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A beautiful sunrise
A beautiful sunrise in the morning
As the day is dawning
Red sky in the morning
‘Shepherds warning ‘
So they say
But what a beautiful day?
So I say
That red sky
Is like fire!
With passion and desire
It depicts a beautiful scene
So pretty, so serene!
A cell
It splits
It grows
into a life
Who knows
What life
It will be
An animal or species or
A human like you and me!
Well it’s been a nice quiet covid Christmas
My man and me Moose and Sam
But alas
The cooker broke
Yes no joke
So good that we had a worktop spare!
So I managed to cook the Turkey there!
So it’s been a Christmas time
With lovely food,
And drink, not like the usual I think,
Cream liqueur
I just adore
That much Turkey lurkey,
Makes me feel so perky
I’m beginning to look like one!
Turkey dinner was nice
Turkey sandwiches were good
Turkey curry is next
And with all that I’m quite perplexed!
Christmas with covid!
He flew in out of the hot, hot sun
All tethered and worn
to sit upon the white cool wall
From evening until dawn
he slept there for a day
A beautiful moth was he
in the morning there he lay
so peacefully and still upon the floor
it looked like he had passed away
his life drained all in awe
but there was but a bit of life left
comfortable he was made
until  his life began to fade
and then he had gone
He and nature are now as one!
Ah this moth bless him was beautiful ! More like a little butterfly! I looked after him at his final moments until he peacefully passed!
The ageing process is happening to me,
The wrinkles are coming
So I can see,
Everything is heading south!
Including my eyes, nose and mouth,
The double chin,
Well that could do with a pin!
The belly needs a tuck,
Or even a lipo ****!
But it’s the aches and pains,
The varicose veins ,
Thank fully I’ve Not got yet,
I sweat!
I need more sleep!
Or I’m in a heap,
I’m always tired
My brain is becoming unwired!
At times!
I pray the day I rise up from the dead
In my glory I stand
Tiara Upon my head
And with a pen in my hand

I’ve never been able to sing and play
No good having a guitar of mine
From coming into to life and my dying day
Poetry has been my line

So ready for the end
To writing poetry and prose I send
And all the poems I’ve penned
For the angels my poems I lend!
Inspired by the lovely poem “Grandmas prayer “by Eugene Field 1850-95
A tree is alive Living a life
Do they feel pain and strife?

A tree can out live us all
Until they die or fall

A tree may have feelings
So give them a hug

Talk to your tree
Then you might see

The tree is growing bigger
And more beautiful
More fruitful

A tree is a living creature
It grows
It knows
But can it see?
All about me

It’s all about me
I used to live by the sea
But I miss it now you see

I miss the sound of the waves
Crashing against the rocks
I miss the kiss of the sunshine
Shining down on me

I miss the sand between my toes and a paddle in the sea
I miss the peace and quiet
And all that it could be

I miss the little stream
Trickling over the pebbles and rocks
I miss the sound of seagulls
Even in their flocks

I miss the wind blowing through my hair
Whilst walking on the beach
I miss the white horses but they are out of reach!
Always grim
In pain
Won’t take your pills
Other pains
You say you don’t want to be here !
What can I do but comfort you?
Always grim?
What can I do, When I love someone like you?
You’re stubborn you won’t accept help!
You’re grumpy and your mind is set!
But bless none the less you’ve got a good soul and heart!
The water is warm and bubbly
I feel the Jets of air hit upon my skin
So gently rippling as they go
Massaging my skin and every part of me
With drops of rain falling down on me
The air is cool as I sink down into the warmth of the hot tub warming my bones
And I’m in throws of relaxation and pure elation! It may be raining out there but do I really care?
It’s an eerie weary night
and the stars are shining bright!
The air is cool as a rule, quite right it’s a winter night! And as I wander through the stones on the ground with a crunching sound there’s an eerie feeling all around! It’s so quiet, and everything is still all asleep as they be, as they will! Time to imagine what’s out there, yes I think and yes I care! Interesting of what and whom in this world we share! Yes I do wonder, What is out there? Out yonder! On an eerie night!
Sunday morning
And the day is now dawning
Up in the snow with Moose
It’s dark and cold out there
And I surely know
The pavement is slippery
So I walk on the grass
Wondering if we should turn around and go back
But alas
We went to the field
And had a lovely big run
Moose’s best friend was there
And they sure did have some fun
They ran and ran playing chase
Having fun having a jump and a hop
Then we were off to the shop
To get a paper for my man
Back home for a cup of hot milk and a gammon and mustard sandwich
And Back to bed while I can!
I feel the presence
Of a spiritual being
Maybe an angel
Is that what I’m seeking

A smell of perfume
And a gentle gust of cold air
Standing up are goosebumps and
On my arms, my hair

I know he or she means no harm
May be someone close to me
Because I feel so calm
Who or what could it be?
A problem
is a problem
to solve
problems get solved
problems can come
problems can go
Share your problem
It helps, I know!
A Bacardi and coke
Not so bespoke
But nice with ice
I really wanted a
*** and black
Now that, I could hack
Twice as nice
Again with ice
I barely ever drink
But here’s what I think
I couldn’t sleep
I needed a treat
It fit the crave
So here’s a wave
I’m off to sleep!
Daft I know! I seem to be hyper tonight! Twas the red bull this am when I was feeling rather tired! Took a long time to work!!!!! Drat!
A quiet Clear sky
It’s dark like black velvet
The stars are shining bright and clear as they can get
The moon is full like in the night
The ground is glistening silver and white
There’s ice on the ground
It’s quiet there’s no sound
Six in the morning
We’re out walking
Keep quiet don’t say a word
Keep it peaceful and Undisturbed!
We had a robin visit us this morning
His breast was so red
He had a pretty little head
He was eating the seeds
I put out for all bird breeds
It’s lovely to see
The birds flying free
Enjoying the food
We put out for their brood
And they sing their thank yous
With their colours and hues
Sat in the trees
Easy to please!
Comes from the heart
That’s the beauty of art it
Comes in forms and features
From anything even creatures
Comes is writing
Helps with the lighting
Comes in pictures
Some famous some are riches
Comes in pics
Quite a mix
Comes in painting
Gets a rating
Comes in form
There’s no norm
Comes in places
Comes in faces
Comes in time
Comes in a glass of wine
Is from the heart!
As a child
I thought there were tigers under my bed
Ghosties round the room
A dragon at the window
A puppy on my head

We used to walk to the twiggery
and bring my mum a gift
we had a duck with ducklings follow us
And a water rat, oh drat

My mum sent us
to take them all right back
We put the cat in the pram
and caught a dragon fly

mum couldn't cope with it
so she took Prince ******, aye
especially school holidays
my poor mum she did sigh!
A sandwich of delight!
You take a bite
And move it around your mouth  and chew
And as the butter,  the ham and the soft seeded bread hits your senses,
A whirlwind of texture,
A taste of delecture,
And then you swallow
and it is gone,
Ok I’ll just have another one!
As Betjemen says,
"Poetry is the oil of life!"
A poem can be put across in many ways,
From stanza, prose and even sonnets,
It can depict most anything!
From simple verse to a song to sing,
Poetry gives pleasure to those who read
It gives out messages, yes indeed,
To those who wish to look that deep,
Some can even make you weep!
The snow comes down in delightful pretty snow flakes
A visual pleasure it makes
And visually digesting the view
With beautiful music playing
To cerebrally amaze the neurones in the brain
Wielding the warmth of the open log fire
Would be many a persons desire
Taking in the exuberant beauty that is seen, heard and felt
It Can make your heart melt
And gets the senses to light up a fire
And enjoy it all, in a heartfelt desire.
I was inspired by a TV programme about an amazing hotel in the Alps near Germany!
A single pebble
sitting there
all alone
without a care
big and beautiful
bold and bright
left by the sea
as nature might!
inspired by Mawgan Porth beach where I used to live between 1994-2010
You came into this world
After many long hours of labour
A beautiful little face
Looking up at me
What you saw first was me
Your granny
You cried a healthy cry
Telling us you are alive
And the first thing you heard was me
Your granny!
I’d seen babies born before
But this baby
I surely do adore!
Because I am your granny!
I was there for My first grandchild born 2013 !  what a magnificent moment!
Sunday morning
Up in the dark
Think I’ll take the dog for a walk
Hey ** what a dark, dull day!
Bark, bark what a cold day
When you say, hey!
Say, That you love me,
Your love,
Just seems to warm me
Hey hey hey could be a beautiful day
And we can walk the dark and cold away!
Inspired by the song “Sunday morning up with the lark, think I’ll take a walk in the park...... was it Cat Stephens or ?????
At nineteen I remember my dad saying to me as I got out of the wedding car,
You’re too young you really are,
Don’t do this!
But I thought it had gone too far!
At the alter I laughed
No one knew why
Except me
I just wanted to run, to flee
I should have done
But the church was full
And I couldn’t do it
The embarrassment threw it!
So I married him!
A big mistake
But I got two wonderful children and grand daughters out of the deal or ordeal
As I believe and really feel!
J’aime l’arbre Dans la rue
I love the tree in the street
It’s a weeping willow
And it’s very sweet
It’s leaves are so green
It’s Branches hang
And what I mean
The willow sang
It’s a weeping willow!
j’aime l’arbre Dans la rue
Coming through
Amid the morning due
Wild roses
Opening out
To smile at me and you
Holly bush
Producing green berries
Getting ready for  winter
Gooseberries ripening
Ready to pick
It’s Autumn
And the leaves on the ground are getting very thick !
The leaves are beautiful at this time of year

As they drop upon the ground
Making a carpet of leaves

As the wind picks the leaves up
There’s a shower of

A visit from celestial beings

I feel the soft cool Egyptian cotton sheet against my skin
As it slowly slides off my body like the trickle of water sliding down a Rose
Soft and gentle stroking my skin
My silk gown Is floating
And the orchestra played
A crescendo of beautiful music
The ultimate of course
As I ascend and levitate in the
Bouquet of night
With night flies at the window
And fairy wings flying
And as the dream comes to close
I descend slowly and gently
Onto the Egyptian cotton sheet
And turn over into a deeper deep sleep!
I’ve been bathing in Avon
With bubbles and creams
A lovely haven
My best dreams
Lavender and cocoa butter
To smoothie out my skin
I have soaked outside to within
I’m so relaxed now without the gin!  You can order on line from this link and delivered straight to you! Lots of products are only a £1! Hope it’s ok sharing! I can’t believe how awesome it is wow!
A white feather

I was always told,
A white feather was a loved one lost,
I would therefore treasure that feather,
At all cost!
A beautiful white feather floated down
to the ground
Means there’s a spirit somewhere around
It came from an angel I do believe

It’s beautifully fluffy and white
But there were no birds around tonight
I picked it up, it was soft and light
I will keep it, it’s only right!
A winter Beach

I Went to the beach in winter
Clambered over the pebbles
Down to the sand
And it couldn’t wait to come up to meet me
It was rough and bounding
Like a big bouncy dog
I jumped up the side
Like a big floating log
Then the waves rolled back
And I just bolted up to the pebbles
To a safer retreat
Watching the sea and its beauty
Is a real treat
To me!
aye yes me

Went for a walk with Moose in the rain
Anyone would think we’re going in sane
Now we’re home we can dry off
Doesn’t help with my cough
My back does ache
I need some cake
Back to bed warm and cosy
With a nice hot chocolate
Under the duvet all snug
as a bug
Yes I aye me
Done for the day
I’d say!!!!!!
It’s an horrible wet day!
February!!!!! Until I broke my leg I used to walk my laphapoo ! She’s gorgeous! Well she walked me!!!! Didn’t matter what the weather! Hopefully soon we can do it again ! 9 weeks today!!!! Airboot off next week!!!!!
What a treat
What a privilege

To release Beautiful Little Baby turtles
Without the hurdles
Into the sea
In the Gulf of Mexico
This was heaven to me!

Their tiny little flippers
Tickling my hand like the clippers
This beautiful little creature
Raring  to go to the sea
Made me feel So elated
On the beach in Mexico
One of the best times of my life
This was heaven to me!

What a treat
What a privilege!
I was So privileged in 2010 to be able to release 2 baby turtles! One in each hand! Awesome! One for me and the other for my husband as he didn’t want to hold his! What a fantastic memory! Love Mexico!
Back in the room

The sun
The sea
The sky
The beach
How I would like to reach

The wind
the rain
The hail
the snow
No matter whatever the weather!

The autumn
The winter
The spring
The summer
Sometimes all rolled up in one!

The willow
The holly
The bamboo
The birch
Back in the garden

The apples
The oranges
The bananas
A bowl of fruit
Back in the room!!!
It started as a tiny plant
Green and lush
And I placed it by the garden shed
It bloomed and grew
To a massive size
A lovely feast for my eyes
It’s bigger than the shed
That said
It may have gone crazy but it’s a beautiful sight!
And for me a treasure and a delight!
Beautiful Grandaughters

You are to me,
The sun that shines!
The stars that twinkle !
Everything beautiful and much more,
I love you all dearly,
Even when you get up so early!
You’re so much fun,
You both swim like fishes,
When we have fun in the pool,
Your drawings and art,
Go straight to my heart,
And when you play hide and seek,
It’s fun to watch you
Now don’t you peek!
You are my little wishes,
Because you’re so cool!
There are so many beautiful people
Beautiful people with beautiful souls
Beautiful thoughts and beautiful words
With beautiful plans and beautiful goals
Beautiful people who write beautiful poetry!
All trees are beautiful!
But those bearing fruit are beautiful, fruitful and dutiful!
But I love a tree that flowers like the cherry blossom tree,
I can sit and watch for hours all those pretty pink flowers
Hanging down and eventually dropping to the ground
without a single sound!
Trees are quiet, they see, and don't speak,
but their profound beauty says it all
They stand there masterful and some are so tall !
Looking down upon us all!
The world could be a beautiful place
We’ve just got to look at what nature brings
The beautiful flowers trees and things
The meadows full of yellow flowers
I could sit and rest for hours
Back to nature we should go
And enjoy the beauty that we know!
Beauty is from within
Its not the face
that we give grace!

Beauty within is
like innocence and that gentle kiss
like unconditioned love
like a turtle dove

like kindness
like tenderness
like caring and sharing
like a heart they are bearing

like empathy
like love wholeheartedly
like giving
like peacefully living

With beauty within
where there is no sin
from where good things begin
and comes from akin.

Beauty is from within
Its not the face
that we give grace!
We snuggle up
We cuddle
I kiss you
You lick my face
You know how I’m feeling
As I do you
You’re faithful and endearing
Because I love you!

You’re in my heart
And in my soul
A soul mate
A best friend forever
Because I love you!
Moose is my beautiful poochon! I love her with all my heart and soul!
Smiling and laughter
Is the best medicine to take
forget all the pills
for the pain and the ache
laugh out loud
And smile as you wake!
I stopped to hear
something so very dear,
birds singing in the trees!
It was sure to please!
Champagne to my ears!
The sound brought me to tears,
Happy tears.
It was so uplifting and something so wonderful!
To hear those birds sing so sincere and so very dutiful!
Black ink
Sometimes I think
I’m wading through black ink
Never knowing
What’s in front of me
Or where I’m going
The darkness is not showing
Which way I should go
So I’ll take the path
Of least resistance
The path I think I know
Or merely where the ink takes me
For my life to grow and grow!
I wrote this in 2010 and it’s published in one of my books! I retained all copyrights!
Sometimes I think
I'm wading through black ink
Never knowing
What's in front of me
Or where I'm going
The darkness is not showing
Which way I should go
So I'll take the path
Of least resistance
The path I think I know
Or merely where the ink takes me
For my life to grow and grow!
This is one of my poems out of my first poetry book 'READ THIS OR ELSE' on Amazon! I wrote this book and published with Authorhouse. Never had any royalties! But then I just did it for me! I posted this poem today because I've just heard from my boss that there will be no more work for sometime!(as an Occupational health nurse) So I want to get a few more poetry books published more seriously and as a profession! Anyone know any good publishers  or contacts! I have another book good to go!!!!!
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