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Mar 14
A Poem: Can Death Stop the Pain? (A Duet).*

Can death stop the pain
Can death stop the pain?
The sorrows, tears and the hate?
Lying six feet beneath, would I be saved from this very heat
All alone, having no ounce of hope, would you let me elope?
Elope with death because that's my only aid

Can death take the pain,
When life's scourge smells like death,
And being human gives me pain,
When I don't possess the supernatural,
And can't change the hand of time,
To make one rich or break austerity cultural,
Can death lessen the pain a dime?

Can death stop the pain
I'd love to go with death, side by side
But what would I gain
Faced with ill luck, all I want to do is to give up
Alone in my grave, would it put smiles on mum's face
It'd ease my pain, imagine dad's fate?
It'd be that of sorrows, grief and a whole lot of sadness.

Can death stop the pain?
My wistful heart wonders in confusion,
When bad circumstances keeps falling like rain,
And challenges challenge one to frustration,
When even the poor ant feels the heat
Of the same sun that bites the people of ostentation,
When the drum of life changes its beat.

Can death stop the pain
Yes it goes a long way
I'd be from all the pains, everyday
Grief, tears and sorrows would be mum's fate
Tears all over
Her nine months gain left within the speed of light
Leaving nothing but memories for her to hold on to
Dreams shattered, hopes scattered
What joy does one derive from burying her child?

Can death stop the pain?
When hopes time seems so long,
And my lifeline is as red as Cain,
When all around swims in the wrong,
When situations become stubborn like a goat,
Can death change the state of things?
Can death stop pains boat?

©Daniels Pen™ ✍️✍️13th February, 2021.

©Chi Chapters™✍️✍️✍️
Written by
Daniel Albright  19/M
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