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15h · 16
Its a quiet day
in the distance not far away
I hear a dog bark
Now silence again
A delight, so quiet
A car passes by
And now its gone
Its quiet again
Peace perfect peace
time for a snooze
and let the tension
just ooze away
on a peaceful
and lovely quiet day!
15h · 60
I wanna run away
With you
Wit­h nature
With you!
15h · 18
Your love
Your love of which is my desire
lifts me up and takes me higher
It Makes me feel I'm floating on a magic carpet
Plays with my head makes me feel woozy
In a good sort of way without being *****
And all my senses go astray
Like its just another day
A perfect day, I would say!
With your love!
1d · 125
And patient be
No harm
To wait
Be patient
And stop
For a minute
And wait
Be patient
One moment
Just stop
And chill
If you will
And wait!

I’m here
I’m never late!
1d · 23
Passion to me
Is the colour of purple
With romance
It should be
And to dance
Like a tango
Giving it all
Having a ball
Standing tall
Having the gall
To be
Passionate with me!
1d · 39
That’s me
I’ve been told
I’m Just like
A nutty professor
I have brains
But no sense
I’m disorganised
All mixed up
Like a stew
I have the meat
I have the potatoes
I have the carrots
But where’s the barley?

I’m fun
A nutty nanny
So I’ve been told
I’m the one
Where the E numbers come from
And the colouring books
The bath time ducks
The paint
And the bubbles
For fun
At bath time!
And giggles!

I’m the one
Who walks the dog
Walks me
She decides
Where we go
When we go
How far
How long
When we go home!

I know
That’s me
1d · 11
I wish
I could
Just stop
Drop everything
Just simply be
Do things
For me
Be alone
On my own
By myself
Get away
For a day
Just do
My best
Sometimes !
7d · 25
It started as a tiny plant
Green and lush
And I placed it by the garden shed
It bloomed and grew
To a massive size
A lovely feast for my eyes
It’s bigger than the shed
That said
It may have gone crazy but it’s a beautiful sight!
And for me a treasure and a delight!
7d · 211
A Sunday morning
Sunday morning
Up in the dark
Think I’ll take the dog for a walk
Hey ** what a dark, dull day!
Bark, bark what a cold day
When you say, hey!
Say, That you love me,
Your love,
Just seems to warm me
Hey hey hey could be a beautiful day
And we can walk the dark and cold away!
Inspired by the song “Sunday morning up with the lark, think I’ll take a walk in the park...... was it Cat Stephens or ?????
The water is warm and bubbly
I feel the Jets of air hit upon my skin
So gently rippling as they go
Massaging my skin and every part of me
With drops of rain falling down on me
The air is cool as I sink down into the warmth of the hot tub warming my bones
And I’m in throws of relaxation and pure elation! It may be raining out there but do I really care?
Oct 13 · 66
Lunch time
I’m being bad,
This is what I’ve had,
A crispy crunchy delicious croissant soft and fresh inside,
A delicious treat for the mouth and eyes, I don’t despise !
That’s no surprise ,
Why not
I’m a foodie
Just been eating Baklava
Oh how exquisite a sheer delight to the taste buds
Tastes good,
I’ve got orange smarties
Hey ** my hearties!
They won’t survive for much longer!
Don’t care
Don’t have to be stronger!
No self control
I just relax and let them go!!!!!
Oct 12 · 78
God bless her soul
God bless her soul
Mum passed away a year today,
We played her favourite music as she lay,
At the end of her life,
She was a wonderful mum and a wonderful wife,
She was so kind and caring,
Loving and sharing,
And at the end of her life,
She was so much fun,
Her favourite things were cake and coffee ,
Lots of chocolate but not the toffee,
She was loved by everyone ,
Mum was a beautiful swan,
A wise old owl,
And a most excellent granny,
The grandchildren all called her nanny!
We love you mum♥️🌹♥️
Mum passed away a year today! We played her favourite music Pavarotti, Charlotte Church .....
Oct 12 · 28
The Ether
I do believe there’s something disturbing the ether! I do implore! Could it be next door ? I think they’re smoking a ******?
Oct 12 · 25
I had a dream
It was so  surreal
I blew away
All my negative thoughts
Like blowing petals off the stalks
And In the forest as the pathway falks
I take the route
Of positive thoughts
I follow it for a while
And when I arrive
I start to smile
All the negativity has gone away
So now I can enjoy
A lovely day! ♥️
Oct 12 · 10
Look to the future
And what do I see
I see retirement
Looking at me
Sad to relate
Times passing by
Wishing it gone
I say with a sigh!

Then what will I do!
I’ll come back to life
My gardening for true
Walking the dog without any strife
Cooking and cleaning
Writing and dreaming
And of course
More sleep!
Oct 12 · 20
Foodie dreams
I can dream for my own sake
Of strawberries and cream
Of a rich fruit cake
of all the things I could bake
But think of the figure
Because it’s getting bigger
The chocolate pud
Is not so good
As I am prone
To put on a stone!
Oct 12 · 25
A beautiful sunrise
A beautiful sunrise
A beautiful sunrise in the morning
As the day is dawning
Red sky in the morning
‘Shepherds warning ‘
So they say
But what a beautiful day?
So I say
That red sky
Is like fire!
With passion and desire
It depicts a beautiful scene
So pretty, so serene!
Oct 12 · 8
Exciting Nature !
It’s the Excitement of nature
When a salmon jumps in the river
When a squirrel climbs a tree
When a gaggle of geese
Fly over me!

And when the stars at night twinkle and shine
As the bats fly by after nine
The night is dark but all is fine
Nature is just so divine!
Oct 12 · 106
Thank you
It’s warm and cosy
Soft and smooth
Colours are pretty
Like a golden yellow
Is the blanket around me

The feathers of a duck
Sometimes get stuck through my pillow
It’s soft and gentle where I rest my head
The comforts a delight, and feels so mellow!

I appreciate lifes beautiful treats and treasures!
Of comfort and warmth and all its measures
And thankful for all I have and hold
From the Very new to the very old!
Oct 12 · 15
-VE to +VE
With every Rose
Cometh a thorn
Quite true I suppose
As it goes

Nothing but nothing
In life is perfect
And can we say it is worth it?
I guess, I guess,  I should say yes!

They say
Good Luck follows bad luck
Statistics say, To win the lottery
You’re more likely to be hit by lightening

The lesson here
Is the power of positivity
Cup Half full,
Optimism is not dull
Just pick yourself up and try again!
We all get down sometime! But we’ve just gotta pull ourselves back up!
Oct 12 · 35
Why do I feel
Like times passing me by?
Why do I feel
Like I could just cry
Why do I feel
You might leave me and die
Why do I feel
Low and not high
Why do I feel
I’m living a lie
Why do I feel
Time is getting nigh
Why do I feel
I have to sigh
Why do I feel?
Oct 11 · 32
Always grim
Always grim
In pain
Won’t take your pills
Other pains
You say you don’t want to be here !
What can I do but comfort you?
Always grim?
What can I do, When I love someone like you?
You’re stubborn you won’t accept help!
You’re grumpy and your mind is set!
But bless none the less you’ve got a good soul and heart!
Oct 11 · 40
At Nineteen
At nineteen I remember my dad saying to me as I got out of the wedding car,
You’re too young you really are,
Don’t do this!
But I thought it had gone too far!
At the alter I laughed
No one knew why
Except me
I just wanted to run, to flee
I should have done
But the church was full
And I couldn’t do it
The embarrassment threw it!
So I married him!
A big mistake
But I got two wonderful children and grand daughters out of the deal or ordeal
As I believe and really feel!
Oct 11 · 32
This Morning
This morning
The sky was beautiful and clear and blue
I could see  a croissant moon
The sun was gently shining through
The air was clear and fresh
The birds were singing in the trees
The leaves of gold and amber
Were dropping to the ground
It was peaceful and quiet
I stood there without a single sound!
Oct 5 · 31
Not right!
I feel that uneasiness
The plethora isn’t right
Like when something is going to happen
Sometime in the night

There are people close to me
Who are not very well
That feeling I have and I can see
Somethings a foot I can tell

There’s a deep dark sadness
Deep within my heart
Something not right I guess
Well I’ll play the part

I’ll wonder and wait
Then I’ll see my fait!
Oct 5 · 30
A presence
I feel the presence
Of a spiritual being
Maybe an angel
Is that what I’m seeking

A smell of perfume
And a gentle gust of cold air
Standing up are goosebumps and
On my arms, my hair

I know he or she means no harm
May be someone close to me
Because I feel so calm
Who or what could it be?
Oct 5 · 50
It’s hard
When we’re apart
Our souls are as one
youre always in my heart
You keep me going
When life is slowing
But when you’re no there
I worry because I care
Leaving you alone
Only talking on the phone
One day I’ll retire
And we can be together
Oct 5 · 67
Little lights
From pink to purple to blue
To green to red
The little lights are a delight
Flashing on and off
Just those little lights
Brighten up our dark dark nights!
Oct 4 · 22
Winter already?
That grey sky
Oh my oh my
Could mean rain
Not rain again
There were  puddles this morning
When the day was dawning
Everything was wet wet wet
But that’s what you get
When the rough weather is here
It’s that time of year
When the leaves have fallen
And the trees are becoming bare
The wind is howling
The temperature has dropped
Oh my goodness it’s winter
Already I am quite shocked!
Oct 4 · 52
Time goes too fast
Why does time go so very fast
When you’re having fun it just doesn’t last
When the sun is shining and the air is clear
Down comes the rain oh yes it’s here
When that cake you’re eating tastes so good
It gone within minutes as I know it should
When I think back twenty years
Of my youth it brings me tears
And I think forward in only ten years
I have my upmost fears
I’ll be in my seventies!
Oct 4 · 29
My poetry
My poetry
It is my breakfast
It is my lunch
It is my tea
It is my dinner
It is my supper
It is me
My poetry

Poetry is the food of life!
Oct 4 · 25
It’s a sin!
Give me the peace within
I ate a whole box of chocolates
And that is a sin
In a sweat
So I’ll walk twice as far in the morning
Briskly whilst I’m yawning
Orange matchsticks
Milk chocolate and crunchy pieces of orange
They were delicious!
Oct 4 · 40
Your love
Your love lifts me up
Ever since you were a pup
Unconditional love
A beautiful love
Your love is lifting me higher
In front of a beautiful fire
Where night turns to day
I only have to say
Give me a love
And you’re there!
Oct 4 · 13
What’s going on?
What’s going on?
You’re so sad
Like it’s the end of the world
But to you that’s not bad
You weep like the willow
And you say
you’re in the darkest place
Where there’s only night
There’s no day
No one knows what the other does think!
Unless they explain or put it in ink!
The sadness is overwhelming
Like a river of mud
And a dark grey sky
It’s not good, and I don’t know why
I’d help if I could
Just please let me try?
Living with someone who suffers from manic depression is hard especially when they won’t share or let you in! But too it must be so terrible for anyone suffering a depressive illness ! Bless!
Oct 3 · 128
Sun rise, sun set
The sun rose through the trees
A splash of sparkling orange between the branches
Shining through with an opulent hue
Whilst the mist was rising in the field
Not seen this before, have you?

They say that a red sun in the morning
Is A shepherds warning
Despite it being beautiful to see
A sunset and a red sky
Is the best you can get, but why
They say sun rise and a red sky at night
Is a shepherds delight
Well it lights up the sky
And makes it All right!
Oct 3 · 39
A White Feather
A beautiful white feather floated down
to the ground
Means there’s a spirit somewhere around
It came from an angel I do believe

It’s beautifully fluffy and white
But there were no birds around tonight
I picked it up, it was soft and light
I will keep it, it’s only right!
Oct 3 · 21
Voulez vous?
Voulez vous?

What do you want?
What do you need?
De moi?

When all I have is love!
To give!
De moi!
Sep 28 · 24
I’ve been bathing in Avon
With bubbles and creams
A lovely haven
My best dreams
Lavender and cocoa butter
To smoothie out my skin
I have soaked outside to within
I’m so relaxed now without the gin!  You can order on line from this link and delivered straight to you! Lots of products are only a £1! Hope it’s ok sharing! I can’t believe how awesome it is wow!
Sep 28 · 36
Love is....
Love is
Give and take
Share the cake
Kiss and cuddle
Half each
Look out for each other!
Sep 28 · 40
Black ink
Black ink
Sometimes I think
I’m wading through black ink
Never knowing
What’s in front of me
Or where I’m going
The darkness is not showing
Which way I should go
So I’ll take the path
Of least resistance
The path I think I know
Or merely where the ink takes me
For my life to grow and grow!
I wrote this in 2010 and it’s published in one of my books! I retained all copyrights!
Sep 27 · 92
A tree in a street
J’aime l’arbre Dans la rue
I love the tree in the street
It’s a weeping willow
And it’s very sweet
It’s leaves are so green
It’s Branches hang
And what I mean
The willow sang
It’s a weeping willow!
j’aime l’arbre Dans la rue
Sep 27 · 36
C’est la vie
That’s life
C’est la vie
And for me
Et pour moi
Life is life
Vie est vie
Life can be good
C’est bonne
Life can be great
C’est grande
j’aime vie!
I love life!
That’s me!
Sep 27 · 29
Up at 5
They got me up at five
I didn’t feel quite alive
The dog went out for a wee
The cat threw up on me
Then I made a cup of tea!
And now I’m very sleepy!
Back to bed for me!
Sep 26 · 28
Burning desire
In your heart there’s a fire
Hot just for what
Something or not
An ultimate wish
A want
A need
A desire!
Sep 26 · 17
Rainbow lights
The colours of the rainbow
Or the colours that I know
Red and yellow and pink and green
orange and purple and blue
Flashing alternately
twinkling at night with a beautiful hue
Sat in the hot jacuzzi alone with you!
Sep 26 · 217
Red is rouje
Like roses in bloom
Green is vert
Like the leaves on the trees
Yellow is jaune
Like the sun as it rises
Black is noir
Like the dark of the night
Brown is brun
Like delicious chocolate
White is blanche
Like the clouds in the sky!
Sep 26 · 24
That's me
Power and passion
Peace and perfection is
Pleasure to me

Love and laughter
Daring and being dafter
Makes me happy

Fun and flirtation
Exquisitely with elation
Is just at my station!

That's me?
Sep 26 · 22
Oh Heaven!
Heaven to me
Surely would be
Back to nature and what God hath giver
Like salmon jumping in the river
A steam train passing by, hooting his horn
Passing by a field of corn
A beautiful orchard, apples falling free
Just simply being able to see
Blackberries plentiful to pick
Bushes and flowers all in the thick
Wild life a treat
Hearing the birds simply tweet
Watching Squirrels and hawks
And as the path slightly forks
One path to the fig tree
The other path I can see
Takes us back to the manor and lake
Where we return for a coffee and cake!
Thank you to our wonderful friend for letting us stay at her lovely flat in a beautiful manor house in Yorkshire!
Sep 26 · 18
You're lovely
You're lovely
Your unconditioned love
Is just wonderful
You make me feel so loved!

You're so cuddly
Your cuddle is so nice
Its delightful
You make me feel so warm!

You're here with me
You're such good company
You're awesome
You make me feel so good!
My Moose!
Sep 26 · 20
Hello from me to all of you
One of the things on my bucket list
I'd really like to do
Is to meet you all I would insist
We'd have a ball and read our poetry too!
Hello Poetry is absolutely awesome! Thank you so so much!
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