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Aug 2021

Genetically designed with a black heart,
And a nature inherent right from the beginning,
One whose ego dominate like a king with fingers smart,
A slave to nurture  ill-mannered meal he keeps reigning.

He mocks at his Creator,
Put on the garment of hypocrisy,
Philosophy from his shallow brain, he makes his mentor.
Living in the mirage of wisdom and sleeping on ignorance sea.

Tossed to and fro by every sense *****,
Breathing in oxygen and breathing out death,
Living and walking with the clothe of a dead man,
He is alive, yet a slave to death.

His eyes bathe him with the sponge of fornication,
His tongue spray on him the perfume of greed,
His ears pulls him to tale bearing and condemnation,
His skin pull him to quest for beauty's need.

Speaking sense but living opposite,
Sane on the road, insane in the dark,
Yet, he turns his back on God thinking his life is exquisite,
He lives in a fools paradise without a negative spark.

Β© Daniels Penβ„’ 13th May, 2021.
Written by
Daniel Albright  19/M
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