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Yashashvi Sep 30
A 7.5 lb new born begun crawling
soon falling down ; crying
stood on legs at four months
never knew when they learnt bicycling
now, the 16 year old legs are running

the legs abhorred the path at first
days passed by, the road is now familiar
each face passing by  "unfamiliar"
feet tapping the ground sitting on bench
the park holds sillage of sonder
lingering in the air

the smell petrifies everytime
but the mystical force of human
made everything cherished till dawn
there goes the strides towards sea side
they walk into manganta

it is the cellar door of luna
leading to different world of galaxies
of consisting astrophiles, ceraunaphiles specially there is a room of selenophiles
footslogging fastly legs made a way in

the moon hare's song is euphonic
the legs which don't know to dance
started to dance along with others
happily ever before, will it occur after!
and the legs found the abode

a light focused, through the window,
the morning light ; eyes opened
while the legs were laying static
the utmost magical dream ,
one could ever experience.
Yashashvi Sep 26
someone asked me what I fear the most;
I fear realtionships and humans.
I'm afarid to get attached , I'm afarid of the truth that one dies at some point.
I fear I might end up hurting them
what if I can't say a goodbye to them properly.
it's just I'm afarid of getting close to people
Yashashvi Sep 22
you said you will always be around
why did you lie?
I searched every cave, every mountain
still there was no trace of you
running for you with the feet of bruises
I even forgot how to breathe
I thought I would find you
where the world ends
but you weren't there
chest exploded of heartache
helplessly I cried out my heart
a cry enough to fill oceans
a cry that called rain to hide my tears
on my knees , I watched the sky
the day and the night, everyday
with a hope I can see you oneday
I searched you in moon
I searched you in noon
of the sun above wasn't pleased
as the cruel you never showed up
yes, I didn't say I loved you
I didn't talked to you alot,
there still so much I want to say
how can you leave me?
I haven't answered you
please stand infront me
I'm desperate to feel your touch and say
Yashashvi Sep 21
how should I learn,
to fly and disappear,
how would I know ,
the good and bad,
how can I judge ,
I'm a blindfold "lady justice",
how should I run,
I'm tied of ropes,
how can I hope,
there's no faith to believe,
how can I show truth,
dirt is all over their eyes,
how can I say,
stitches on lips,
how should i live,
for being myself is a crime,
               cause I'm just a little girl
               afarid of dark
               learning to seek the light
               but they tend to close my eyes
               with ribbons called lies
               saying I am fool
               being over much
               as I reveal out my mind

am I supposed to break the norms,
should I untie the ropes
am I supposed to endorse,
nod like I do agree
am I supposed to protest,
challenge how they think
you ask me to speak out
should I murmur the words
else show you the power of flow
am I supposed to be defined ,
am I supposed to make self comment?

         should I be one of them,
         just breathe to live?
         that air leaves my body
         the every next second
Yashashvi Sep 18
I know it hurts
I know you feel numb
it's alright to stay calm
it's alright to say you're okay
you go through hard times
may be I don't even know what it feels
just remember
the pain will soon pay your regrets
so don't you cry alone at night
weeping on the pillow
cutting your breathe
I'll give you my shoulder,
I might not know the words to comfort
it's okay,lean on me
until all the tears dries up
lying to others is no fault
but don't lie to self
saying you don't fit for the world
it's alright, you're good enough
you did a great job tonight
so go to sleep and breathe out loud
I don't want to see your swollen eyes
you deserve to be pretty ~
today's youth problem to stress out themselves about what world think of them, and I hear from friend crying alone at nights , worrying for no reason and anxiety one of the biggest problem
I wrote this for those who cry alone, depressed and don't feel right

you all are doing great
you did a well job , so don't worry
you will be alright
Yashashvi Sep 16
one can recognise souls not faces
the souls shining brightly diligently
beauty is not of eyes ; not of lips
the beauty in the soul of hearts
but lately it's fearsome
the soul which is meant to be
began to "cover to cover"
under the smile of face put on
from the society it can't run away
forgetting to be itself unique
and never knew,
when did the five magic words
became routine.
the five magic words
Yashashvi Sep 13
How can the leaves falling down to the land could still seem to be beautiful when they lost all it colours.
Is it because they fall down to make the little girl in the garden happy?
or Is it to show people how you could even be attractive while you fall down?
never know

and do you now what is more interesting to me about leaves is do they are called leaves because the leave the tree with no time , literally leaves leave surprisingly
I was those one of the girls who use to enjoy and dance with the leaves falling in autumn

obsession of leaves
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