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623 · Apr 2021
I only wish
I wish the world would be free
And black and white unite
And simply let life be
And not have to fight

We are the only species on earth
That pray upon each other
From when we come in birth
To when we leave our mother

So stop right now
And think
We should all just vow
To put it all in ink

And make every effort
To live together in peace
Before all our lives just cease
From foes and fights and disease!
563 · Aug 2020
I could smell the sweet perfume
Of the beautiful wisteria!
A pretty purple bush,
Reminds me of warm summer evenings
In Cornwall, a place that is so lush!

I used to watch the sea
Splashing up at me
As it hit the rocks
And then I’d walk back up the hill
Passing the beautiful wisteria bush!
And Smelling the beautiful Wisteria scent, so lush!
410 · Apr 2021
When I’m gone
When I am gone from this world
Remember me as a poet
I know I’ll be whirled
Into space as we know it!

Please don’t be sad
I’ve enjoyed the life that I’ve had!
381 · Mar 2021
The power of passion
Love can do amazing things
But love can ****
Those angel wings

Passion can be painful
Passion can hurt
Passion can ****
Passion can be Curt

But passion with love
With a blessing from above
With peace and pleasure
Is the right kind of measure!

So use your passion well
Keep your passion honest
And you surely will
Reap your passion well!
379 · Apr 2021
Wow it’s Snow
Wow it’s snow
Out through the door at 6 am
Walkies time and off we go
Only to meet a mini blizzard

The little white flakes
Blew in my face
So so cold they were not fakes
It’s April for goodness sake

I know the forecast said it would
I didn’t quite believe
Now I know I should
The snow came down

Bit it didn’t stick!!!!!!
368 · Sep 2021
Someone bit the moon
The moon wasn’t quite complete this morning!
Six am when the day was dawning!
It was missing its bottom bit
As I looked right up at it
It wasn’t even a crescent
I don’t think it was bitten by a pheasant
A pheasant is just too pleasant
It could have been a gull
You know they’re never full
It could have been a swallow
Their little mouths are hollow
I think it was hit by a spaceship
When it’s driver was having a kip!
Not everything is perfect in this world
And sometime ago
Like most others there have been times
I didn’t want to be here
I thought of jumping off the cliffs
Into the sea
I couldn’t do it Because that would be me
I have a daughter and a son
They kept me alive!
318 · Apr 2021
Everyone Matters
Everyone matters
No matter who they are
We all come into this world
With nothing
And we leave this life too with nothing
We are all the same as each other
Our skeletons certainly are
We’re all flesh and blood
Our blood is red
And when we’re dead
We’re gone either buried or cremated
Ashes to ashes we’re gone
But our spirit lives on and on!
So come on all ye together
And live in peace
Love each other
Be kind
Because everyone matters
We’ve got to stick together
And put our woes behind!
“Love your neighbour as yourself! “
259 · Jan 2021
Hello I’ve been looking for you
I don’t know where you’ve been
And I am not knowing
Where you are going
Or what you want to do
But you are to me my child
I am with that beguiled
A mother can only guide
And support you by your side!
245 · Jun 2021
The ageing process is happening to me,
The wrinkles are coming
So I can see,
Everything is heading south!
Including my eyes, nose and mouth,
The double chin,
Well that could do with a pin!
The belly needs a tuck,
Or even a lipo ****!
But it’s the aches and pains,
The varicose veins ,
Thank fully I’ve Not got yet,
I sweat!
I need more sleep!
Or I’m in a heap,
I’m always tired
My brain is becoming unwired!
At times!
242 · Apr 2021
Because I love you
We snuggle up
We cuddle
I kiss you
You lick my face
You know how I’m feeling
As I do you
You’re faithful and endearing
Because I love you!

You’re in my heart
And in my soul
A soul mate
A best friend forever
Because I love you!
Moose is my beautiful poochon! I love her with all my heart and soul!
206 · Jul 2020
Of course they say
Laughter is good
Good for the soul
Good for the heart
Laugh out loud
Laugh in a crowd
Laugh anywhere
You are allowed
Laughter is lovely
Laughter is fun
Laughter is juveley
Excuse the pun
Laughter keeps you alive
Laughter helps us survive!
Laugh a little
Laugh a lot
Laughter is Brittle
Laughter is spread
Laughter is contagious
So it’s been said
One laughs then another
Until you cry
Doubled up laughing
Teardrops drops from the eye
Good for your soul
I can not deny!
166 · Nov 2020
Panther panther
Of the night
Out where the stars shine so bright
Oh what a beautiful creature you are
Your eyes twinkle like a star

I’d love a panther
Of my own

My favourite creature of man that’s known

Panther panther
You are to me
Such beauty
For us all to see!
165 · Jul 2021
Words only words
Words are so powerful they can lift you up,
Like a half filled cup!
Sometimes words can drag you right down,
Like a half empty mug!
That’s when you need a hug!
158 · Apr 2021
Positive !
Never be negative
Be positive
It’s the only way

Say something nice
To someone
Every single day
155 · Jul 2021
Peaceful and quiet
Peaceful and Quiet A sheer delight!
It’s so peaceful and quiet here
at Sleights in Yorkshire,
I’m winding down like a clockwork orange as it peals away the stress of life!
A visit to the coast is nice
Just to see the sea swish swash up the rocks and onto the beach,
And the air is fresh and clean!
The sound and the smell of the sea to me is a treat to the senses!
And back at Sleights the steam train passes and peeps as it goes!
The beautiful big old trees, elm ash, birch and oak stand proud in the grounds tall and poised!
The plants and flowers are so pretty and bright they smell so beautiful especially at night!
The atmosphere here is surely heaven!
A sumptuous place even better than Devon!
I was inspired in September when we went to stay at my friends flat near Whitby
150 · Jul 2020
Recipe for peace
Recipe for peace

Take the ingredients of
Peace, kindness and love
Put them in the world bowl
Add your heart and soul
Mix them together with elation,
Respect and Consideration
Spread it all around thickly
And with your help now quickly
The world could be a better
The world could be a safer base,
The world could have a happier race!
With the recipe of peace!
140 · Jan 2021
Walkies in the rain
Walkie’s in the rain!
It’s a cold wet morning today
But we’ve got to go out anyway
As the cold bites my finger tips
And the rain comes down in heavy drips
It’s profusely raining
And the large puddles just aren’t draining
And as we walk we’re getting wetter
Wishing the weather was a little better
Around the block
Beating the clock
Homeward bound
Feeling half drowned
And back to bed
All snuggled up to rest my head!
140 · Jun 2020
Tom Wait's Rosie
Sitting on his windowsill
looking at the moon,
Left with a melody from Rosie,
Wanting to know, for why did she evade
the advances of love, he had lovingly made?
Looking at the big apricot tipped moon
in his indigo sky,
What a romantic scene to you and I?
He's been loving Rosie since he was born
and will love her until his dying day!
His undying love for Rosie, is what I would say!
128 · Dec 2020
Happy New Year
Happy New Year 2021🥳🎉🥳
As 2020 ends!
And a new year is here,
To everyone, family and friends,
I send my love and good cheer,
Hoping the new year pens
A happier and healthier new  year,
A difficult year was 2020!
With sadness we’ve had plenty!
So welcome a happy new year!
And now let’s have some good cheer! 🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳
2021 is here! 🌺⭐️🌅🎀🎊💖
All the best to everyone ♥️
115 · Oct 2020
And patient be
No harm
To wait
Be patient
And stop
For a minute
And wait
Be patient
One moment
Just stop
And chill
If you will
And wait!

I’m here
I’m never late!
112 · Jan 2021
It’s black out there
It’s black out there tonight
Just like smooth black velvet
The dark is sharp and the air is clear
The night is crisp and cold out there
Nothing can be seen but a blackness
A Nothingness, no more, no less!
It’s black out there!
107 · Mar 2021
From your inspiration
You inspire me
With your emotive words of wisdom
You are the key
To my motivation
You help me see
The passion and the pain
Just let it be
Keep up your writing
And your positivity
To all who it is delighting
You surely hold the key!
With love to you from me!
Inspired by Imran! Thank you my darling!  You’ll find Imran Islam’s  books on Kindle and Amazon and a few of mine too! Love you Imran !
105 · Jan 2021
A quiet clear sky
A quiet Clear sky
It’s dark like black velvet
The stars are shining bright and clear as they can get
The moon is full like in the night
The ground is glistening silver and white
There’s ice on the ground
It’s quiet there’s no sound
Six in the morning
We’re out walking
Keep quiet don’t say a word
Keep it peaceful and Undisturbed!
105 · Mar 2021
Bucket list
On my bucket list
I've often kissed,
This is what I want to do:-
Go to America with all of you,
Go on a cruise again and again!
Down the Danube or the Seine,
Sing a song and not make it rain!
Fly a helicopter or a plane!
Soak in a bath of sweet Chanel!
Boy how pretty I would smell!
I guess there's more
Dance the tango on the floor!
Swim in the lakes
Make some pretty yummy cakes
And skinny dip in the sea
I think that's it, and this is me!
I feel guilty when I leave you
It’s what I have to do
To go up on my way
I travel to work one day
The next day I return, coming back to you!
On ward Home I do!

I don’t like leaving you
Years to go are few
But as I’m not retired yet
The work is there and I am set
To full fill my working days
And then in time I’ll retire and laze!

And spend all my days with you!
103 · Apr 2021
The stars
I always wondered about those twinkley stars
Up in the sky between us and Mars
I truely really believe
When we die we sit upon a star
They say right now they may not exist
They’re dead and gone beyond the mist

But when you look up to the sky
You’ll see those stars all twinkling by
A universe out there up high
That I believe is there but why

The beauty we can see up there
Up in a midnight super sky
What is it I have to Pry
The wonder of the dark night sky!
99 · Jun 2020

We all dream
But don’t always remember
But dreams can be amazing
Or crazy as sin!

I seem to dream
Dreams that I’m in
Of weird and wonderful buildings
I don’t know where to begin!

But the best dream would be
Just floating in a beautiful blue sea
With a golden sandy beach
And a nice warm sun
And a gentle breeze
Just sounds so perfect
This, can I dream please?

Or being with nature
In a forest at night
With fireflies playing
Giving some light!

Dreaming is fun
Even an unpleasant one
Its just like a bedtime story
Great fun or gory!
98 · Apr 2021
To write
Is a sheer delight

To see
Is a gift To me

To breathe
Is a relief

To be alive
Is an honour just To survive

Poetry is my love
With thanks to God above!
Thank you God!
98 · Jun 2020
A living Tree
A tree is alive Living a life
Do they feel pain and strife?

A tree can out live us all
Until they die or fall

A tree may have feelings
So give them a hug

Talk to your tree
Then you might see

The tree is growing bigger
And more beautiful
More fruitful

A tree is a living creature
It grows
It knows
But can it see?
95 · Sep 2021
On earth
The greatest achievement in the world on earth
Is to be able to love one and all
And one of the amazing things in life is new birth
And simply watching a waterfall
To see the stars twinkle at night
Is quite amazing
When the moon is bright
And the spirit is rising
In a beautiful world like ours
Just imagine the dark
And just spending the hours
Making your mark
In the world
94 · Apr 2021
Jack frost
I love Jack Frost
He’s cool
He’s kind
He’s cold
He’s Refined

He twinkles on the pavement
Glistening and listening
cold but fresh
But I’m not nesh!

I love Jack Frost
He’s cool
He’s kind
He’s cold
He’s refined!

He kills the bugs
That we don’t want
By freezing them
And seizing them away

I love lack frost
Jack Frost is welcome most any day!
93 · May 2021
Sun in the morning
The sun was out this morning
Twinkling through the trees
Peeping at me and warning
That the rain is on its way today
enjoy the sun while the day is dawning
But it was cold and the wind was blowing
And all of this had me yawning
So after our long long walk
Im on my way back home and back to bed !
92 · Aug 2021
This Morning
A chilly morning at 6 am
Off for a walk after REM
Not quite awake yet
But At least it’s not wet
There’s a nip in the air
no I haven’t done my hair
Thrown on a t shirt and a pair of shorts
On the fashion rating I’d get all noughts
My dog decides our route
Ok so she is so very cute
Ninety minutes we have walked
Yes in silence I haven’t talked
Home ward bound now
Dog on tow
When we’re back I just know
She will fall asleep, way to go!
88 · Jun 2021
Where does time go?
Where does time do, I don’t really know?
It’s flown away like a bird in the wind!
Why does time not last?
It goes so very fast!
It’s now here!
And Then
It’s gone!
87 · Jul 2020
My dreams
My dreams
It seems
Can be
Wierd and wonderful
Crazy but cool
All mixed up
As a general rule

I dream of unfinished buildings
Crazy hotels
Parking the car
Somewhere bizarre
going to a restaurant with no food
As a foodie that's not so good

but best of all is when I dream
of lying on a beach
on a private island
Eating ice cream!
Sunning myself and smiling!
87 · Apr 2021
Little noises
Little noises that they make!
But they do not wake
When they are all curled up asleep
probably when they’re sleeping deep
The cat wheezes and sometimes snores
You hear her through the open doors
The dog has what I suppose are dreams
And cutely yelps it seems
Her little legs twitching
She’s running or she’s itching
But still she stays asleep
And still she doesn’t peep!
Those beautiful little noises
Are like a bunch of red roses!
The love ❤️
86 · Feb 2021
To believe is a beautiful thing
To have faith in God our king
Helps you through all you do
And for the many or just the few,
Who have credence too,
Helps them cope and gives them hope,
Helps them down the path of life,
Holds back the toll and strife,
Gives you something to believe in,
Helps you live within your skin,
And evade any mortal sin,
Then in life you will win!
Don’t throw your life into the bin,
Credence choice and now begin!
84 · Nov 2020
My Poetry
Someone told me once
that I should write for me
in my poetry

But I really want
to write for others to make them happy
in my poetry

So here in this poem
you will surely see
in my poetry

Laugh out loud
laugh a lot
at my poetry!
84 · Apr 2021
The cutting wind
Stings my face
Despite all that,
out walking is ace
Sod the weather
I do it with grace
I love to walk
No matter what
Rain or shine
What ever we’ve got
I’m out and about
Using the feet I’ve got
Keeping my blood flowing
And my face glowing!
I’m out every day
As long as I may!
81 · Apr 2021
It’s windy
The wind gusts and roars
Banging at the doors
Tree branches swinging
What’s the wind bringing
Gates open with force
From a gush of course
The washing is off the line
Hey that’s mine
and it’s off down the road
I’m blowed!!!!!!
80 · Dec 2020
Love is so Powerful
Love is so powerful
Love is a powerful word
Such a strong little word
Meaning a closeness
A feeling of ease
A special emotion
It can not be measured
It can not be bought
It grows and matures
And can open the doors!
To everyone’s heart! 💓
76 · Jan 2021
But Why ?
Why does the sky have to cry
With tears falling
To the ground
As the sky does weep
In floods of tears
So it appears
As the floods get deep
then the clouds go to sleep
The floods then subside
And out comes the sun smiling
With laughter and fun
Drying up the tears
That were shed from the clouds
That they’d welled up for years
And they all put on a happy face
With sun shining
It’s a beautiful place.
75 · Jun 2020
It’s just emotion

A feeling
In your mind
You’re dealing
with, of a kind
a part of healing
one might find

its just emotion

mood is an emotion
a sort of sensation
strong feeling or commotion
could be elation
sentiment or devotion
within ones own station

its just emotion
75 · Apr 2021
Snuggle up
Come snuggle up with me tonight
And I can stroke your velvet hair
Together we will be alright
We will breathe in the air that we share
We’ll snug up nice and tight
And sleep all snug through the night!
74 · Feb 2021
The Snow
The Snow
I know!
Snow is falling
The scene is calling
As I watch from my window seat
Having a cuppa and something to eat
The snow is deliciously delightful
The sky is an eye full
The silence it gives off is amazing
It brings a calm and cool atmosphere it’s dazing
That slows everything down
There’s such beauty all around
Peaceful and quiet
Bright and so white
A sheer delight!
73 · Aug 2020
I drop where I fall
I drop where I fall
All tethered and torn
Weathered and worn
As an offering To the dawn
Like a lamb to the slaughter
Sleep deprived Stiff and tired
No longer can I show my pride
Unwashed half dressed
Let me sleep I’m not impressed! agin this morning Moose wanted a walk! I think she’s torturing me! Sleep deprivation! Bless her! Did make her wait until 6am!!!!
73 · Apr 2021
The pain in my neck
The fatigue
I need a break

I keep on going
Never slowing
I keep it flowing

I need to slow
But I don’t know how
I go and I go

I sweat
From all the chocolate I ate
Another symptom I bet

I can’t sleep
My cough gets me up
When I sleep deep

I want to retire and write
Even in the middle of the night
It would be a sheer delight!!!!!!
I can’t wait for retirement so I can spend more time writing poetry! Sad to wish ones life away at 62!  Five years to retirement !!!!!!!
71 · Apr 2021
The Blossom is out
I’ve been waiting and waiting
For the pink cherry blossom tree
To bloom for me
All the other blossom trees
Are a floral delight
Then just overnight
My blossom tree bloomed
Pretty pink flowers have at last loomed
late I know
But they’re beginning to show
What a beautiful sight
My cherry blossom delight!
69 · Aug 2020
Eternity with you
One day
just any day
Far into the future I pray
I’ll flyaway
far away
And leave my love here yesterday

ill be an angel in the sky
I’m meaning  the time when I die
But Please don’t cry
Just watch me fly
Into the sky
High above high

To the stars
The moon or mars
Floating on the clouds
Wearing shrouds

But I’ll miss you
And I’ll wait for you
I’ll be Sitting on a star
Far above far!

Just find me
I’ll be there
Waiting  to share
Eternity with you
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