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821 · Apr 2021
We are the World
Ujjal Mandal Apr 2021
Ujjal Mandal, India

We are nothing to the world
But the world to the beloved ones
As a drop of water is a few in the sea
But nectar to the thirsty bird.
427 · Mar 2022
Don't Worry My Soul
Ujjal Mandal Mar 2022
Today I am nameless,
but some day I'll bloom
being a flower.
I must give pleasure to eyes
tired and exhausted.
401 · Dec 2020
I Want to Die In Poetry
Ujjal Mandal Dec 2020
Ujjal Mandal, India
6th December 2020

Where are you, all?
Come and dip me
In the hues of poetry.
I want to die in poetry.
366 · Apr 2021
The Morning, So Calm
Ujjal Mandal Apr 2021
Ujjal Mandal, West Bengal, India

The morning was taking a shower
in the honey dew, I asked her
why are you so calm? She told me,
'the deep I am, the less I speak'.
336 · Jan 2021
Biscuit Without Cream
Ujjal Mandal Jan 2021
Ujjal Mandal, India

If I lose myself in the dreamland
Where dreams are made of sand,
The real world will seem just a dream
Like a biscuit without cream.
328 · Feb 2022
Oh, Poor Life!
Ujjal Mandal Feb 2022
Life is as tear drops of the morning.
When the sun throws its warm kiss
Away to the drop,
It becomes an invisible entity.
314 · Mar 6
Mother, My Muse!
Ujjal Mandal Mar 6
Sometimes I feel
I am alone,
None is there
But when I look at
The blooming lotus,
I feel I am among thousand
Happiness and
I am sparkled with
This lotus is my mother:
My muse!
300 · Sep 2021
Ujjal Mandal Sep 2021
ujjal mandal, india

emotion has no language
but still it melts
when someone
touches it
294 · Apr 2022
The Glory of the Past
Ujjal Mandal Apr 2022
A dry leave reminds us the past
glory of the tree,
in the same way a lonely heart
tells us the days of love full
of joy and happiness in the past.
283 · Feb 2021
The Language Of Happiness
Ujjal Mandal Feb 2021
Ujjal Mandal, India🌹

If you want to talk
With your soul, you've to
Meditate. For meditation is
The only language
Of serenity and tranquility.
Meditation can heal your mind....
254 · Apr 2021
Ujjal Mandal Apr 2021

Hi, here is my poetry book... "Ambrosia In Budding Flowers" please visit and review on it... This is my cordial request to all poets....
227 · Feb 2021
Rose, the Jewellery of Love
Ujjal Mandal Feb 2021
Ujjal Mandal, 14 Feb🌹

Rose paints the shadow of love with its scarlet petals,
Rose showers the heart of love with its green odour,
Rose fills the fissure of broken love with its dense blood. Oh my love, come to me and let's bloom together
Like a rose!
Rose is the jewellery of love it wears...
211 · Aug 2021
Immortal Breath
Ujjal Mandal Aug 2021
Ujjal Mandal, India

A poet is not born to die
He is as spirited as a butterfly,
Oh, all are poets you, he and I.
199 · Mar 5
Religion of Water
Ujjal Mandal Mar 5
One day I took some water from a pond and
Let them go with a nearby river:
The river accepted them to
Their long journey together;
Some water I drew from the well and
Drove them to the same river:
The river accepted again without resistance.
After that I filled a bucket with rainwater and
Released them into the river:
The river agreed to move together.
The river welcomed all sincerely-
She never laid her hands on the scales of
Caste but spread the stream of love in her veins
And arteries all around.
Humanity and manners give rays to life. The essay strikes a note of social equilibrium in its emphasis on human love against the caste of discrimination. The harmony of mankind and compassion will procreate innumerable happiness and pleasures if heart is unbiased.
196 · Aug 2021
The Plant of Liberty
Ujjal Mandal Aug 2021
Ujjal Mandal, India

A man wading through blood
holding the plant of enfranchisement.
It is none but an Indian fighter and
we are all overshadowed by
the tree unchained today.
This is based on 75th Independence Day of India. ©
178 · Feb 2021
The Rays of Dream
Ujjal Mandal Feb 2021
Ujjal Mandal, India

I dream in the night
And I seek its mystery
In the morning holding
The rays of dream.
161 · Nov 2020
A Restless Mind!
Ujjal Mandal Nov 2020
Ujjal Mandal, India

A restless mind is like
The snaky line of shattered
Clouds in the sky.
155 · Apr 2021
Flower in the Stone
Ujjal Mandal Apr 2021
Ujjal Mandal, India

Pursue the beauty until the ugliness leaves you alone
And let you bloom
like a flower in the stone
Be flower on the beautiful tree...
153 · Jun 2022
Ujjal Mandal Jun 2022
Ujjal Mandal, India

On a spring morning the sweet
smell of newly clad blossoms
coated with dew and honey,
I saw a maiden tugging
a ivory comb through her long
and smooth tresses
beneath a tree;
I approached to her.
Oh, she was more florescent than the moon
of the night,
Flowers stoop to her beauty,
such beauty I never have seen nor
I felt before,
I agree to gobble up the poison
of her charm and daintiness.
Ujjal Mandal Aug 2020
Ujjal Mandal, India, 15 August

   For shame ! for shame !
The beings are not freed
Even today from
The ****** chain as the
darkness from the night;
They are under the same umbrella
Of Ego and Animosity.
We liberated our motherland
And we gave the Demon countless blood.
This poem is based on the Independence Day of India. All Indian patriotic brave children gave their life only for Independence from the ruler.  Finally  they got Independence in 1947, 15August.  But today here & there the animosity and riots pervade.  This is the key point of the poem.
138 · Apr 2021
The Snake in Bird's Nest
Ujjal Mandal Apr 2021
Ujjal Mandal, India

When a little bird comes out
From eggs shell, the snake
Is ready to place the new born bird
In its womb.
The neighbors
And the parents cry aloud
For help. We all can hear their
Pathetic words but we pass them by
As though nothing happened.
we should love the animals.....
131 · Nov 2020
The Winter Morning!
Ujjal Mandal Nov 2020
Ujjal Mandal, India

When the winter morning sheds
thick tears,
None but the sun comes to
Her tears out as a mother
does when the child cries.
113 · Aug 2020
Untrue Love vs True Love
Ujjal Mandal Aug 2020
Ujjal Mandal, India

Untrue love is like
A candle light in the sun.
But true love is like
The moon in the darkness.
This shows the contrast between true & untrue love.
111 · Sep 2020
We Need a Poet in Life
Ujjal Mandal Sep 2020
Ujjal Mandal,  India

A poet is needed
to define the life, as the poets measure the length
of life practically as well as philosophically.

111 · Mar 26
The Beauty of Mind
Ujjal Mandal Mar 26
With a highly volatile temper
A person may lose the beauty of mind
Just like a sweet flower in the winter.

With all sweetness a flower blooms,
But the warmth of the sun
Does burn the soft petals.
The air does fade its aroma away.
The water hits the soft petals
With a mighty splash
Time and again.
If the beauty of mind blooms once,
Neither the sun, the air nor the water can
Harm it.
With the beauty of flower,
I can win the beauty of mind.
But with the beauty of mind,
I can win the grace of God.
100 · Mar 2022
Good Night!
Ujjal Mandal Mar 2022
Each night I say good night
to the moon,
and she comes to me in my dream
exploring her warm love,
but I can't feel her.
98 · Mar 2022
Let Your Heart Sail
Ujjal Mandal Mar 2022
Silence is so peaceful and tranquil
like the air at the top of the hill;
you can have the complacency of life
if you cut the head of arguments with a knife;
emotion is there
where the heart is free and without fear;
if the mild petal is the heart of a flower,
controversy is a huge body except power;

be the clouds in the open air
and feel the gifted life in each hour,
be the flowers heavy with nectar
and welcome the bees in summer even winter,
be the song of a nightingale
and let your burden heart sail.
Ujjal Mandal Oct 2020
Ujjal Mandal, India

Much colourful images are painted
On the wall of eyes,
But the eyes contain colourless teardrops.
92 · Mar 2022
Flower in the Stone
Ujjal Mandal Mar 2022
Ujjal Mandal, India

Pursue the beauty until
the ugliness leave you alone
and let you bloom
like a flower in the stone
86 · Oct 2020
Modern Love in Street
Ujjal Mandal Oct 2020
Ujjal Mandal, India

Love is not a hope
But a habit of taking dope,
Love is not a star
But a lamp towards the bar,
Love is not a fame
But a plan of deadly game,
Love is not of gladness
But a threadless cloak of coyness,
Love is not a fate
But definitely cheap as sweat,
Love is not for green
Rather its hue of water akin,
Love doesn't make any history
But certainly a tomb of rivalry.
Love is a great virtue, but regret to say today pure love has lost her self-identity. We shoud revive her again to make the scorching world vibrant and lively..
85 · Mar 2022
Flower is Mother
Ujjal Mandal Mar 2022
Ujjal Mandal, India

Who does not love the flower?
They bloom being a mother,
Because of the purity of mind
Like the innocent lamb so kind,
And the purity of heart
Throwing off all the dirt.
O, let your heart bloom with colors
Being the flowers
78 · Sep 2020
Who is Butterfly?
Ujjal Mandal Sep 2020
Ujjal Mandal, India

The beauty of nature
Who is the aesthetic teacher
Of us.
77 · Dec 2020
My Broken Heart
Ujjal Mandal Dec 2020
My Broken Heart!
Ujjal Mandal, India

My heart is like
A broken glass,
If once broken,
None can see the face.
Like a broken string
Of guitar is my heart,
That sings the song
But no melody is there.
Like a broken paint brush
Is my heart, many colors
Are here and there
But no image begets at all
75 · Dec 2020
Honey, the Mother Tongue!
Ujjal Mandal Dec 2020
Ujjal Mandal, India

mother tongue is the
of ambrosia,
dip in it and sip the honey!
Mother, beauty, language
75 · Jun 2022
The Author of the Book
Ujjal Mandal Jun 2022
We are characters of different
The earth is the stage colored
With tears or gold,
We have been made.
This is a kind of book
And the author of its is the Almighty
By Ujjal Mandal
74 · Oct 2022
The Definition of Life
Ujjal Mandal Oct 2022
Life is incomplete
If it is defined as:
'Absent of poetry, and lack
Of feelings'.
70 · Aug 2020
Ujjal Mandal Aug 2020
Ujjal Mandal,  India

Books are the clothes
Of thoughts.
And the words in books
Are the gems.
This shows the values of books.
69 · Mar 13
Ujjal Mandal Mar 13
Love the mother
Do you know why?
She is a flower--
A heaven to a butterfly.
68 · Sep 2020
Beauty is Everywhere...
Ujjal Mandal Sep 2020
Ujjal Mandal, India

Look at the poorly drawn
Portrait, beauty can be
Found herein if you
Have a beautiful
Ujjal Mandal Oct 2020
Ujjal Mandal, India

The Hollow man makes most noise
Of ignorance than wisdom
Like frenzied clouds
In the sky.
64 · Nov 2020
64 · Nov 2022
A Night Full of Moons
Ujjal Mandal Nov 2022
The night full of moons, a firefly
Came flying with bright light and I
Was pursuing her all the night.

But vain, where I went along
Like fading away of nightingale song,
I saw a dancing boat's sail.

The moon was glowing more
Than the another day, the door
Of my heart caused her to sway.

The light of the firefly I followed
Made me rich beyond the dream of odd,
She was more sweeter than the cream.

The air was so gentle to the firefly
And suddenly she came to cry,
Later I knew Agnitanaya was her name.

Soul whispered, "you're in the desert,
Upon the sand you're drawing art,
Thus the night declared morning.

Now I know I was searching a fellow,
It was nothing but a dark shadow,
Although I felt her pleasure and lark.

(Agnitanaya: the daughter of fire)
64 · Nov 2020
drawing of souls
Ujjal Mandal Nov 2020
Ujjal Mandal, India

we are all the
fragile drawings
of each souls
Ujjal Mandal Oct 2020
Ujjal Mandal, India

O mother, whatever I think
The head is yours!
Whatever I feel
The heart is yours!
Whatever I speak
The tongue is yours!
Whatever I see
The eyes are yours!
O mother, without you
I am a lifeless body
Like an earthen doll.
61 · Sep 2020
Love is Eternal
Ujjal Mandal Sep 2020
Ujjal Mandal, West Bengal, India

One day the whole world
Must lie on the fire coal,
But love is eternal
As it is the matter of
60 · Mar 7
The Song of Beauty
Ujjal Mandal Mar 7
A slice of smile
Can cast thousand lights
Over the shadow
Of snow-clad pain,
The budding blossom of
Happiness is the smile
Where heart and mind
Compose the songs together
Sitting under the flowering tree and
If the song of beauty is written once,
Smile is everywhere!
Happiness is everywhere!
Ujjal Mandal Feb 2022
A boy without a single money
Sitting below a tree looking
Unhappy and tears teeming
At its brink.
Each boy plays 'Holi' the joy
Of colours.
But the boy has no money to buy
Colours of smile.
Someone has thrown
The green colour away to him.
But he plays like others with his
Unbreaking thoughts and perceptions
In his waking mind.
He has nothing but dream colours.
59 · Feb 22
Dancing of Earth
Ujjal Mandal Feb 22
When spring arrives,
A group of flowers enjoy
Their countenance and
As the day grows older
They lose their incandescent looks.
If they could know the collapse
Before the begetting,
I hope they'd remain unborn.

A child was obsessed with
Playing her dolls,
Fortuitously a wooden wife
Fell on, mother said:
'The earth is dancing',
The child took it in a wrong way,
Her body was found
After ten days under the whetted
Crown of cement made house,
The sun kissed her pale cheeks
And gave her last smile.
59 · Sep 2020
Dreaming like the River
Ujjal Mandal Sep 2020
Ujjal Mandal, Ganguria, India

Keep dreaming like the river,
One day
This will lead you to the sea
With bare shores.
58 · Sep 2020
What is Life?
Ujjal Mandal Sep 2020
Ujjal Mandal, India

A kite.
It will be flying as long as the air lasts,
But when the air stops,
It will fall through the bare wind
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