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Mar 14
A Poem: Rapunzel (A Duet)

A parcel of good virtues
A blessing to the world,
Sealed up in parents issue,
From the lessons of life, hurled.

Finding solace in the noise of the street,
From the serenity of my room.
Observing the masses from the comfort of my suite,
Has always been the pattern, the next day I resume.

I feast on the books at home,
Enjoying the soothing sound of silence,
No 'hi' to any friend I have in Rome,
Enveloped in the evil- is- always-outside incense.

I only know what's inside this box,
Silence, Depression, Darkness, and Padlocks.
I want to know what's outside this box,
Delight, Hope, Ecstasy, and the 'hawk'.

Sealed up in the veil of discipline,
Exposure to growth stolen from me,
Hidden beauty is on silence line,
At times, religion makes the world get out of the key.

I'm protecting you from the wrong crowd,
This is the song I hear all day long,
But that's not enough reason to keep me bound,
Mother, for how long?
Stop painting the world with a bad brush,
I'm tired of viewing the universe through your eyes,
I've suffered this much,
It's about time I said my goodbye.

Naivety is birthed in overprotection,
Stop hiding the truth from our damsels,
Stamp out evil thoughts and fears and let life help mold me to perfection,
I'm sorry, but I can't remain a forever bound Rapunzel.
©Daniels Pen™ And ©Tunisworld✍️✍️✍️5th March 2022.
Written by
Daniel Albright  19/M
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