be that of sorrows, grief and a whole lot of sadness.

Can death stop the pain?
My wistful heart wonders in confusion,
When bad circumstances keeps falling like rain,
And challenges challenge one to frustration,
When even the poor ant feels the heat
Of the same sun that bites the people of ostentation,
When the drum of life changes its beat.

Can death stop the pain
Yes it goes a long way
I'd be from all the pains, everyday
Grief, tears and sorrows would be mum's fate
Tears all over
Her nine months gain left within the speed of light
Leaving nothing but memories for her to hold on to
Dreams shattered, hopes scattered
What joy does one derive from burying her child?

Can death stop the pain?
When hopes time seems so long,
And my lifeline is as red as Cain,
When all around swims in the wrong,
When situations become stubborn like a goat,
Can death change the state of things?
Can death stop pains boat?

©Daniels Pen™ ✍️✍️13th February, 2021.

©Chi Chapters™✍️✍️✍️
A Poem: Rapunzel (A Duet)

A parcel of good virtues
A blessing to the world,
Sealed up in parents issue,
From the lessons of life, hurled.

Finding solace in the noise of the street,
From the serenity of my room.
Observing the masses from the comfort of my suite,
Has always been the pattern, the next day I resume.

I feast on the books at home,
Enjoying the soothing sound of silence,
No 'hi' to any friend I have in Rome,
Enveloped in the evil- is- always-outside incense.

I only know what's inside this box,
Silence, Depression, Darkness, and Padlocks.
I want to know what's outside this box,
Delight, Hope, Ecstasy, and the 'hawk'.

Sealed up in the veil of discipline,
Exposure to growth stolen from me,
Hidden beauty is on silence line,
At times, religion makes the world get out of the key.

I'm protecting you from the wrong crowd,
This is the song I hear all day long,
But that's not enough reason to keep me bound,
Mother, for how long?
Stop painting the world with a bad brush,
I'm tired of viewing the universe through your eyes,
I've suffered this much,
It's about time I said my goodbye.

Naivety is birthed in overprotection,
Stop hiding the truth from our damsels,
Stamp out evil thoughts and fears and let life help mold me to perfection,
I'm sorry, but I can't remain a forever bound Rapunzel.
©Daniels Pen™ And ©Tunisworld✍️✍️✍️5th March 2022.

Friendship brings a bond,
Strong and thick like a deeply inked paper,
Where love can't abscond,
And the common ground always gets better.

I was the ink pouring myself on the paper,
When you just poured a little,
We made it thick till you left the paper,
Leaving me with no little spittle.

I painted the skies with pictures of our tomorrow,
Enclosed by an incurred force of attraction,
The hammer of disappointment I couldn't borrow,
Yet you hit me with a metal of disconnection.

We were good friends, I kept building a house for something more,
Till you vanished into space like a ghost,
And peeled off the love within leaving me with a sore,
And burnt the words I kept for our toast.

Our friendship was sweet as honey,
Little did I know that the energy wasn't aided,
Little by little the thick ink kept disappearing as it got sunny,
With time, everything about you faded.

©Daniels Pen™11th March,2022.
All Rights Reserved.
Daniel Albright Aug 2021

Wandering around this desolate life
With nothing on the strings of my heart,
Through the footprints of my carriers,
I was oriented on the need to trend on the path of peace and not of briers

At a point in my diary,
It dawned on me
I lost to the way of unwary,
I discovered that my pole pointed to the city of destruction,
I cried bitterly, I needed a hand to save me from its consumption.

After days of sacrifice and self denial.
A treasure was given to me and upon me was poured integrity's vial,
I was given a living conscience and a companion who never fail,
Survived like a relic, solid like a nail.

My life spoke good about me, a light unquenchable,
Till my flesh began to bring before me what was on its table,
I shunned at first, but my heart had changed its latitude,
Like a two faced coin I had two life's, I had dual attitude.

At the voice of every warning bell,
I tried to bring my lost self back from backwardness cell,
Unfortunately, the force of its enticement held more grounds than my beliefs and orientation,
Gradually,I begin to fall like a tree! I fall without recognition.

The nature of my fall was unfathomable,
In various aspects of my life I wasn't stable,
Oblivious of the treasure I'd lost,
I live in the delusion of the powers cost.

My conscience was sealed with an impenetrable rod,
The instincts I had against evil was chewed like a cod,
I misled my followers by my frivolous desire,
I lost the treasure! I lost the fire.

I couldn't do it right, graceless and I wasn't docile,
Nerves of goodness changed to aphrodisiac nerves that were mechanically controlled and mobile,
The garment of integrity was taken away,
Self-management was employed, yet my heart knew, the treasure has been taken away.
©Daniels Pen™ 26th April, 2021
Daniel Albright Aug 2021

Far away from the circle of oxygen,
In a land filled with dry bones,
Where elements of the earth were absent even nitrogen,
Where darkness is the King and silence the cornerstone.

A land of invisible creatures,
Death starring scarily at me like an owl,
I was like a blind bat to their culture,
I became as little as an aul.

Creatures with faces of a vulture and the strength of an eagle,
Who's sinew is from darkness,
As weak as an ant before a beagle,
I was hurt, bruised and made powerless.

Like a man fighting a lion with bare hands,
I fought, but the invisible and the visible operates on different backgrounds,
Overpowered by their powerful wand,
Under their voice I have no sound.

Out of my depravity and captivity,
Out of the deepest sea of darkness,
Out of the dragons bucal cavity,
I cried my heart out in my distress.

My voice was turned to smoke,
I could be seen uttering words but nothing was heard,
I kept crying and trying to swim out with all strokes,
Personal efforts were all deterred.

Immorality almost choking me to death,
I couldn't control the power that engulfed me,
The pool of tears soak my heart with depression,
Who would hear a cry from Rafikis dungeon?

© Daniels Pen™1st May, 2021.
Daniel Albright Aug 2021

Genetically designed with a black heart,
And a nature inherent right from the beginning,
One whose ego dominate like a king with fingers smart,
A slave to nurture  ill-mannered meal he keeps reigning.

He mocks at his Creator,
Put on the garment of hypocrisy,
Philosophy from his shallow brain, he makes his mentor.
Living in the mirage of wisdom and sleeping on ignorance sea.

Tossed to and fro by every sense *****,
Breathing in oxygen and breathing out death,
Living and walking with the clothe of a dead man,
He is alive, yet a slave to death.

His eyes bathe him with the sponge of fornication,
His tongue spray on him the perfume of greed,
His ears pulls him to tale bearing and condemnation,
His skin pull him to quest for beauty's need.

Speaking sense but living opposite,
Sane on the road, insane in the dark,
Yet, he turns his back on God thinking his life is exquisite,
He lives in a fools paradise without a negative spark.

© Daniels Pen™ 13th May, 2021.
Daniel Albright Aug 2021

Surrounded by bodyguards,
With an unction that cannot be deterred,
And power to overcome crimes that'll warrant heavens red card,
Victorious living got the enemy embittered.

Fortified by the sword of the Spirit,
Under the wings of the Mighty eagle,
Pleasures of life waving its alluring flag of temporal merit,
The bell of the world's beauty swinging to and fro glittering like the sharp end of a needle.

It started with a little desire,
Then its gravitational pull increased,
And then, a little admire,
My love for Him lost grease.

He gestured, but I was carried away,
He called, but my desires blocked my ears,
The enemy happily said, now he must stay,
I desired shadows and left the key that destroys fears.

Gradually, I crumbled,
From the high tower of protection and power I fell,
The enemy tossed me and I tumbled,
Oh! My degradation, what tongue can tell?

I lost immunity and became prone to every little wind,
Like a child outside the umbrellas covering on a rainy day,
Every drop of battle and fire falling on me and fiercely finned.

Like a piece of paper,
I was torn and broken,
I lost Him and His protective wrapper,
I needed no physician to tell me, I was forsaken.
©Daniels Pen™ 28th May, 2021.
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