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Ujjal Mandal Oct 2022
Life is incomplete
If it is defined as:
'Absent of poetry, and lack
Of feelings'.
Ujjal Mandal Jun 2022
We are characters of different
The earth is the stage colored
With tears or gold,
We have been made.
This is a kind of book
And the author of its is the Almighty
By Ujjal Mandal
Ujjal Mandal Jun 2022
Ujjal Mandal, India

On a spring morning the sweet
smell of newly clad blossoms
coated with dew and honey,
I saw a maiden tugging
a ivory comb through her long
and smooth tresses
beneath a tree;
I approached to her.
Oh, she was more florescent than the moon
of the night,
Flowers stoop to her beauty,
such beauty I never have seen nor
I felt before,
I agree to gobble up the poison
of her charm and daintiness.
Ujjal Mandal Apr 2022
A dry leave reminds us the past
glory of the tree,
in the same way a lonely heart
tells us the days of love full
of joy and happiness in the past.
Ujjal Mandal Mar 2022
Each night I say good night
to the moon,
and she comes to me in my dream
exploring her warm love,
but I can't feel her.
Ujjal Mandal Mar 2022
Today I am nameless,
but some day I'll bloom
being a flower.
I must give pleasure to eyes
tired and exhausted.
Ujjal Mandal Mar 2022
Ujjal Mandal, India

Pursue the beauty until
the ugliness leave you alone
and let you bloom
like a flower in the stone
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